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William Rockwell of Lake Co., Indiana (m. Dorinda Conklin): U11 in the 1st and 2nd editions, and U13 in the 3rd edition

This William is a mystery, as we have no records of him in Fairfield County dating to the time when he reportedly lived there; all details on his early life come from biographies about his sons, in local histories for Lake County. But the fact that he was said to have lived in Redding, as well as Westchester Co., N.Y., suggests that he is of the John line. Another clue tying him to the area is an account I have found posted on Rootsweb regarding his wife's father Jonathan Conklin: David Roberts, in 2002, posted that Jonathan was born at Huntington, Long Island, in 1760. �As a teenager, he left Huntington during the Revolution & went to Westchester County. �He settled for a while at North Salem, Westchester County. He was married there 15 March 1781 to Agnes Smith by Rev. Samuel Camp of Ridgebury, CT. Later Jonathan & Agnes lived at Norwalk, CT and in 1805 moved to Onondaga, Onondaga County, NY. Jonathan died 27 August 1844.� William M. Beauchamp�s Revolutionary Soldiers, Resident or Dying in Onondaga County, NY, prepared for the Onondaga Historical Society, 1913, p. 133, notes that Jonathan was a pensioner at Onondaga in 1840 and had served in a Westchester regiment in the 3rd New York line.

A DNA sample from a descendant shows a mutation usually found among descendants of Jonathan, son of John of Stamford. However, no good places have been found to connect him to a known Jonathan-branch family. Also, this mutation has also appeared among a descendant of the Thomas branch, and apparently rose in a recent generation; so this could also have happened in a recent generation of the line from William (through son Timothy). Another sample or two might be interesting; it might lack the mutation and thus indicate descent from another branch of the John line, such as the one I have put forth as a possibility: a line through Simeon of Danbury, who may have had children recorded in that town before the records were destroyed by the British in 1777.

Update of June 5, 2010: A recent discussion about a branch of the William line included reference by Mark S. Rockwell of Simeon P. Rockwell of Center Township, Stark Co., Indiana. Reviewing my entry for William, I see that I mistakenly suggested this Simeon as a son of William based on that township name--neglecting the fact that it was not the Center Township of Lake County. Mark has made a better case for Simeon's ancestry; therefore, I have removed him from my John-line database.

That leaves five identified children: Annis (daughter who m. Darlng Church; Jonathan C., William B., Timothy, and Elizabeth. Who were the remaining two? Can we detect them in the early census?

Meanwhile, further on son Timothy: His son Julius, 8 in 1870, is probably the Julius Rockwell found in the 1900 census in Center, Lake Co., Indiana. That census gives his month of birth as November 1861; his wife Ada was born in August 1865 in Indiana; and she had had four children, namely the ones listed in that census: Ray, 15 (b. April 1885); "Ire" (Ira), 12 (b. Oct. 1887); Harry, 10 (b. May 1890); and Hortense, 5 (b. Sept. 1894).

Also in Center in the 1900 census, we find Timothy's widow Malinda, living with daughter Laura and her husband, called Paul E. Raach. Malinda reported having had 6 children, four of whom were living. This contradicts Goodspeed's History of Porter and Lake counties (1882), which stated that Timothy and Malinda had had 7 children.

Not far from the Julius Rockwell and Paul Raach households was that of "Miro B. Rockwell," age 43 (b. June 1857), and wife Clara, 27 (b. August 1872). They had been married for 9 years and had had no children. While the index in calls him "Miro," I read this as "Min," and suggest this is Timothy's son Arminius, as he is of the right age.