Jabez Rockwell of Ridgebury, CT, and Butternuts, NY [R43 in all editions]: further details

Regarding Jabez's second wife, Phebe Bedient, we have not had record of her ancestry, but she wasn't necessarily a Bedient by birth. Phillip Bedient e-mailed me in November of 2009 to present a very plausible solution to this question:
"The name Phebe is uncommon in the Bedient family, indeed there was no known child named Phebe Bedient born to any Bedient family early enough to be the Pbebe Bedient who married Jabez Rockwell. However a very reasonable Phebe Bedient did exist in 1778: Hurlburt, Phebe, m. (rec. Fairfield) 28, Mar. 1756, Azariah Bedient. (Jacobus , Families of Old Fairfield, Vol. 2, Part 2., p. 519) There is record of four children born to this couple:
  1. Molly Bedient was baptized at about 6 weeks of age, 29 Jan. 1758
  2. Azariah Bedient was "baptized at Home, being untimely" [i.e., premature], 1 July 1759 (the above from The New England Historical and Genealogical Register, Volume 69, 1915, p. 236, "Greenfield Hill Church Records," this being a church in the Town of Fairfield)
  3. Esther Bedient, b. 14 June 1761
  4. Sarah Bedient b. 14 March 1765.
"I have no further records of Azariah or Phebe Bedient after the birth of their daughter Sarah. "Phebe Hurlburt was a daughter of Daniel Hurlburt & Esther Belden. She was born about 1738. Esther Belden was a sister of Abigail Belden who married John Rockwell, R14, and of Miriam Belden, who married Samuel Higgins. Azariah Bedient was a brother of Mordecai Bedient, Sr. who was the father of Mordecai Bedeint, Jr., who married Mary Rockwell, the granddaughter of Samuel Higgins. (R34)
"I believe that the Phebe Bedient, who married Jabez Rockwell, was the widow of Azariah Bedient. This would be supported by the fact that she had a daughter named Theodsia Belden Rockwell. It is also probable that the above mentioned Esther Bedient is the mother of the illegitimate son of Benjamin Sperry Rockwell, R112... Indeed Benjamin S., R287, and Esther were probably living in the same household with their parents Jabez and Phebe Rockwell in 1779 when that child was conceived."