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Harvey Rockwell (1789-1874) of Monroe County, N.Y. (R158 in 2nd edition):

Details from Shirley Johnson on Harvey's youngest daughter, Arvilla:
Her husband was Thomas Tindall Ingall, b. in Little Hale, Lincolnshire, England, 5 Jan 1832, died, 31 Jan 1888, in Ontario. Buried Mountview Cemetery, 80 Blenheim Road, Cambridge, Waterloo County, Ontario, Canada.

Children of Thomas and Arvilla Ingall:
In the 1881 census, Thomas, age 49, and Arvilla, age 48 {listed as German!!!] had four children: Alma A. [male age 18] William L. [age 15]; Emma N. [age 13]; and Syrus M. [age 4].
In the 1891 census, Elma, i.e., Alma, was listed as Arvilla's son, age 26; her daughter, Nettie was age 23; John Sylvester, age 14, and Lincoln Ingall, age 24. No mention of Cyrus in the 1891 census. Ingall, Lincoln William Harvey, b. 17 Jan 1866 in Galt, Ontario and died 31 May 1961, in Ontario. Married, 10 Oct 1888 in Waterloo, to Evalina V. Bowes, b. 18 July 1866 in Galt, Ontario. On almost every marriage and birth record, there is a different spelling for her first name. She was the daughter if John Bowes and Elizabeth Grills.

Ingall, Emma Nettie, b. 3 March 1868, in Ontario, m. Richard K. McColl, 1 Nov 1890 in Galt, d. 27 May 1943 in Princeton, Illinois. In the 1881 census of Dumfries North, Waterloo South, Ontario, Richard is listed as one of nine children of the widow Hannah McColl. His sister, Mary McColl, also died in Princeton, on 15 March 1926. Emma died on 7 July 1935, in Illinois, according to one of my Michigan cousins. Have not found this date in the Illinois death index.
In the 1930 census of Princeton, Illinois: Richard K. McColl, age 59; Nettie, age 62; daughter, Ester [Esther?], age 26, born in Illinois; daughter, Jessie, age 24, born in Illinois; grandson, Sonney (?), age 11/12, b. Illinois. Printed copy hard to read re surname of Jessie and her son. I think Jessie is divorced?? Richard was an auctioneer and real estate broker. Richard and Nettie apparently emigrated to US in 1891.

Ingall, Cyrus Milo, born April 1876, in Galt, Canada, m. Christina Covell, 26 Aug 1912 in Carleton, Canada. She was born, about 1880, in Lombardy, Canada to William Wellesley Covell and Mary Jane Nolin. In the 1911 census Cyrus is living at 96 Stewart, St . Georges Ward, Ottawa, with his daughter, Hazel, age 9. He was listed as a widower, so Christina died sometime before this date. This does not help in answering the question of Sylvester.

Children of Lincoln and Eva:
Ingall, Harvey Thomas, b. abt 1889 in Galt , Canada; m. 3 Aug 1921, in Waterloo, Glady[s] Martha Wiley, b. abt 1899 in Galt, to Charles Wiley and Sarah Syler.

Ingall, Arvilla Eva, b. 16 Aug 1896 in Galt, married, in Waterloo, on 14 Oct 1918 to Herbert Norman Klaehn, b. abt 1895 in Kitchener, to Charles Klaehn and Bertha Hintz.

Ingall, Thelma, b. 28 Feb 1900, in Galt, married, in Waterloo, on 18 Jan 1923 to SperryClayton Joyce, b. abt 1903, in Napanee, Ontario, to Sheldon Young Joyvce and Alberta Huffman.

Ingall, Josephine Thomason, b. abt 1903, in Galt, married, 19 Aug 1922, in Waterloo, to Victor Wilbur Kinsman, b. abt 1897, in Merrimac, Mass, to Alfred Q. Kinsman and Clara St one Kinsman. 1881 census of Canada says Alfred was born in Ontario. His wife could have returned to Mass to give birth.
In the 1920 census of Campton, Grafton County, New Hampshire, Alfred O. Kinsman, age 26 and wife, Hilda W., age 25, born in Mass., were living with their son, Albert W., age 8/12 (?), b. in New Hampshire, and two boarders. Alfred was a herdsman at a dairy farm.
On the 1942 (?) draft registration form, Alfred Oberlin Kinsman, Jr., was living at 6 So. Maple Ave, Bradford, Essex Co., Mass. He was born in Galt, Canada on Jan 11, 1893. His wife was Hilda May Kinsman. He worked for Nelson Daniels , at the Daniels Machine & Die Co., in Haverhill, Mass.

Eliza Ann Rockwell, b. 1817: what may have happened to her.
The family record sent to me by Shirley Johnson include a daughter of Harvey's first marriage: Eliza Ann Rockwell, born April 6, 1817. "No further information." For such children, the first idea is that they died young. But if so, why would her death not be noted?
I now have a theory about her: Perhaps, when her mother died only four months after her birth, Harvey gave her to a relative or neighbor with a nursing mother to care for her. The arrangement became permanent, so that when Harvey's family moved around 1830 to Chili, Monroe Co., N.Y., she stayed behind. Harvey's 1830 household includes his son and the two daughters born thus far to his second wife, but not a girl in the 10-20 age bracket.
The reason for this theory is that just such an individual is found in the right area. She is first found by name when, on 7 Sept. 1834, she was admitted to communion at the Danbury First Congregational Church. She married at the Ridgebury Congregational Church, on September of 1836, John Blissard of Poughkeepsie, N.Y., with Ridgebury�s Rev. Nathan Burton officiating. A listing of the Danbury church members includes, under the date of May 1834, Eliza Ann Rockwell, with the subsequent notation: �� now wife of John Blisard, dis(missed) to Meth. Ch. In Danbury in 1841; returned back May 3, 1846.�
Eliza Ann, wife of John Blissard, died on 4 March 1848, aged 30 years. John Blissard, born 1791, died on 25 June 1867, aged 76. There are two children buried there as well: William Hemstead Blissard (b. 1839) who died 14 June 1887; and Hempstead W. Blissard (b. 14 April 1843), who died 22 Feb. 1847. Descendant Gary Boughton has posted their information on Find-a-Grave, memorial nos. 25310673 and 42604160.

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