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Jabez Rockwell of Ridgefield (1712-1757), early settler of Ridgebury (R16 in the 1st edition of the book, R15 in the 2nd and 3rd editions):

Jabez Rockwell died of smallpox on 24 July 1757. This was before the establishment of a cemetery in the area that soon became the Ridgebury Parish. That he was buried on his homestead is revealed by a deed dated 26 April 1764: Son Josiah sold to Thaddeus Betts a piece of land with dwelling house standing thereon, "Excepting a reserve made for a convenient piece of land comprehending the said Josiah Rockwell's father's grave..." (Rf Deeds 4:258)
Sorting through the deeds to identify the location of a given lot of land is tedious, but with enough effort, one may eventually locate the site of the homestead and thus the approximate location of Jabez's grave.