Daniel Rockwell (b. c1797) of Jefferson County, NY [R151 in 1st edition, R147 in 2nd and 3rd editions]: Further details on his descendants:

Son John Marshall Rockwell, founder of Rockwell City, Iowa, had a son whom he named John Marshall Rockwell Jr. Elizabeth Rockwell of Columbus, Ohio, wife of a descendant of JMR Jr., wrote an article about Rockwell City for the Rockwell Family Foundation Newsletter, #43 (Feb. 2003); and an article on a family reunion for RFF Newsletter #54 (Nov. 2005). The latter includes interesting information on the family, and is here reprinted with permission of the author. Elizabeth wrote:

"In 1876 John Marshall Rockwell, a strict Episcopalian, had founded Rockwell City, Iowa, and promptly erected a hotel, naming it Rockwell House. His son, John Marshall Jr, helped his father establish the hotel, where one day a young German Catholic girl, Francesca Forche, arrived to work as a maid. Neither family approved of the budding romance, but the young couple married anyway and left their disapproving parents to begin life together in Albert Lea, Minnesota. They had a fine family of six children, the youngest being John Edward (1890-1976), my husband's father. All were raised Catholic, which was agreeable with John Marshall Jr. He himself became a Catholic in his later years." Early in the 20th century, the family eventually settled in Los Angeles, California.