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Jeremiah Rockwell (1781-1859), of Holmes Co., Ohio [R129 in 1st edition, R125 in 2nd and 3rd edition]

Details on the early generations of his descendants were published in the Whitney Genealogy by S. Whitney Phoenix (1873), and further details are found in Boughton's Rockwell-Keeler genealogy (1903). But today there is a much better source in print. In 2006, Joyce A. White of Richmond, VT, published Descendants of Joseph and Hannah (Johnson) Brown of Jericho, Vermont. Anna Coburn, Jeremiah's first wife and the mother of all of his children, was a descendant of this couple. White has been in touch with many descendants, so her book is remarkably comprehensive, covering all tracable lines, through both male and female lines. For more information, contact Joyce White.
I will not cover all lines of descent from Jeremiah and Anna, but the following entries cover some of the earlier generations, much of which is already in Phoenix and Boughton's books.

Descendant Robert Cameron notes the following significant deed in which Jeremiah and his second wife, Catherine, would be cared for by his son Charles:


Article of agreement made and concluded by and between Jeremiah Rockwell and Charles both of the County and Holmes and State of Ohio Witnesseth, that thesaid Jeremiah Rockwell in consideration of the sum of money hereafter to bepaid by the said Charles Rockwell according to the condition of this agreement, has and hereby does sell and confirm unto the said Charles Rockwell his heirs or assigns the following real estate situate in the township of Paint in the County of Holmes Ohio described as Lot No. 2, section 3 (Three) Township 10 (ten) Range 5 (five) US. Military District containing one hundred acres more or less. To have and to hold the above described premises free and clear of all encumbrances forever. And the said Charles Rockwell in consideration of the foregoing agreement duly obligates himself his heirs executors and administrators to pay or cause to be paid unto the said Jeremiah Rockwell during his natural life annually on the first day of January of each and every year commencing on the first day of January one thousand eight hundred and fifty four the sum of one hundred and fifty dollars. And provided the said Jeremiah Rockwell dies before his wife Catherine Rockwell then the said sum of one hundred and fifty dollars shall be paid unto the aid Catherine--during of her natural life in lieu of her dower in the above described premises.

And further the said Charles Rockwell obligates himself to furnish his Father and Mother during their life with a comfortable dwelling, and homestead in the town of Berlin in said county free of rent. And the said Charles Rockwell further obligates himself his executors and administrators to pay or cause to be paid unto his brothers Parish V., Milo S., and James M. Rockwell each individually or their heirs the sum of three hundred dollars in payment of one hundred dollars each annually after the death of the death of the said Jeremiah and Catherine Rockwell making the entire consideration of the premises. The said annual payment of support of one hundred and fifty dollars ? for the grantors and nine hundred dollars to the three sons of the aid Jeremiah Rockwell specified above. And it is further mutually agreed and understood that after the decease of the said Jeremiah and Catharine Rockwell their executors and administrators shall execute and deliver to the said Charles Rockwell or assigns a fully free and clear deed in fee simple for the premises hereby conveyed. And it is hereby agree that the grantor have immediate possession of the premises described and that the grantee furnish a residence in Berlin immediately. And the said Catherine wife of Jeremiah Rockwell hereby agrees to accept the conditions for her support in lieu of her right of dower in case she survives her husband. In testimony the parties have hereunto set their hands and seals seventh day of March A.D. one thousand eight hundred and fifty four.

Further on the children of Jeremiah and Anna (Coburn) Rockwell:

Son Alexander Coburn Rockwell and wife Catharine Miller's nine children:

  1. Henry Martin Rockwell, b. 27 Aug. 1825 in Prairie Township, Holmes Co., Ohio. He served for a year in the Mexican War and received a land warrant and (in 1887) a pension. Henry married, 8 Sept. 1851, in Sugar Creek, Tuscarawas Co., Ohio, Mary Cantwell. She was b. 2 Nov. 1831 in Sugar Creek, the daughter of Thomas and Elizabeth (Smith) Cantwell. In 1855, they moved to Cloverdale, Putnam Co., Indiana. Henry was a dry goods dealer and served as a county commissioner and as an elder in the Christian Church. After 1880, the family moved to Albany, Texas, where he raised sheep. Henry died there 20 Dec. 1893; Mary died there 19 Feb. 1912. Children:
  2. Anna Helen Rockwell, b. 11 March 1827 in Salt Creek Township, Holmes Co., Ohio. Sh married 24 March 1849 at Greeneville, Darke Co., Ohio, William McClure Reed. He was b. 20 May 1823 at Landisburgh, Perry Co., Pa., son of William and Nancy (McKeehan) Reed, and became a physician. They lived in several communities in Ohio and Indiana. William died at Augusta, Ohio, on 30 June 1895. Their children:
  3. Eva Ada Rockwell, b. 11 March 1827 in Salt Creek Township, Holmes Co., Ohio.
  4. Louisa Jane Rockwell, b. 19 Feb. 1829 in Paint Township, Holmes Co., Ohio.
  5. Andrew Jackson Rockwell, b. 12 April 1831 in Paint Township, Holmes Co., Ohio.
  6. Lucy Ann Rockwell, b. 11 Nov. 1833 in Paint Township, Holmes Co., Ohio.
  7. Mary Maria Rockwell, b. 20 Jan. 1837 in Paint Township, Holmes Co., Ohio.
  8. James Van Buren Rockwell, b. 14 Feb. 1840 in Paint Township, Holmes Co., Ohio.
  9. Frances Wright Rockwell, b. 11 April 1843 in Paint Township, Holmes Co., Ohio.
  10. Caroline Rockwell, b. 1847 in Ohio.
Son Parish Villars Rockwell (1806-1880) and wife Ann Eliza Foreman, had eleven children:
  1. Genette Osborn Rockwell, b. 2 May 1833 in Paint Township, Holmes Co., Ohio.
  2. Albert Milo Rockwell, b. 31 Jan. 1835 in Paint Township, Holmes Co., Ohio.
  3. Elizabeth Ann Rockwell, b. 20 Feb. 1837.
  4. Lucinda Rockwell, b. 8 July 1839 in Fredericksburg, Wayne Co., Ohio.
  5. George Gordon Rockwell, b. 15 Jan. 1842 in Fredericksburg, Wayne Co., Ohio.
  6. Hannah Samantha Rockwell, b. 10 April 1844 in Fredericksburg, Wayne Co., Ohio.
  7. Sarah Malinda Rockwell, b. 12 Sept. 1846 in Fredericksburg, Wayne Co., Ohio.
  8. Mary Amanda Rockwell, b. 31 July 1849 in Millersburg, Holmes Co., Ohio.
  9. William Henry Rockwell, b. 2 Feb. 1852 in Ashland, Ashland Co., Ohio.
  10. Quincy Reeves Rockwell, b. 31 Aug. 1854 in Ashland, Ashland Co., Ohio.
  11. Lilla May Rockwell, b. 29 April 1858 in Killbuck Twp, Holmes Co., Ohio.
Son Charles Rockwell (1812-1879): further details.

Robert Cameron of Canton, Ohio, points out that Charles and family lived in Zanesfield, Logan Co., Ohio, rather than Zanesville, as Boughton had it. The 1870 census shows them there. Cameron also found that Charles was a member of the Berlin Presbyterian Church from 1854 through 1858 [Source: Presbyterian Historical Society].

Charles and first wife Mary Ann Marquis had ten children:

  1. James Osborne Rockwell, b. 23 Dec. 1837 in Berlin, Holmes Co., Ohio.
  2. Clarinda Anne Rockwell, b. 6 April 1839 in Berlin, Holmes Co., Ohio.
  3. Sarah Minerva Rockwell, b. 21 Aug. 1840 in Berlin, Holmes Co., Ohio.
  4. Jeremiah Wilson Rockwell, b. 7 Jan. 1842 in Berlin, Holmes Co., Ohio; died 18 Feb. 1847 in Berlin.
  5. George Washington Rockwell, b. 6 June 1843 in Berlin, Holmes Co., Ohio. He served in the Civil War, enlisting at Mansfield, Ohio, on 7 Sept. 1871, in Co. I, 15th Regiment, Ohio Volunteer Infantry and serving until 17 Sept. 1864. He married 12 Jan. 1871, Jerseyville, Jersey Co., Illinois, Henrietta Remer. They had four children before he was murdered on 1 May 1878 in Logan County, Ohio. Details of his murder come from contemporary news articles. His widow Nettie received a widow's pension for her husband's service in the war, and died 9 Dec. 1918 in Jerseyville, Ill. Their children:
  6. Catherine Helen Rockwell, b. 18 Oct. 1844 in Berlin, Holmes Co., Ohio; d. 8 Aug. 1860 in Paint Township, Holmes Co., Ohio.
  7. Nancy Ann Rockwell, b. 28 Dec. 1846 in Berlin, Holmes Co., Ohio.
  8. Charles Alvin Rockwell, b. 24 May 1848 in Berlin, Holmes Co., Ohio. He died 3 July 1875 in Zanesville, Ohio, after being ill for over a year.
  9. Albert Franklin Rockwell, b. 11 March 1852 in Paint Township, Holmes Co., Ohio. He died 17 March 1875 in West Mansfield, Ohio, after a short illness.
  10. Asenath Mary Rockwell, b. 24 April 1854 in Paint Township, Holmes Co., Ohio.
Son James Monroe Rockwell and first wife Matilda Ann Worley had one daughter, Eliza Ann, born 29 August 1842 in West Union, Adams Co., Ohio. She married, 13 Feb. 1866, at Marengo, Iowa County, Iowa, John Gabriel Clark. He was born 26 April 1836 in New London, Conn., son of John and Mary (Allen) Clark. He served in the Civil War, enlisting in August of 1862 as a private in Co. F, 10th Regiment, Iowa Volunteer Infantry. He became the company's bugler and served as such to the close of the war. He received an invalid's pension in 1891, suffering from rheumatism. John died 12 Jan. 1900 in Orange, Calif.; Eliza Ann died 28 Dec. 1924 in Van Nuys, Los Angeles Co., Calif. They had three children, born in Victor, Iowa:

James Monroe Rockwell's second wife, Ann Eliza Williamson, was born 19 Apr 1822 [not 1823], according to a death certificate. She was the daughter of Samuel and Louisa (Doolittle) Williamson of Blooming Grove Township, Dane Co., Wisconsin--NOT Bloomingdale. They were buried at Blooming Grove Cemetery, which is now within the city limits of Madison. Ann Eliza died 31 May 1904, cause of death being hemeplegia and chronic rheumatism; duration of disease one week. Her residence had been Medina Twp., but she died in Marshall. She was buried at Blooming Grove near her parents. [Thanks to descendant Stephen DeBoer, who found the death record and located the Williamson graves.]

James and Ann Eliza had two sons:

  1. Calvin Albert Rockwell, born 25 Sept. 1855 at Sun Prairie, Wisc. He was the first of his line to leave farming as a way of life and take on a profession in the city. While still young, he settled in Minneapolis and became the founder of a newspaper. He married on the 1st of June, 1879, Anna May Dunning (b. 7 Nov. 1860, Brooklyn Township, Minn.; d. 27 Mar. 1927, Brooklyn, MN). Unfortunately, he died in an epidemic on 16 Oct. 1884, at the age of 29, leaving a young son, Frank Irvin Rockwell.
  2. Irvin Elmer Rockwell, born 25 Dec. 1862. He started working for his older brother in Minneapolis, then entered into a long business career in the Milwaukee and Chicago area, becoming quite wealthy. He later moved to Blaine County, Idaho, becoming the owner of a rich mine, the Minnie Moore. He served several terms as a state senator.