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Levi Rockwell (1769-1852) of Butternuts, N.Y. [R169]: further details

Levi Rockwell, along with his father and several of his siblings, settled in Butternuts, Otsego Co., N.Y. He and brother Benjamin are listed on a 1799 tax roll, so they probably moved here first, and the others followed later. Levi died here in 1852, after appearing on the 1850 census, at age 81, in the household of his son Levi Clark Rockwell.

While Boughton had only 2 children listed for Levi, I noted in the book that the 1810 census indicates a third: "According to the 1810 census, where Levi�s name is abbreviated as �L,� the houshold includes a male and a female aged 26�44, a male 10�15, a female 10�15, and a male under 10. The 1820 census shows, besides the parents, one female aged 16�25, and two males 10�16, in the Levi Rockwell household." It is possible that one of the two younger males in 1820 was not a son but another relative or even a hired hand. The other is consistent with being the young boy in the 1810 listing. Who was he? Unfortunately, there are no probate records for Levi Rockwell in Otsego County.

One good candidate has recently (March 2010) come to my attention: Lorenzo D. Rockwell, who appears in the 1830 census as a resident of Butternuts. Mark S. Rockwell, who has done much research trying to pin down unplaced Rockwells who appear in the census, contacted me about this person after corresponding with an apparent descendant. This descendant asked about his earliest known ancestor, a William who died ca. 1918, and Mark already had record of this line back to Lorenzo. I regret that I did not notice this individual earlier, to work him into my book. Had I done so, I might well have hypothesized that he could be that younger son of Levi Rockwell of Butternuts.

Here are the known facts about Lorenzo D. Rockwell and his family:

Clearly, we need documentation tying Lorenzo to an earlier family such as Levi's.