Camp Richton, Mississippi Archival Photographs

These photographs of Camp Richton POW Camp in Mississippi were taken by serviceman, Cleveland Franks, during World War II. Camp Richton was a branch camp of Camp Shelby. During the last few months of 1943, German and Italian prisoners of war began arriving in the United States from their compounds in North Africa and in 1944, four base camps in Mississippi -- Camp McCain, Camp Como, Camp Clinton, and Camp Shelby -- developed fifteen branch camps. Ten of these camps were located in the rich cotton district of the Mississippi Delta. Those were located at Greenville, Belzoni, Leland, Indianola, Clarksdale, Drew, Greenwood, Lake Washington, Merigold, and Rosedale. These camps furnished POWs to work in the cotton fields. The other five branch camps were located in the south Mississippi pine lands. They were located at Brookhaven, Picayune, Richton, Saucier, and Gulfport. Much of the POW's work in south Mississippi was in forestry. They planted seedlings, cut timber and pulpwood, and cleared lands for various purposes. The preceding information was taken from the article, German Prisoners of War in Mississippi, 1943-1946, by John Ray Skates for the Mississippi Historical Society. To view the entire article, click the bar below.

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