RIGGS SURNAME STUDY: Notes on the First Settlers of Newark, NJ, with special reference to the descendants of EDWARD RIGGS, of Nazeing, Essex (Edward of Roxbury)
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Charting the Immediate Descendants of
EDWARD RIGGS 1589-1672
of Roxbury, Suffolk County, MA, USA

9 times greatgrandfather of  MAMIE GENEVA DOUD
wife of DWIGHT D EISENHOWER, 34th US President

and probably7 times greatgrandfather of
WARREN G HARDING, 29th US President
including those who migrated to
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SIGNATORIES. On October 30, 1666, 64 former residents of Branford and Milford of the New Haven Colony CT signed an Agreement to found a common township at "New-Ark on Pesayack" NJ [S55], for the reasons stated in the Note on the move to Newark, New Jersey. These included Sergeant Edward Riggs (son of Edward of Roxbury), his son Joseph, his sister Mary's husband George Day (all three removing from Milford), and his wife's probable brother Lt. Samuel Rose (from Branford).

The next section of this note identifies these signatories by the apparent order within their town of origin in which they signed the document. This is referred to subsequently as a cross-reference: for example, since Joseph Riggs was the 40th person from Milford to sign, he is referred to as "Milford 40". For completeness, it also identifies the other settlers occupying lots who were not signatories to that Agreement: these include sons of the original signatories and other settlers who followed from New Haven Colony in 1667 and 1668.

HOME LOTS. A Map of the Home Lots of the early occupiers was drawn by Samuel H. Conger, numbered to identify the original signatories to that Agreement: for example, that occupied by Joseph Riggs is identified as "Milford Home Lot 40". This Map appears, accompanied by a List of Home Lots (referred to from now on simply as 'List') on two separate web-sites [S60]. However, because some lots became occupied by non-signatories, these are unnumbered on Conger's Map, and the names on the List for one or two lots do not match the list of original signatories.

A further map, based on Conger's Map, appeared in a book of Newark Narratives [S61] which also included a list of the occupier of each lot (but with no reference to Home Lot numbers). This list divided the town into four quadrants and each lot within a quadrant was identified by a letter of the alphabet (the two web-pages referred to above also list the occupiers within these quadrants).

I have attempted to reconcile and update these sources and correct any apparent mistakes. To achieve this reconciliation, and help identify the occupiers more clearly, I have redrawn Conger's Map as a schematic diagram, but identifying the lots using the same letters within each quadrant as on the Newark Narratives Map. Both of those maps and the schematic diagram are shown in the third section of this note, followed by a key to the occupier of each lettered lot and a note of any apparent discrepancies.

INTER-RELATIONSHIPS. The final section identifies the family inter-relationships between the original settlers and highlights those families into which one of Edward's immediate descendants subsequently married. It does so by supplementing the above information from other sources, primarily Savage's Dictionary [S5].

Text in purple is used to highlight any mention of Edward and his relatives, for ease of reference. And, to avoid confusion, Sgt. Edward Riggs (Edward of Roxbury's son) is referred to as EDWARD RIGGS SGT, his son Edward is referred to as EDWARD RIGGS SR. and Edward Riggs Sr's son, who married Aphia Stoughton [S3], is referred to as EDWARD RIGGS JR

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The number preceding the name is the order in which the Agreement was signed;
if asterisked, an equivalent Home Lot number was not identified on Conger's Map
Lot references following the name refer to the schematic diagram
and to the quadrant in which that lettered lot will be found
 (e.g. "SE lot G" is the letter G in the South East quadrant).


  • 31. Hauns ALBERS (NW lot Q)
  • 18. John BALDWIN SR (SE lot L)
  • 19. John BALDWIN JR (SE lot N)
  • 41. Stephen BOND (SW lot F)
  • 14. J.B. BROOKS (SW lot J)
  •   9. John BROWNE (SW lot E)
  • 36. John BROWNE Jr (SE lot V)
  •   2. Obadiah BRUEN (NE lot H)
  • 24. Ephraim BURWELL (SW lot H)
  • 27. Zachariah BURWELL (SW lot G)
  •   3. Matthew CAMFIELD (NW lot F)
  • 28. William CAMPE (SE lot H)
  • 38* Azariah CRANE (later lot 35)
  • 23. John CURTIS (SE lot K)
  • 30. Robert DALGLESH (SW lot R)
  • 11. Stephen DAVIS (NE lot M)
  • 21. George DAY (SE lot E)
  • 25. Robert R. DENNISON (SE lot C)
  •   7. Stephen FREEMAN (SE lot J)
  • 22. Thom. JOHNSON (SE lot D)
  • 13. Robert KITCHELL (NE lot F)
  •   4. Samuel KITCHELL (NE lot C)
  • 16. Francis F. LINLE (SW lot S)
  • 15. Robert V. LYMENS (NE lot Q)
  •   8. Henry LYON (SW lot O)
  • 39. Samuel LYON (SE lot S)
  • 32. Thomas MORRIS (not listed)
  •   5. Jeremiah PECKE (NE lot G)
  • 34. Eph'm PENNINGTON (SE lot Q)
  • 12. Edward RIGGS (orig. SE lot G)
  • 40. Joseph RIGGS (later SE lot G)
  • 33. Hugh ROBERTS (SE lot X)
  • 10. John ROGERS (NE lot E)
  • 37. Jona. SARGEANT (NE lot P)
  • 17* Daniel TICHENOR (not listed)
  • 35. Martin TICHENOR (SE lot I)
  • 20. Jona. TOMPKINS (SE lot P)
  •   6. Michael TOMPKINS (SE lot O)
  •   1. Robert TREAT (SE A & SW B)
  • 29. Joseph WALTERS (SW P & U)
  • 26. Nathaniel WHEELER (SE lot F)


  • 15. Ed. BALL (NW lot C)
  • 20. Aaron BLATCHLEY (NE lot L)
  •   5* Thomas BLATCHLEY (not listed)
  • 13* Ebenezer CAMFIELD (not listed)
  • 11. John CATLING (NE lot B)
  • 19. Delivered CRANE (NW lot P)
  •   1. Jasper CRANE (NW lot H)
  • 17. John CRANE (NE lot O)
  • 16. John HARRISON (NE lot K)
  • 12. Richard HARRISON (NW lot B)
  • 18. Thomas HUNTINGTON (NW lot K)
  • 22. John JOHNSON (SW lot C)
  • 21. Richard LAWRENCE (NW lot O)
  • 23. Thomas L. LYON (SW lot K)
  •   2. Abra PIERSON (SE lot B)
  •   9. Thomas PIERSON (NW lot I)
  •   6. Samuel PLUM (NE lot N)
  •   8. Samuel ROSE (NW lot R)
  •   3. Samuel SWAINE (NW lot A)
  • 14. John WARD Sr (NW lot E)
  • 10. John WARD (NW lot N)
  •   7. Josiah WARD (NE lot D)
  •   4. Lawrence WARD (NE lot A)


  •   Benjamin BALDWIN (NW lot J)
  •   Samuel CAMFIELD (SW lot Q)
  •   John DAVIS (NE lot R)
  •   Daniel DOD (NW lot U)
  •   Samuel DOD (NW lot T)
  •   John GREGORY (SW lot N)
  •   Samuel HARRISON (SE lot U)
  •   Joseph JOHNSON (SW lot L)
  •   Thomas LUDINGTON (SW lot I)
  •   John MORRIS (NW lot D in 1688)
  •   Alexander MUNROW (NW lot L)
  •   Abraham PIERSON Jr (NW lot G)
  •   Thomas PIERSON Jr (SE lot T)
  •   Thomas RICHARDS (NE lot J)
  •   Edward RIGGS Sr (SE lot W)
  •   Thomas STAPLES (SE lot M)
  •   Seth TOMPKINS (SE lot R)
  •   John TREAT (SW lot M)
  •   Matthew WILLIAMS (SW lot T)

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Conger's Original Map of Newark
Newark Narratives Map
Town Lots of Newark
Town Lots of Newark


The cross-reference after the settler's name is to the order of signing the original Agreement within the former town of residence (e.g. "Milford 12").
References to Home Lot numbers are to the similar numbers used by Conger on his map (e.g. "Milford Home Lot 12") and do not relate to the number on the lot that was first drawn by that settler.

A. "The Meeting-House" (marked by Conger as "B - The Burying Ground")

"Captain Treat's extra"
Numbered by Conger as Milford Home Lot 1, a number he duplicated by also allocating it correctly to SE lot A.
None of the Lists identifies an occupier.

C. John JOHNSON (Branford 22)
D. "The Parsonage Home Lot"
None of the Lists identifies an occupier.
E. John BROWNE Sr. (Milford 9)

Stephen BOND (Milford 41)
Appears incorrectly as 44 in one List [S59].

G. Zachariah BURWELL (Milford 27)
H. Ephraim BURWELL (Milford 24)
I. Thomas LUDINGTON (Non-signatory)
J. John BROOKS (Milford 14)
K. Thomas L. LYON (Branford 23)
L. Joseph JOHNSON (Non-signatory)

John TREAT (Non-signatory)
Appears in one List [S59] as "Captain Treat's extra" (SW lot B).

N. John GREGORY (Non-signatory)
O. Henry LYON (Milford 8)
Appears incorrectly as 3 in one List [S60].
P. Joseph WALTERS (Milford 29)

Samuel CAMFIELD (Non-signatory)

R. Robert DALGLISH (or DOUGLAS) (Milford 30)

Francis F. LINLE or LINDSLEY (Milford 16)
The number 16 is difficult to decipher on the Map and one List fails to identify Francis by Home Lot number [S59].

T. Matthew WILLIAMS (Non-signatory)

"Walter's (sic) second division"
Presumably Joseph Walters drew two lots in the drawing for lots.
None of the Lists identifies an occupier.


Capt.Robert TREAT (Milford 1)
Conger duplicated Milford Home Lot 1 by also allocating it to SW lot A, which was "Captain Treat's extra".
One version of the List [S59] annotates this lot as "(later Azariah Crane)". Capt.Treat returned to Connecticut and his daughter Mary, who was the wife of Azariah Crane, then inherited this lot. [S20] [S21]


Rev.Abraham PIERSON Sr (Branford 2)
Conger duplicated Branford Home Lot 2 by also allocating it to NW lot G, occupied by Abraham PIERSON Jr.(Non-signatory). NW lot G may have originally been "Abraham Pierson Sr's extra", conveyed by him to his son Abraham Jr.

C. Robert R. DENISON (Milford 25)
D. Thomas JOHNSON (Milford 22)
E. George DAY (Milford 21) - son-in-law of EDWARD RIGGS SGT
F. Nathaniel WHEELER (Milford 26)

Originally EDWARD RIGGS SGT (Milford 12)
Subsequently JOSEPH RIGGS (Milford 40)

Wrongly numbered by Conger as Milford Home Lot 40 on the basis that it was then occupied by Joseph Riggs.- see next section clarifying the lots of the Riggs families.

H. William CAMP (Milford 28)
I. Martin TICHENOR (Milford 35)
J. Stephen FREEMAN (Milford 7)
K. John CURTIS (Milford 23)
L. John BALDWIN Sr (Milford 18)
M. Thomas STAPLES (Non-signatory)
N. John BALDWIN Jr (Milford 19)
O. Deacon Micha/Michael TOMPKINS (Milford 6)
P. Jonathan TOMPKINS (Milford 20)
Q. Ephraim PENNINGTON (Milford 34)
R. Seth TOMPKINS (Non-signatory)

Samuel LYON (Milford 39) - "The Tailor's Lot"
Although this Home Lot was clearly numbered 39 by Conger, all three Lists identify it merely as "The Tailor's Lot", and do not identify Samuel Lyon by name.


Thomas PIERSON Jr (Non-signatory)
Numbered by Conger as Branford Home Lot 9, a number he duplicated by also allocating it correctly to NW lot I, occupied by Thomas PIERSON Sr.(Branford 9). This SE lot T may have originally been "Thomas Pierson Sr's extra" and conveyed by him to his relative Thomas Jr.

 U. Samuel HARRISON (Non-signatory)
 V. John BROWNE Jr (Milford 36) - brother-in-law of Edward Riggs Jr

EDWARD RIGGS Sr (Non-signatory)
Wrongly numbered by Conger as Milford Home Lot 12, identifying it as occupied by Edward Riggs Sgt.- see next section clarifying the lots of the Riggs families.

 X. Hugh ROBERTS (Milford 33)
A. Lt.Samuel SWAINE (Branford 3)
B. Lt.Richard HARRISON (Branford 12)

Edward BALL (Branford 15)
Although this Home Lot was correctly numbered 15 by Conger, both of the web-page Lists wrongly identify it as Home Lot 13


John MORRIS 'in 1688' (Non-signatory)
Numbered as Home Lot 32 (see final section on inter-relationships).

E. John WARD Sr (Branford 14)

Matthew CAMFIELD (Milford 3)
Although this Home Lot was clearly and correctly numbered 3 by Conger, both of the web-page Lists wrongly identify it as Home Lot 5


Rev.Abraham PIERSON Jr (Non-signatory)
Numbered by Conger as Branford Home Lot 2, a number he duplicated by also allocating it correctly to SE lot B, occupied by Abraham PIERSON Sr.(Branford 9). This NW lot G may have originally been "Abraham Pierson Sr's extra" and conveyed by him to his son Abraham Jr.

H. Jasper CRANE (Branford 1)

Thomas PIERSON Sr.(Branford 9)
Conger duplicated Branford Home Lot 9 by also allocating it to SE lot T, occupied by Thomas PIERSON Jr.(Non-signatory). SE lot T may have originally been "Thomas Pierson Sr's extra", conveyed by him to his relative.

J. Benjamin BALDWIN (Non-signatory)

Thomas HUNTINGTON (Branford 18)
Appears incorrectly as 19 in one version of the List [S59], thereby duplicating that number.

L. Alexander MUNROW (Non-signatory)
M. "The Elders Lot" (marked 'F' on Conger's Map)
None of the Lists identifies an occupier.
N. John WARD Jr, 'the turner' (Branford 10)
O. Deacon Richard LAURENCE (Branford 21)

Deliverance CRANE (Branford 19)
Referred to as 'Delivered' in the List of Signatories and in one web-page List [S60], reflecting the Newark Narratives List [S61], but as Deliverance in the other web-page List [S59] and by Savage.

Q. Hans ALBERS (Milford 31)
R. Lt.Samuel ROSE (Branford 8) - brother-in-law of EDWARD RIGGS SGT
S. "The Miller's Lot" (marked by Conger as "G - The Mill Lot")
None of the Lists identifies an occupier.
T. Samuel DOD (Non-signatory)
U. Daniel DOD (Non-signatory)
V. "The Corn Mill"
A. Deacon Lawrence WARD (Branford 4)
B. John CATLIN (Branford 11)
C. Samuel KITCHELL (Milford 4)
D. Josiah WARD (Branford 7)
E. John ROGERS (Milford 10)
F. Robert KITCHELL (Milford 13)
G. Jeremiah PECKE (Milford 5)

Obadiah BRUEN (Milford 2)


"The Seaman's Lot"
All three version of the List refer to this, with one web-page [S60] identifying it as a lot to the right of lots H and J, reflecting the Newark Narratives map [S61], but no such lot can be deciphered on Conger's Map. It may well refer to the area marked by Conger as "D - The Landing Place".

J. Thomas RICHARDS (Non-signatory)
K. John HARRISON (Branford 16)
L. Aaron BLATCHLY (Branford 20)
M. Stephen DAVIS (Milford 11)
N. Samuel PLUM (Branford 6)

John CRANE (Branford 17)


Jonathan SARGEANT (Milford 37)
Also marked by Conger as "H - The Boatsman's Lot".
All three versions of the List identify it only as "H - The Boatsman's Lot", but Conger's Map is clearly marked with the number '37' as well as the letter 'H'.

Q. Robert LYMON (Milford 15)

John DAVIS (Non-signatory)
This is the only lot on the far side of the 1st River Mill Brook, and its boundaries can just be distinguished on Conger's Map.

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Conger's map shows SE Lot G numbered as Milford Home Lot 40 on the basis that it was then occupied by Joseph Riggs (the 40th signatory from Milford), and SE Lot W numbered as Milford Home Lot 12, identifying it as occupied by Edward Riggs Sgt (the 12th signatory from Milford).

Conger had, however, made a mistake. Edward Riggs Sgt.(Milford 12) originally occupied SE lot G. I originally reasoned this out on the basis that, according to Wallace [S3]: 'Joseph was still single in 1667 and lived with his father and mother ... no home lot had been assigned to him. His father died in 1668 and his mother, contemplating marriage, in 1671 conveyed to him one-half of the original home lot assigned to Edward's family". That being so, Joseph's lot would have been previously occupied by Edward Riggs Sgt prior to his death and should thus have been numbered Milford Home Lot 12. The Edward occupying SE lot W, which Conger assumed was Edward Riggs Sgt, would have been Edward Riggs Sr, who had arrived with his wife and children later in 1667 and had not been a signatory[S3].

This reasoning has since been confirmed by two items of further information received from a fellow researcher. Firstly, "Edward Riggs...had land in addition to home lot 'for service on the place by staying the first summer'." This second lot was probably a reward for him being one of the five men entrusted in completing the first meeting house (church) before the arrival of the bulk of the Newark families.[S69] Retaining his original Lot as his own home, he would have made the second lot available for his other son Edward Riggs Sr and his family when they arrived later in 1667. So Wallace's reference should probably have been to Edward Riggs Sgt's widow conveying to Joseph half of the original 'lots', not 'lot'.

Secondly, this is further supported by the following subsequent patent deed to Mary BOND:

Aug. 10, 1675. Patent. To Mary Bond, formerly the widow of Hugh Roberts of Newark, for land there, viz: 1, a home lot of 6 acres S. of EDWARD RIGGS; 2, sixteen acres of upland at the rear of the homelot, bounded W. by her own and EDW. RIGES lots, N. by Mathew Canfield, E. by Wm. Camp, S. by Nathaniel Wheeler; [S71]

Hugh ROBERTS (Milford 33) is shown by Conger as occupying SE Lot X, which confirms that SE Lot W was in August 1675 occupied by Edward Riggs Sr, son of Edward Riggs Sgt (Hugh Roberts' widow having remarried the only Newark proprietor named BOND, that being Stephen at SW lot F).[S69]


Unless otherwise stated, Savage [S5] has been used as the source of
the information in this section and his are the direct quotations used.

Where a name is printed in blue, indicating a link to another page,
a separate web-site giving more detail will open in its own window
- please close that other window in order to return here afterwards.

Purple text is used to highlight reference to the inter-
marriages of other families with the RIGGS family.

You can use any of the following buttons to view the family named and
then click the "Back" button on your browser to return to this position.



RICHARD BALDWIN, who died in 1665 prior to the move to Newark [S5] , was associated with Edward Riggs Sr in establishing the Derby Plantation in CT.[S3] RICHARD BALDWIN's daughter SARAH BALDWIN married SAMUEL RIGGS, the middle son of EDWARD RIGGS SGT (SE lot G); Samuel remained in Derby after the rest of his family moved on to Newark. Her sister Elizabeth married ZACHARIAH BURWELL (SW lot G), and one of her other sisters Temperance married Nathan Burwell brother of EPHRAIM BURWELL (SW lot H) and of Zachariah.

JOHN BALDWIN Sr (SE lot L) was Richard's brother, and thus Sarah (Baldwin) Riggs's uncle. In 1653, John took as his second wife Mary daughter of OBADIAH BRUEN (NE lot H). John removed "to Newark NJ but came back to Milford".

JOHN BALDWIN Jr (SE lot N) was the eldest son of JOHN BALDWIN Sr (SE lot L), and thus Sarah (Baldwin) Riggs's cousin. In 1663 he had married Hannah daughter of OBADIAH BRUEN (NE lot H) "sister of the second wife of his father". Hannah "perhaps died soon, as he is said to have died on a voyage unmarried but it may be that her husband was another of the frequent Johns". Savage also refers to another John Baldwin of Milford, the eldest son of Nathaniel who after 1666 "perhaps soon removed to Newark"

BENJAMIN BALDWIN (NW lot J) was born 1642 the second son of Joseph, whose relationship to Richard and John Sr is not apparent from Savage. He married Hannah, sister of JONATHAN SARGEANT (NE lot P), apparently before removing to Newark.


THOMAS BLATCHLEY (Branford 5, no lot listed) "encouraged the removal of others to Newark NJ but did not go"; he was the father of AARON BLATCHLEY (NE lot L).

AARON BLATCHLEY (NE lot L) was the son of THOMAS BLATCHLEY (Branford 5, no lot listed). He married Mary Dod(d), the sister of DANIEL DOD (NW lot U) and SAMUEL DOD (NW lot T), either about 1660 (Savage's note on Mary Dodd's father Daniel) or in 1665 (Savage's note on Aaron Blatchley). Aaron afterwards married about 1686 Sarah, widow of ROBERT FOOTE of Branford. Sarah's son JOSEPH FOOTE married in 1690 the youngest daughter of JOHN JOHNSON (SW lot C).


JOHN BROWN Sr (SW lot E) was the father-in-law of JOSEPH RIGGS (SE lot G) who married John's daughter Hannah. He was, says Wallace in his note on Joseph Riggs [S3], one of the planters with Edward at Derby as well as at Newark.

JOHN BROWN Jr (SE lot V) was the son of JOHN BROWN Sr (SW lot E), and thus the brother-in-law of JOSEPH RIGGS (SE lot G). Savage states that John was of the three children of JOHN BROWN Sr all baptised at the same time in 1649, so he was at least 17 when the Agreement was signed and may have been older. Savage quotes another child "John again, born 12July1655" (which might imply that the first John had died by then), but recent researchers state that this younger son was a Thomas Brown I would suggest that since christian names were often written in their abbreviated form, and the manuscript writing of the original documents sometimes difficult to decipher, 'Tho' may have been read as 'Jno'.


OBADIAH BRUEN (NE lot H) was the father of Mary, who in 1653 married JOHN BALDWIN Sr (SE lot L) as his second wife, and of Hannah, who in 1663 married JOHN BALDWIN Jr (SE lot N) "son of the husband of her sister".

Obadiah's son JOHN BRUEN, born 1646, moved with his parents to Newark and had three children by his wife Esther, according to Savage. However, he apparently also had a daughter Sarah born 1679, who married ABRAHAM KITCHELL, son of SAMUEL KITCHELL (NE lot C).[S62].


EPHRAIM BURWELL (SW lot H) and ZACHARIAH BURWELL (SW lot G) were brothers, sons of "the first John" (who had been one of the early planters of Milford). In 1663, Zachariah married Elizabeth Baldwin and Savage's note on him states that "from the great host of that name, I am unable to select a father for her". But his note on Richard Baldwin (see above), states that Elizabeth was Richard's daughter, baptised 1644. That being the case, the wives of ZACHARIAH BURWELL (SW lot G) and of SAMUEL RIGGS, the middle son of EDWARD RIGGS SGT (SE lot G), were sisters. Elizabeth's sister Temperance married NATHAN BURWELL, the brother of Ephraim and Zachariah.


MATTHEW CAMFIELD (NW lot F) had married Sarah TREAT, sister of Capt.ROBERT TREAT (SE lot A & SW lot B).

SAMUEL CAMFIELD (SW lot Q) had been baptised in 1645 as the son of MATTHEW CAMFIELD (NW lot F) and was made a freeman in 1669.

EBENEZER CAMFIELD (Branford 13, no lot listed) may also havre been a son of MATTHEW CAMFIELD (NW lot F), since Matthew's son Ebenezer had been born in 1649, though Matthew is shown as having been a signatory from Milford whereas Ebenezer is shown as having been a signatory from Branford (Samuel was a non-signatory).


JASPER CRANE was the father of DELIVEpurple (or DELIVERANCE) CRANE (NW lot P), JOHN CRANE (NE lot O)) and AZARIAH CRANE (later SE lot A).[S28] [S29]

AZARIAH CRANE (later SE lot A) had married Mary the daughter of CAPT.ROBERT TREAT (originally SE lot A).[S28] [S29]

"At the drawing of Home Lots, Feb 6, 1667, Lot 49 fell to the senior Jasper Crane, No. 40 to Deliverance Crane, and No. 62 to John Crane, they being his two eldest sons." [S29]. Savage identifies Deliverance as Jasper's son but does not mention John.

A recent researcher has compiled a descendants chart of Jasper Crane [S63] which shows them marrying into the following families whose surnames appear in the List of Home Lots: BALDWIN, BRUEN, CAMP, CANFIELD, DODD, HUNTINGTON, JOHNSON, KITCHELL, LAWRENCE, LYON, PENNINGTON, PLUM, RICHARDS, SWAINE, TOMPKINS, TREAT, WARD, WHEELER.


Stephen DAVIS (NE lot M) was the father of JOHN DAVIS (NE lot R).


GEORGE DAY (SE lot E) had married MARY RIGGS, daughter of EDWARD RIGGS SGT (SE lot G) before removing to Newark, their first son having been born about 1665.[S3].


ROBERT DENISON (SE lot C) is probably the Robert Dennison who had been one of the early planters of Milford and who Wallace refers to as being one of those associated with EDWARD RIGGS SGT (SE lot G) in establishing the Derby Plantation in CT.[S3]


DANIEL DOD (NW lot U) and SAMUEL DOD (NW lot T) were brothers, whose sister Mary had married AARON BLATCHLEY (NE lot L), the son of THOMAS BLATCHLEY (Branford 5, lot not listed). Thomas failed to move to Newark, and so one of them may have taken over his Lot.


STEPHEN FREEMAN (SE lot J) had a house lot in Milford in 1646, "but did not become inhabitant until 1658, removed probably to Newark, NJ in few years ... and perhaps he came back to CT."

Martha, the daughter of EDWARD RIGGS SR (SE lot W) born about 1677, married an S. FREEMAN [S3]


SERGEANT RICHARD HARRISON (NW lot B) had sons SAMUEL HARRISON (SE lot U), Benjamin, JOHN HARRISON (presumably NE lot K) who died 1675 unmarried, Joseph, George and Daniel "and removed to Newark NJ where all except John, it is said, were heads of families.". Richard was probably the brother of Mary Harrison who married either THOMAS PIERSON Sr (NW lot I), or THOMAS PIERSON Jr (SE lot T).

JOHN HARRISON (NE lot K) was presumably the John who was one of the sons of SGT RICHARD HARRISON (NW lot B) and brother to SAMUEL HARRISON (SE lot U). However, that John died 1675 unmarried, and was not a head of family: that being the case it would be unusual for him to be allocated a Home Lot.

SAMUEL HARRISON (SE lot U) was one of the sons of SGT RICHARD HARRISON (NW lot B) and presumably brother to JOHN HARRISON (NE lot K).


THOMAS HUNTINGTON (NW lot K) married Hannah, daughter of Jasper Crane (NW lot H)


THOMAS JOHNSON (SE lot D) is the father of JOSEPH JOHNSON (SW lot L), who was born 1651.

JOHN JOHNSON (SW lot C), son of THOMAS JOHNSON (SE lot D), had 7 children, the last of whom married in 1690 Joseph Foote of Branford; Joseph was the son of Robert Foote of Branford, whose widow married AARON BLATCHLEY (NE lot L) in 1686.


ROBERT KITCHELL (NE lot F) was the father of SAMUEL KITCHELL (NE lot C). Robert "is called in history the benefactor of Newark".

SAMUEL KITCHELL (NE lot C) according to Savage married an Elizabeth Wakeman in 1657 at New Haven and had three children by 1661. She must have died before Samuel moved to Newark because by then he had married Grace Pierson, daughter of Rev. ABRAHAM PIERSON SR (SE lot B) [S62]. Samuel's son ABRAHAM KITCHELL, born 1679, married Sarah BRUEN, grand-daughter of OBADIAH BRUEN (NE lot H).


Savage does not refer to any Francis LINLE or LINDSLEY (SW lot S), but does mention a John LINSLEY who "removed long before 1667 to Branford, when John jr. was there"

Mary, the daughter of EDWARD RIGGS SR (SE lot W) born about 1666, married a JOSEPH LINDSLEY [S3]


HENRY LYON (SW lot O) was probably the person of that name in Milford 1646 and who married in Fairfield 1652, but his relationship to SAMUEL LYON (SE lot S) and/or THOMAS L LYON (SW lot K), if any, is not stated by Savage. Neither does Savage state the relationship, if any, between SAMUEL LYON and THOMAS L LYON .

Elizabeth, the daughter of EDWARD RIGGS SR (SE lot W) born about 1678, married a JOHN LYON [S3]


THOMAS MORRIS (Milford 32, no lot listed) is the father of JOHN MORRIS (NW lot D, listed as Home Lot 32 'in 1688'). Thomas died in 1673, Savage implying that he died in New Haven. If so, either he left Newark and returned to New Haven or it has been said elsewhere that it is possible that the original records read 'John' instead of 'Thomas', and that Thomas never left Connecticut [S57]. But Savage also states that his son John of New Haven married 3 times, fathepurple children up until 1687, and died in 1718 (again, by not mentioning Newark, implying all these events were in New Haven).

Thomas, the son of EDWARD RIGGS JR born 1701, married a EUNICE MORRIS, and Thomas's sister Mary, born about 1707 married a DANIEL MORRIS.[S3]


JEREMIAH PECK (NE lot G) married 12NOV1656 Joanna daughter of ROBERT KITCHELL (NE lot F)


EPHRAIM PENNINGTON (SE lot Q) was the brother of Mary, who had married 12APR1666 JONATHAN TOMPKINS (SE lot P).


REV. ABRAHAM PIERSON Sr (SE lot B), of Trinity College Cambridge, became minister in Lynn Nov1640 "to go to settlement at Southampton LI, thence about 1647 went to Branford, and thence in the autumn of 1667, with a part to his congregation to Newark NJ. See his letter to John Winthrop, 3 Mass. Hist. Col. X. 69 and 84.". His daughter Grace married SAMUEL KITCHELL (NE lot C) [S62].

REV. ABRAHAM PIERSON Jr (NW lot G), was one of the sons of ABRAHAM PIERSON Sr (SE lot B) and "had been ordained as colleague(?), with his father at Newark" 4MCH1672. He left Newark in 1692 for CT and "in 1701, was made the first head of Yale college and served until he died 5MAY1707".

THOMAS PIERSON Sr (NW lot I) "was probably brother possibly nephew" of REV. ABRAHAM PIERSON Sr (SE lot B); "married 27NOV1662 Mary daughter of Richard Harrison", probably RICHARD HARRISON (NW lot B), "removed to Newark and died there. He swore allegiance to the Dutch in 1673." However Savage also states that THOMAS PIERSON Jr "married Mary Harrison".

THOMAS PIERSON Jr (SE lot T) was the son of ABRAHAM PIERSON Sr (SE lot B) and was therefore brother to ABRAHAM PIERSON Jr (NW lot G); he "married Mary Harrison, went to Newark from Branford with his father, was called junior was in good esteem, but was dead before 1684". However Savage also states that THOMAS PIERSON Sr married "Mary daughter of Richard Harrison".

Elizabeth, born about 1719 the daughter of JAMES RIGGS (who in turn was born about 1664 the son of EDWARD RIGGS SR (SE lot W)), married a BETHUEL PIERSON [S3]


SAMUEL PLUM (NE lot N) had the following children "Elizabeth b. 6JAN1650, Mary 1APR1653, Samuel 2MAY1654, John 28OCT1657, Dorothy 26MAY1660, Josiah 3AUG1662 and Joshua 11MCH1665".

Joseph, the son of EDWARD RIGGS JR born about 1703, married a JANE PLUMB [S3]


LIEUTENANT SAMUEL ROSE (NW lot R) was the brother of ELIZABETH ROSE, the probable wife of EDWARD RIGGS SGT (SE lot G).


JONATHAN SARGEANT (NE lot P) was the brother of Hannah, who had married BENJAMIN BALDWIN (NW lot J). Jonathan and Hannah were two of the four children of Jonathan Sargent Sr of Branford, who were all baptised at once 10AUG1651, "some it may be adult".


LIEUTENANT SAMUEL SWAINE (NW lot A), who was a representative in Branford 1663 "as friend of Rev. Mr. Pierson, went with first settlers to Newark NJ and was representative in the first assembly"; one of his daughters Elizabeth married JOSIAH WARD (NE lot D), and another of his daughters Christian (born 1659) married a Nathaniel Ward, probably the son of JOHN WARD Sr (NW lot E).[S57]<


MARTIN TICHENOR (SE lot I) was probably the Martin Tichenor of New Haven who married 1651 and had 7 children, one of whom Daniel was born 1656. However, Martin's relationship to DANIEL TICHENOR (Milford 17. no lot listed) cannot be confirmed, since Martin's son Daniel would have been only 10 when the Founding Agreement was signed, though the view has been expressed to me by one researcher that that was not impossible because the Agreement was not a legal document as such.


DEACON MICHA or MICHAEL TOMPKINS (SE lot O) had been one of the early planters of Milford. He was the father of JONATHAN TOMPKINS (SE lot P) baptised 1643, and SETH TOMPKINS (SE lot R) born 1649. Jonathan's wife Mary was the sister of EPHRAIM PENNINGTON (SE lot Q).


CAPTAIN ROBERT TREAT (SE lot A), who returned to Connecticut where he subsequently served two long terms as Governor, was the father of JOHN TREAT (SW lot M) and Capt.Treat's daughter Mary married AZARIAH CRANE (later SE lot A).[S20] [S21]

Robert's sister Sarah married MATTHEW CAMFIELD (NW lot F), who was the father of SAMUEL CAMFIELD (SW lot Q) and probably of EBENEZER CAMFIELD (Branford 13, no lot listed).


DEACON LAWRENCE WARD (NE lot A) was the brother of George Ward and therefore the uncle of JOHN WARD JR (NW lot N) [S57]. Lawrence "removed to Branford 1646, was brother of George of the same, in 1661 was employed by the government of New Haven to search for the Regicides, Whalley and Goffe, at Milford, where it was probably known they were not to be seen; representative 1665 and 6, after which he removed to NJ and died 1671 at Newark".

JOHN WARD Jr (NW lot N), the turner, is said to be the nephew of LAWRENCE WARD (NE lot A).[S57] A John Ward drew a lot at Branford in 1663, and "in 1665, united with the other John and many others in projected removal to NJ" It is assumed this refers to JOHN WARD Jr rather than JOHN WARD Sr (NW lot E)

JOHN WARD Sr (NW lot E) is presumably Sereant John Ward of Branford who "was representative 1666, may have been there many years and one of the signers of the new plantation and church covenant Jan1668"; his six children included 3 sons - John born 1650, Nathaniel, and Josiah born 1661; "he removed soon after to NJ". Nathaniel, John's son, was probably the NATHANIEL WARD who married Christian, daughter of LIEUT. SAMUEL SWAINE (NW lot A).

JOSIAH WARD (NE lot D), referpurple to by Savage as Joshiah, drew a lot at Branford in 1660, "and perhaps was son of George of the same". Thus Joshiah perhaps was a nephew of LAWRENCE WARD (NE lot A), George's brother. Josiah married Elizabeth, daughter of LIEUT. SAMUEL SWAINE (NW lot A).


NATHANIEL WHEELER (SE lot F) was the son of Thomas Wheeler, who had been one of the early planters of Milford and who later "owned much estate in Derby". Nathaniel married 27Jne1665 "Esther, daughter I presume, of Henry Botsford, and he removed to Newark NJ as did her younger sister Ruth, who married John Baldwin" The reference to Ruth marrying John Baldwin is also made in Savage's note on Henry Botsford (who had also been one of the early planters of Milford), but no record of it can be found under any of Savage's notes on the many John Baldwins.

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