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 Daniel Gartman 1842 Telfair County


These Missouri Probate and Estate records were submitted by  April Robbins
They were found by her in Ripley Co.,MO Probate Records,1869-1892 FHC Film #927722
Girtman John Estate Records
Volume G,page 28
March Term, March 11, 1870, the final settlement of Catherine MYATT, admin.
of the estate of John GIRTMAN, deceased.  Vouchers were presented by:
Printers Receipts       $3
GW Hutcherson, Clerk    $5.65
ditto                   $2.75
Susan VOSHALL   $21
Erie GIRTMAN            $21
Rhoda A SCHWAGGS        $4.20
Mary GIRTMAN            $4.20
Erie GIRTMAN            $83.34
Susan VOSHALL   $83.34
Thomas Mabry, Clerk     $4

Balance due Admin       $25.79

page 53, June Term, June 9, 1870, the final settlement of John GARTMAN,
deceased.  Catherine MYATT, admin., discharged from further settlements.

Girtman Jasper-
p395 Feb 17, 1888
Jasper GARTMAN for guardianship of his child who receives estate from her
grandparents through her mother; court finds him suitable as curator of
estate of said child, Nettie GARTMAN; security of $120 given

p476 Feb 13, 1889
Comes Jasper GIRTMAN for 1st annual settlement for daughter, Nettie GIRTMAN

p603 Feb 3, 1890
Comes Jasper GARTMAN for the 2nd annual settlement of the estate of Annette
Jane GARTMAN, minor

p722 Feb 2, 1891
Comes Jasper GARTMAN for the 3rd annual settlement of the estate of Annett
Jane GARTMAN, minor

On 18 Dec 1897 Levi Gartman died leaving an estate valued at $3,000.00
dollars. A Petition for Letters of Adm.(Jackson Co., OR Probate #471)
was filed by his aunt Emiline Oden of Josephene Co., OR in Jackson Co.,
OR 22 Dec 1897, she did not wish to be the administrator of Levi's
Submitted by bjwendell

South Carolina
 There is a John Gartman and a Daniel Gartman who on Oct.29,1773  were approved as executors to the estate of Elizabeth Scheurer along with Caspar Pierly

Bartholomew Gartman was the administrator for the estate of John Gartman Sr. on Oct.20 1795

 Phillip Gartman His will record is in the Memorial Deeds of SC 1815 Frederick Kelly was the executor of Philips estate in 1815-from Memorialized Records of Lexington Co,SC.

Anna Barbara Gartman wife of George Gartman
I believe her will and children are from Memorial Deeds 1822 and Lexington Co. Deeds(probably the same deed)I do not have that deed yet.
Jacob Rall was qualified as administrator of her estate on March 25,1822.He was the husband of her daughter,Elizabeth.

  John Gallman - Will  This is the will of John Gallman dated 1758.I have not worked out exactly how he is related but I believe his wife is Margaretha Gartman who was a daughter of the Original Bartholomew.John Gartman is mentioned in the will.Also,it is hinted that Margaretha was first married to a Geiger.
Submitted by  Herbert Girtman Sr.

  Herman Geiger Will  This is a link to the will of Herman Geiger.Dated 1751. Herman might also have been the husband of Margaretha Gartman.

 William Dent-Husband of Hepsaby Gartman  This is a link to the Will of William Dent at the Madison Co., Tennessee USGENWEB site.


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