John Gallman Will
Will of
John Gallman

Submitted by  Herbert Girtman Sr. 

In the Name of God Amen I John Gallman of Saxegotha Township being sick and weak in Body but of Sound Perfect mind & memory & understanding Praised be God for the same And knowing the Uncertainty of Human Life and affairs doe make this my Last Will and Testament revoking all former Wills by me made and for my Worldly Goods which it has Pleased God to Bless me with after my debts and funeral Expenses is paid I will and Bequeath That my Plantation I now Live on being one hundred acres of Land Situate in Saxegotha Township with all Buildings and Improvements that now is there and Shall be at the Time of my Decease I give to my Son John Gallman and his heirs for Ever And whereas I am Possessed of a Tract or Parcel of Land in Craven County being Three hundred acres bounded by Felix Smiths Land, Gaspar Foots Land and Whereas it is my Thoughts & Meaning that now My Beloved wife Marguerit being with Child Therefore if She Should happily Bare it to this world and if it Be a Boy Then I Give and bequeath Unto him the above sd. Tract of Three Hundred Acres of Land to him and to his Other Brother My Son Jacob and to their heirs And in case of Either of their Deaths before they Come of Age then I Give and bequeath the Part So Willed to the deceased to his Surviving Brother But in Case of both their Deaths Before they Come to the said Age of Twenty One Years of then I Give the Said Land to my Eldest son John & his Heirs for Ever And as to what Personal Estate as Negroes horses Cattle Hoggs household Goods or anything which God has been Pleased to Bless me with & I Shall Dye in the Possession of I Give and bequeath to my beloved Wife Margaret & all My Children as Sons & Daughters Share & Share alike & to their Heirs,And my further will is that my said wife Shall have her Living on Sd. one Hundred Acres of Land the said Plantation I now live on so Left as aforesaid to my Son John as Long as She remains my Widow & unmarried and no Longer and I also Give & Bequeath unto my Said Wife Marg't one White Paceing horse Named Bock with a New Side Saddle & Bridle & to her heirs,And I hereby desire My Loving Brother Henry Gallman My Brother-in Law John Freymouth my Eldest Son John Gallman & my Step Son John Conrad Geiger to be my Executors to this my Last Will and Testament & I hereby appoint them to be my Executors & Guardians to my above said Children during their nonage And whereas I have been Left Executor in the Last Will & Testament of Harman Geiger deceased and having the Sd. Estate In hand & the debts again the Said Estate Being not all paid I will that my Executors herein before mentioned Collect in debts as Possibly they can & discharge said debts & whereas I have Given unto Mr. George Austin of Charlestown a Promissary Note for Two Hundred & odd Pounds on the Said Estate wherefore I desire the Said note Shall be paid out of the money the Public owes to me as soon as Received & what their is Left of the said Este. after the debts is paid I will that it be shared alike among the said Children of the said Harman Geiger Excepting the mares & horsekind in the forke? for Sd. Estate in the hands of John Gartman to be for my Children & to their heirs & my further will is that after my Decease their be Levied out of my Estate By my Executors the full and Just Sum of Twenty Pounds for to By two Cows & Calves for the Said Children Harman Geiger that is now with me that they may Come to Increase of Cattle Again they Come to their Age In Witness Whereof I Set my hand and Seal this Twenty Second day of April 1758 in Saxegotha Township South Carolina
                                                  By John Gallman(Seal)
Signed Sealed Published and declared By the said John Gallman for and as his Last Will & Testament in the presence of us who at his request and in his Presence have Subscribed our names hereto_________
Jacob Tyler  Ulrick Boughman
Jacob Geiger
                            At the Same time qualified Henry Gallman
                            John Freymouth and John Conrad Geiger As Exors.