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Girtman Recent Additions
What's New

July 11, 2000
1. Added Debi Finken to the researchers page.
2. Added link to Girtman message board at Genforum.
July 26, 2000
1. Updated the family group page for descendants of Daniel Girtman of Tennessee; from information sent by Cathy Landers.
2. Added new info for the land grant & military record of James Girtman of Illinois.
August 7, 2000
1. Added Bob Gartman to the researchers page.
September 24, 2000
1. Patricia Ann Burgess has submitted a link to a searchable index of Texas birth, marriage & death records at RootsWeb.
    The links are on the Birth, marriage & death records page. There are many Gartmans and some Girtman's listed there.
    Also added Patricia to the researchers page. Thank you Patricia.
2. Added Luke Spence to the researchers page. Thank you Luke.
 September 25, 2000
1. Herbert Girtman has submitted California death records. Thank you Herbert.
 November 21, 2000
1. Added Shelia Merlo to the researchers page.
 January 28, 2001
1. Suellen Stafford has submitted a photograph of Ellender Jane Gartman Stafford. Thank you very much Suellen.
  April 20, 2001
 1. Ted Taylor has submitted a photocopy of the tax list for Barthol Girtman in Mississippi.
     Thank you Ted.
  June 9, 2001
1. Added information about Bolton Girtman of Bell Co, KY World War I service.
2. Added a link to the Bible Record of David Gartman & Mary Knight of Georgia.
  June 24, 2001
1. Shirley Sipler has submitted the Wedding Photograph of Mary Ida Gartman of Missouri/Texas/Oregon. Thank you Shirley.
  June 26, 2001
1. Added Tommy Steele to the Researchers page. Tommy is descended from David Gartman of Florida.
  June 28, 2001
1. Cathy Landers has submitted a Photograph of William Pleasant Girtman of Lawrence Co, Arkansas. Thank you Cathy.
  June 29, 2001
1. Jill Lewis has submitted a photograph of Mary Frances Sowell Gartman and children Charley, Ella & Minnie Gartman.
    Thank you very much Jill.
2. Added the Wedding picture (1913) of Herbert Girtman & Bessie McBride of Illinois.
  July 11, 2001
1. Added Colleen Chapman to the researchers page. Colleen's line includes Daniel Gartman & Susannah Pledger.
  July 16, 2001
1. Added Vicki Lais to the researchers page. Vicki is descended from Daniel Gartman & Susannah Pledger also.
  July 18, 2001
1. Added the following 1900 Alabama Census records. All of these are from the Soundex. The actual census may have more information.
    Hester Gartman Coffee Co.
    Bunyan Gartman, Fayette Co
    Edward Gartman, Dale Co
    Ellen Gartman Russell Co.
    George Gurtman, Geneva Co.
    Harvey Gartman, Fayette Co.
    James Gartman, Etowah Co.
    James Gartman, Etowah Co.
  July 24, 2001
1. Deanna Griffin Nockunas has contributed the Bible Record of Erie Girtman/Gartman of Missouri and also the Bible Record of Phillip Gartman/Girtman of Missouri. Thank you very much Deanna.
    August 7, 2001
1. Sue Rees has submitted a picture of Jacob Gartman, born 1859. Jacob was the son of Eri & Sarah Riley Gartman of Missouri.
    Thank you very much Sue.
    August 9, 2001
1. Sue Rees has submitted a photograph of Nathan Gartman & Dicie Gartman Rodgers and also a photograph of Susan Gartman & Isaac Badgley. Nathan & Susan are descendants of Erie Gartman of Missouri.
    Thank you very much again Sue.
    August 10, 2001
1. Sue Rees has submitted a 1914 photograph of Jacob, Josie & Dicie Gartman. Descendants of Erie Gartman of Missouri.
    Thank you very much Sue.
    September 30, 2001
1. Added a Deed abstract on the Deed page for John Gartman of SC who sold land 1824 in Bibb County, Georgia.
    October 10, 2001
1. Tom Atkinson has submitted the Will of Daniel Gartman of Telfair County, Geogia.
    Thanks Tom.
    March 16, 2002
1. Added "Geography of the Gartmann, Gartman, Girtman family" written by Bob Gartman. The link is above the main table
    on the Homepage.
    Thank you Bob for the great article.
    August 20, 2002
1. Shirley Weaver Sipler has submitted the 1910 census for Myrtle Creek Precinet, Douglas County, Oregon, for Mary Ida Gartman. Thank you Shirley.
    January 29, 2003
1. Added the 1850 census record for Henry Gartman in Shelby Co, TN.

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