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Girtman Ship Lists
  Passenger Lists

Ship from Switzerland
This information is extracted from a book called 'A History of the Lutheran Church in S.C.' published by the S.C. Synod of the Lutheran Church. I am not sure if this is the ship that Bartholomew Gartman of South Carolina came on but decided to post this information here as a clue. It only gives the name of the Captain, not the name of the ship.

In the July 12-July 19,1735 edition of the South Carolina Gazette there is an article that says on Sunday last (either Sunday July 13 or Sunday July 6) there arrived a ship from Rotterdam by way of Cowes whose Captain was Capt.Hugh Percy. On the ship was 250 Switzers who were to settle upon the Edisto River. On Thursday(either July 17 or July 10)they were given the oath
of allegiance by 3 Justices of the Peace.

So, maybe if you find a ship whose Captain was Hugh Percy it might be worthwhile to look especially hard at the passenger list. Or maybe look in the South Carolina Journals for people taking the Oath of Allegiance. This is only a clue, but maybe it will help.
In August 1732 a ship called the 'Samuel' with Hugh Percy as Commander arrived in Philadelphia from Rotterdam by way of Cowes. Was there a ship called the Samuel that arrived in South Carolina in July 1735?

Daniel Gortman age 33
Arrived in Philadelphia October 12, 1741
Captain Thomson List
Ship:  Friendship
Alexr Thomson Master, From Rotterdam
Source: Pennsylvania German Pioneers Vol.2
By Ralph Beaver Strassburger
Published by Pennsylvania German Society 1934

Frederick Girtman
Place:  PA
Year;  1803
Source Page 606
Source Name:  Wm. H. Egle, editor.  "Names of Foreigners Who Took the Oath of Allegiance to the Providence and State of Pa" PA Archives, Ser.2, vol 17.  Reprinted by Genealogical Publishing Co., Baltimore, MD.

Jacob Gartman 1752 Pennsylvania-came on the ship Phoenix from Rotterdam. Took the oath at Philadelphia Nov.22,1752
    Source:Pennsylvania German Pioneers compiled by Ralph Beaver Strassburger Edited by William John Hinke 1934 Vol.1 page 507-509

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