Girtman Obituaries


 John Girtman of Massac Co., Illinois

Dr John Gartman:  Thurs Jun 4, 1885 - Died -  At his residnece in this city on Sat
morning, May 30th, 1885, Dr. John Gartman, aged 76 years.
Dr. Gartman was a native of S.C.  Attended medical school in Charleston and
Philadelphia--Removed to Mt. Carmel  in Covington county--
In 1843, he removed to Pearl River and engaged in planting a few miles below
Monticello.  In 1858, he removed to Brrokhaven---Stricken with paralysis
about four years ago.  He loved intensely the home circle and was equally
honored and loved by all the members of his family.
From:  Newspaper-Brookhaven Leader  Vol 1, 1875-1895:
Submitted by  Ted Taylor

Ripley Co., Mo Obits 1874-1910 by McManus, Doniphan, 1979

Page 4:
Dec. 31, 1875
Eli Girtman died at home, two miles east of Doniphan on Dec. 24th.  He was born near Mabrey's Mill at the mouth of Big Barren on ____of March 1811.In a few weeks he would have been 65 years old.  His father built the 1st mill in Ripley County on the site of Mabrey Mill.About early childhood he remembered one settlement in Doniphan and only one between here and
where he was born.called Diefonbacher Spring.but one or two settlements between the Mill and Zimri Carter's, some two miles below Van Buran.

page 81:
July 24, 1891
Ada E GIRTMAN, daughter of John and E F GIRTMAN, died July 16th at age 8 months and 11 days.

Page 115
June 8, 1899
John GARTMAN age 50 years, died yesterday morning of typhoid fever.  He leaves a wife, two sons, and one daughter.
Submitted by  April Robbins

 Mary Henryetta Gartman b. about 1860 Creek County
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