Girtman Marriages

Ada L. Gartman married Marion Martin February 1,1898 in Mobile Co.
Alabama Gartman married William O. Pond July 2,1853 in Mobile Co.
Archie Gartman married Barbara Miller June 25,1902 in Mobile Co
Carrie B. Gartman married James M. Freeman April 8, 1890 in Montgomery Co.
Catherin Gortman married John G. Graham January 24, 1852 in Macon Co.
Catherine B. Gartman married William H. Cain October 29,1885 in Mobile Co.
Charles C. Gortman married Evetta Kirkland December 21, 1901 in Washington Co.
Clifton Gartman married Elma Augusta Powell April 30,1920 in Mobile Co.
Daniel Gartman Susie Carlton September 10,1901 in Mobile Co.
Daniel J. Gartman married Elizabeth A. Tucker July 24,1853 in Fayette Co.
Dorathy May Gartman married Edward F. Richie January 11,1919 in Mobile Co.
Elizabeth Gartman married Charley Sweeney June 4,1902 in Mobile Co.
Ella Gartman married A.J. Gullahorn June 18, 1895 in Chilton Co.
Emily A. Gartman married Daniel Whatley April 24,1889 in Mobile Co.
Eugenia E. Gartman married Alex Davis September 30,1877 in Mobile Co.
Fanny Gartman married Benjamin F. Powers October 12,1904 in Mobile Co.
Florence Amanda Gartman married Willie E. Criswell October 8,1915 in Mobile Co.
Frances Gartman married Dan Stringfellow July 30,1919 in Mobile Co.
George Gartman married Emily Ann Miller December 20,1847 in Mobile Co.
         Submitted by  Betty Miller
George Girtman married Ella Montgomery April 4, 1889 in Henry Co.
G.W. Gartman Jr. married Donie Henderson June 23,1877 in Mobile Co.
G. W. Gortman married Susana Howena October 9, 1878 in Washington Co
George W. Gartman married Missouri Mason November 15,1900 in Mobile Co.
H.A. Gartman married Louisa Barnes February 3,1884 in Fayette Co.
Henry Gartman married Martha F. Neuborn October 23,1886 in Mobile Co.
James C. Gartman married Nancy J. Watkins November 24, 1867 Etowah Co.
         Submitted by  Joseph Kery
Jeff Gartman married Nancy Morris July 3,1905 in Mobile Co.
John Gartman married Harriett Byrd December 1,1859 in Mobile Co.
John Jefferson Gortman married Sarah Smith September 19, 1883 in Washington Co.
John Jefferson Gortman married Helen Virginia Knapp April 24, 1889 in Washington Co.
John Jefferson Gartman married Marie Meinhardt August 9,1917 in Mobile Co.
Lula Gartman married George Roberts March 16,1916 in Mobile Co.
Mahala Gartman married Walker W. Bailey November 18,1916 in Mobile Co.
Mamie Ethel Gartman married George C. Pederson February 26,1919 in Mobile Co.
Marietta Gartman married Jefferson Davis July 24,1885 in Mobile Co.
Mary Isabella Gartman married George W. Davis April 3,1869 in Mobile Co.
Mary Jane Gartman married Henry LaPlace February 10, 1858 in Macon Co.
Mary V. Gartman married James H. Moore July 23,1885 in Mobile Co.
Matilda Mary Gartman married William James Bailey November 6,1876 in Mobile Co.
Miles Gartman married Viola Boothe March 18,1903 in Mobile Co.
Missouri Gartman married James W. Byrd May 31,1916 in Mobile Co.
Odis Gartman married Daisy Miller June 17,1914 in Mobile Co.
Ozzie Mae Gartman married John W. Miles July 27,1919 in Mobile Co.
P.G. Gartman married Charity Ann Elizabeth Bailey May 5,1875 in Mobile Co.
Philip Gartman married Mary Campbell June 2,1855 in Mobile Co.
Rufus Gartman married Laura Sweeney June 14,1899 in Mobile Co.
Samuel Gurtman married Tassie Collier August 20, 1885 in Henry Co.
Sarah Gartman married George C. Lewis November 28,1889 in Mobile Co.
Susan Gortman married Joe Amos February 18, 1871 in Mobile Co.
Susannah J. Gartman married Elias L. Lightner December 2,1903 in Mobile Co.
Thomas Gartman married Isabella Miller September 23,1886 in Mobile Co.
Thomas V. Gartman married Lucy Stringfellow January 8,1905 in Mobile Co.
Viola Gartman married Claude Roberts December 4,1920 in Mobile Co.
Wade Gartman married Jerusha Stringfellow June 15,1916 in Mobile Co.
Walter Gortman married Frances Roberts December 22, 1887 in Mobile Co.

Albert Girtman married Millie Cryson July 3,1906 in Ashley Co.-see also Colvin Girtman
Alice Girtman married Alonza Burton November 3,1901 in Ashley Co.
Anna Gartman married W.S. Stewart February 5, 1891 in Grant Co.
Calvin Girtman married Sarah Thompson November 7,1869 in Ashley Co.
       Book AA page 325c
Calvin Girtman married Nancy or Lucy Washington December 27,1896 in Ashley Co.
      Book G page 568
Colvin Girtman married Millie Cayson 1906 in Ashely Co. Book L page 298
 Daniel Gartman married Huldah Brown Jan 28,1830 in Pike Co.
        Submitted by bjwendell
E.W. Gartmann married Mattie Waddle October 18, 1888 in Grant Co.
Ella J. Gartman married James M. Henslee December 24, 1889 in Grant Co.
General Girtman married Ella Tucker December 22,1904 in Ashley Co. Book K page 416
Hariet Gurtman married Ben Casson September 8, 1892 in Ashley Co.
Harriett Girtman married Ambrose Simms December 19,1901 in Ashley Co.
Jacob Gartman married Mollie E. Bales September 26,1886 in Sebastian Co.
James Girtman married Luta Colbert 1914 in Ashley Co. Book Q page 114
John Girtman married Euphemia Bass Jan.8,1875 in Randolph Co.
John Edgar Gartman age 24 married Sallie Wilson age 17 on August 31,1907 in Grant Co.
        Book D page 260 Submitted by Kristi Simmons
Martha V. Gartman married Henry W. C. Cearley December 7, 1882 in Grant Co.
Mary Gertman married Elias B. Blair April 27, 1844 in Sevier Co.
Mary Girtman married J.W. Bowes January 25,1902 in Ashley Co.
Nancy C. Gartman married Thomas Davis March 28,1875 in Ashley Co.
Sarah E. Gartman married Henry S. Tayler July 21, 1883 in Grant Co.
Sophronia Gartman married Francis M. Fikes November 11, 1877 in Grant Co.
William Girtman married Martha Ann Jones July 8,1860 in Lawrence 56
     William was 45 and a resident of Lawrence Co
     Martha Ann was 29 and a resident of Independence Co.,Arkansas
William A. Girtman married Amanda Jane Mobley Jan.14,1887 in Sharp Co.
William B. Gartman married Mary J. Henley September 30,1891 in Sebastian Co.

Carrie Giurtman married M.J. Northern on April 10,1904 in Santa Rosa Co
Charley Girtman married Frances Holley (c) on Feb.17,1905
Nancy Girtman (c) married J.M.Hutchinson on May 27,1899 in Santa Rosa Co.
Nancy Girtman married John Hart on September 25,1823 in Escambia Co.
     by Robert McKinnon J. P.  Book A page 800
Sallie Girtman (c) married A.L.Harrison on Feb.7,1895 in Santa Rosa Co.
Note:The (c) indicates colored person or perhaps Native American as some were afraid to identify themselves as Indian.
All the above Florida Marriages Submitted by Judi Hamm
Charity S. Girtman married H.V. Houston July 10, 1882 in Gadsden Co.
Courtney Girtman married Jonas F. Cox October 8, 1860 in Gadsden Co.

Ann Girtman married Mitchael Blakely November 3,1881 in Telfair Co.
Auguste Gartmann married Robert Strous January 2, 1860 in Chatham Co.
B.F. Girtman married Mattie W. Curry April 18, 1886 in Appling Co.
Benjamin F. Girtman married Mary J. Simmons Oct.10,1844 in Telfair Co.
Bethania M. Girtman married Franklin Benson January 13,1853 in Pulaski Co.
Daniel Gartman married Sarah Arnold Nov.9,1812 in Montgomery Co.
Daniel Gartman married Susannah D. Pledger Sept.26,1816 in Elbert Co.
David Gartman married Mary Knight Jan.14,1810 in Pulaski Co.
David Girtman married Mrs. Sarah Fountain June 12,1851 in Pulaski Co.
Daniel Girtman married Salley R. Mims March 19,1874 in Appling.
Elizabeth Girtman married Henry Brickell Sept.26,1833 in Telfair Co.
Henry J. Girtman married Nancy L. Carruthers July 9,1856 Pulaski Co.
J.C. Gartman married Ellen McDaniel July 9, 1872 in Muscogee Co.
James C. Gartman married Sarah T. Hobbs November 21, 1861 in Muscogee Co.
James Girtman married Emily R. ? May 13, 1895 in Dooly Co.
Jim Girtman married Haley Daniels October 31, 1878 in Pulaski Co.
John Wesley Gartman married Sarah Rebecca Harris January 28,1847 in Walker Co.
Martha M. Girtman married Daniel C. Fudge July 8,1844 or 1846 in Houston Co.
Mary Girtman married George W. Carruthers November 12,1856 in Pulaski Co.
Mary M. Gartman married Allen Pledger April 8,1841 in Cass Co.
Mrs. Nancy Girtman married John W. Sapp December 27,1866 Pulaski Co
Narcissa Girtman married Peter Grant February 2, 1884 in Pulaski Co.
Narcissa Girtman married Henry Thornton November 1, 1884 in Pulaski Co.
Sarah E. Girtman married Jacob Dykes October 19,1856
William Girtman married Smithy Peebles June 10,1823 in Jefferson Co.

All Johnson Co.,Illinois marriage records contributed by  Herbert L. Girtman
Alfred Girtman married Essie Manning on Dec. 28,1905 at Allen Vancil in Goreville.
    he was 26years old born in Johnson Co. Ill. she was 18 years old born in WilliamsonCo,.Ill
    Grooms parents Alfred Girtman and Mary Watkins. Brides parents J.N.Manning and
     S.C. Vancil. Witness; J.A. Vancil .  W.J. Craig  JP.first marriage for both
     Johnson Co. Ill. marriage records 1896-1926

Alice Girtman married William W. Dunn on July 22. 1894 at Goreville  Johnson Co.
    he was 22 years old born Johnson C. Ill. she was 18 years old born in Elvira, Ill.
    Brides parents Alfred Girtman and Mary Ann Wakins.
    Grooms parents Basil B. Dunn and Martha A. Smith.
    Witness: William Dunn and Alice Girtman. Married  by W.P. Kelly
    first marriage for both
    From Johnson Co. Ill. marriage record Vol. I  1878-1896

Bertha Girtman married  Robert Howard on Dec 12 1916 at Busby Chapel.Johnson Co
    he was 24 years old born in Goreville Ill.  she was 19 years born in Goreville Ill.
    Grooms parents I.J. Howard and Arma(Anna?) Penninger.  Brides parents W.D.Girtman
    and Ann Thornton.  Witness: Effie Howard and Effie Jenkins (No JP named)
    first marriage for both.
    Johnson Co. Ill. marriage records 1896-1926

Elizabeth Girtman married William Riley Kelly on Oct. 19 1884  in Johnson County
    She was 19 years old and was born in  Carol Co. Ky.  He was 18 years old
    and born in  Johnson Co. Ill.  Elder M.P.Church, R.D.Hall. Witness: John B. Carson
    and Thomas Jordens.  First marriage for both.
    Brides parents Alfred Girtman and Mary Ann Watkins.
    Grooms parents,R.Y. Kelly and E.A. Sullivan.
     This from Johnson Co. Ill. early marriage book 1878-1885 Vol. II page 124 #1106

Mrs. Elizabeth C. Gartman married James G. Pruitt September 10, 1865 in Union Co.

Herbert Girtman married Bessie Anna McBride Sept.10,1913 Massac Co.

Hugh C. Girtman married Harriet Shepard Jan.7,1867 in Lincoln,Logan Co. Vol.2 pg25

John Girtman married Emma Humphreys on Feb 26 1891 in Johnson Co. Ill.
    he was 23 years old born in Johnson Co.Ill. she was 19 years old born in Ill.
    Grooms parents Alfred Girtman and Mary A. Watkins, Brides parents C. W.
    Humphreys and Martha Downey. Married at C.W.Humphreys in Johnson Co.Ill.
    Witness; W.C. Humphreys and J.A. Girtman. (No JP given)
    First marriage for both.
    Johnson Co. Ill marriage records Vol. I 1878-1896

Paul Gertman married Louisa B. Copeland on October 19,1856 in Sangamon Co.
     Vol.3 page 191

Roy Girtman married Daisy Howard on Oct 13,1910 at Larkin Tolers.
    he was 22 years old born in Goreville Ill.  she was 19 years old born in Goreville Ill.
    Grooms parents Daniel Girtman and --- Thornton.  Brides parents Steve Howard and
     -----Lambert.  Witness; Wyatt Jenkins and Thos. M. Maze.
    Larkin Toler,   Minister.   first marriage for both.
    Johnson Co. Ill Marriage record 1896-1926

Sarah A. Girtman married William W. Dunn on Dec 24 1899, in Goreville Johnson Co.
    he was 27 years old born in Johnson Co. Ill. She was 25 years old born in Johnson Co. Ill.
    Brides parents Alfred Girtman and Mary Ann Watkins
    Grooms parents Basil B. Dunn and Martha A. Smith
    Married at S. A. Girtmans  Johnson Co. Ill.
    Witness: Will Kelly and Ann Girtman.  W. J. Craig  J.P.
    First marriage for Sarah and second for William.
    This from marriage record 1896-1926

Theodore A. Girtman married Lillie Eastwood on June 29, 1895 at Elvira,Johnson Co.
    she was 20 years old born Pulaski Co. Ill. he was 24 years old born in Goreville,Ill.
    Brides parents Johnathan Eastwood and Lowija Lizenley ??
    Grooms parents Alfred Girtman and Mary Ann Watkins.
    Witness: C.W. Hunsaker and Jessie Thomas     Mortimer Hunsaker J.P.
    First Marriage for both
    This from Johnson Co. Ill. Marriage record Vol I,  1878-1896 page 233

W.D. Girtman married Matilda A. Thornton on Oct 16, 1890 in Johnson Co
    at Fred Thorntons.he  was 2? years old born in Ky. she was 18 years old born in Ill.
    Grooms parents Alfred Girtman and Mary A. Watkins.  Brides parents Fred Thornton and
    Margaret Craig.  Witness; C.M. Thornton and Sally (Hayden?)  Jas. M. Francis  JP.
    First marriage for both.
    Johnson Co. Ill. marriage record  Vol. I 1878-1896

 W. O.(D)? Girtman married L.J. Perry on Aug. 3,1915 in Johnson Co.
    at O. Girtmans. he was 22 years old born in Goreville Ill.  she was 19 years old born in
    Goreville Ill. Grooms parents W.D. Girtman and Ann Thornton.  brides parents C.M. Perry
    and I.Coleman Witness: Alfred Girtman and Daisy Girtman.  W.J.Craig  JP.
    First marriage for Groom  (does not say on the bride.)
    Johnson Co. marriage record  1896-1926

William Gartman married Sophia B. Hosford May 16,1841 in La Salle Co.

Charles Gartman age 27 married Emma B. Moore July 3, 1902 in Tippecanoe Co.
         Father: C.L. Gartman
         Mother: Elvina Johnson
Elma Girtman married ? August 1,1901 in Monroe Co.
         Father: Daniel
         Mother: Angie Roger
James Girtman married Margaret J. Fox September 5, 1866 in Monroe Co.
James H. Girtman married Bertie Cantrell March 4, 1905 in Monroe Co.
Addie Walker age 31 married ?? January 8, 1902 in Washington Co.
           Father: H.M. Walker
           Mother: Mary M. Gartman

Alice Girtman married Clark Swearinger August 30,1883 in Harper Co.

Alfred Girtman married Mary Ann Watkins Aug.30,1860.License date Aug 20,1860.Married  at the residence of George Watkins in Laurel Co,Kentucky.Witnesses were Emry? Johnson and Robert Askin?.Levi Watkins,Bondsman.Marriage performed by Hiram Johnson M.B.G.

 Ada Gartman married James Jenkins November 1, 1903 in St. Helena Parish
Caroline Gartman married M.V. Clerey in Natchinoches Parish September 1,1877
David A. Gartman married Cordelia Daniel February 17, 1872 in St. Helena Parish
   Submitted by  Bob Gartman
Ellender Jane Gartman married Hiram Feldon Stafford in St.Helena Parish September 8,1864
   Source:Ellender Janes pension application.Submitted by Janet Gardner
Ellen Gartman married Lamuel Sibley November 1, 1905 in St. Helena Parish
Mary F. Gartman married William H. Miller October 26, 1890 in St. Helena Parish
Nancy Gartman married O.W. Bowman April 7, 1897 in St. Helena Parish
Serena Gartman married George E. Stone February 15, 1900 in St. Helena Parish

Blandene Gartmann married John Haas May 28, 1874 in Washtenaw Co.
Marie G. Gartmann married John Huber April 24, 1884 in Washtenaw Co.
Pauline P. Gartmann married Ferdinand Huber September 4, 1884 in Washtenaw Co.
Regina Gartmann married Gottlieb Zahn May 28, 1878 in Washtenaw Co.

Carrie Gortman married Henry Taylor July 19, 1883 in Greene Co.
Commodore Gertman married Susan Carr August 21, 1851 in Marion Co.
Emma Girtman married William Brantley January 6,1894 in Washington Co.
George B. Gartman married Sarah Ann Holmes 1845 in Darbun,Walthal Co.
George Gertman married Emma James May 26, 1883 in Sharkey Co.
H.W. Gartman married M.F. Norris September 15,1874 in Tippah Co.
Ida Gartman married Otto Kemper April 15,1896 in Pike Co.
J.A. Gartman married Flora Clemens December 31,1898 in Pike Co.
John Gartman married Susannah Van Buren June 23,1836 in Lawrence Co.
John M. Girtman married Serenia L. Spence in Pike Co.Sept.1,1845
Josephine Gartman married J.W. Martin August 24, 1858 in Lawrence Co.
L.E. Gartman married Jesse Thornton August 27,1883 in Pike Co.
Mary M. Gartman married Smiley J. Dunaway March 16,1882 in Marion Co.
M.S. Gartman (female) married M.H. Jones February 1, 1872 in Copiah Co.
M.W. Gartman married Georgia A. Jester July 5,1891 in Lee Co.
Sarah E. Gartman married C.S. Pearson August 14,1897 in Pike Co.
W.G. Gartman married Sarah Barron May 25,1895 in Pike Co.

Annie Gartman married J.E. Munds October 8, 1875 in Barry Co.
Augusta Gartmann married Frederick Fricke January 15, 1851 in Gasconade Co.
Eri Girtman married Sarah Riley Sept.8,1840 in Ripley Co.
Frances Gertman married Van Carshaw Davis Aug.15,1877 in Ripley Co.
H.E. Girtman married Anna Wright Nov.16,1899 in Ripley Co.
Jaspar Gartman married Martha J. McManus Feb.17,1876 in Ripley Co.
Jaspar Gartman married Miss Jennie Rush Feb.24,1898 in Ripley Co by Eld D.L. Poyner
Louis Gartmann married Mary Fuchs October 15, 1893 in St. Louis Co.
Margaretha E. Gartman married Kaspar H. Groppe February 13,1852 in Franklin Co.
Mary Girtman married William Griffin Nov.28,1867 in Ripley Co.
Mary Gartmann married George Whalig May 9, 1886 in St.Louis Co.
Nettie J. Gartman married William G. Reddin feb.12,1895 in Ripley Co.
Newton Girtman married Miram Head March 1,1877 in Ripley Eld D.L. Poyner
Sarah Gartman married William Rigsby Feb.4,1866 in Ripley Co.
Wilhelmine Gartmann married Wilhelm Wehmudler June 9, 1860 in Gasconade Co.

North Carolina
Daniel Girtman married Nancy Caroline Wiles Aug.6,1887 in Ashe Co.
William Girtman married Bettie Osborne Dec.6,1879 in Ashe Co.

Alexander Gartman married Mary May Bury December 26, 1872 in Gallia Co.
Clara Mary Gartmann married John Henry Mersmann November 4, 1874 in Putnam Co.
David Gertman married Rebecca Lord May 23, 1844 in Richland Co.
Elizabeth Gartman married Joseph Miller April 20, 1820 in Perry Co.
Jeremiah Gartman married Mary W. Truman April 19, 1866 in Medina Co.
Louiza Gourtman married Henry V. Stall August 26, 1858 in Wayne Co.
Mary M. Gartman married Edmund Ralph March 22, 1880 in Gallia Co.
Ruhama Gartman married Thomas Foreacre November 26, 1823 in Perry Co.
Sarah Gartman married David Anspagh October 14, 1819 in Perry Co.
Wm. P. Gartman married Carrie Milks February 24, 1871 in Cuyahoga Co.

Nathan Gartman married Susie A. Craig October 12,1908 in Greer Co.
Huldah Gartman married John P. Blalock April 10,1859 in Marion Co.
    Submitted by bjwendell

South Carolina

Abigail Gartman  married Gabriel Hoyler\Highler Jan.27,1825 Lexington,SC-unconfirmed
Anna Gartman married William C. Branham Sept.5,1830 Lexington,SC-unconfirmed
Barbara Gartman married Joseph Lyons Dec. 31 1741 in Amelia Township,SC Joseph Lyons
       to Barbara Gartman,widow,witness Benjamin Carter.Married by Rev.Giessendanner.
Bartholomew Gartman married Ellender O'Quinn March 11,1811 in Barnwell Co.,SC
      Source:Widows Pension application.
Daniel Gartman married Sarah Dalton June 14,1753 at St.Bartholomews Parish,SC
       His marriage record is in Col.Isaac Hayes notes.From the SC Historical Magazine 1909
       Vol.10 page 231
Daniel Gartman married Elizabeth Dent Dec.2,1824 Lexington,SC-unconfirmed

Daniel Girtman married Sarah A. Rosenbalm Aug.9,1838 in Johnson Co.
Elizabeth Girtman married William Short March 2,1843 in Johnson Co.
Henry Gartman married Virginia J. Gibbons February 14,1850 in Shelby Co.
Nancy Girtman married William Combs Sept.4,1877 Sullivan Co.

G.D. Gartman married Annie Fleming October 4, 1866 in Red River Co.
J. Gartman married Josie E. Sechrist Nov.4,1896 in Cherokee Co.
Mary F. Gartman married L.T. Shelton October 30,1893 in San Augustine Co.
Mary I. Gartman married U.P. McCleskey December 10,1899 in Erath Co.
Sarah A. Buenavista Gartman married William Looney April 6, 1871 in McClennan Co.
      Submitted by Joseph Kery
Sarah A. Buenavista Gartman married Dr. Benjamin Franklin Fields April 18,1875 in Bell Co.
      Submitted by Joseph Kery
Thomas Gartman married Miss M.F. Sowell August 26,1877 in Cherokee Co.
     This is Thomas B. Gartman and Mary Frances Sowell.Married by W.E.Stamps.
The above marriage was submitted by  Jill G. Lewis

Some Texas marriages at RootsWeb These marriage records were furnished by the Texas Department of Health.
                                                     Link submitted by  Patricia Ann Burgess

All Sheboygan Co Marriages are from the Sheboygan Co Marriage Index Book at the County Clerks office.For the 1881-1907 marriages the index only lists people alphabetically without saying who they married.

Sheboygan Co. Marriages
Anna B. Gartmann married Oct.18,1890 Vol.4 page 185
  she is also listed as marrying on October 18,1892 Vol.4 page 185
Anna Gartmann married November 21,1896 Vol.5 page 190
Antonia Gartmann married on October 6,1885 Vol.3 page 219
Aug. Ferd. Gartmann married Anna Mana Riger or Reger April 16,1870 Vol.2 page 61
Auguste Gartmann married Friedrich A. Fritsch April 17,1870 Vol.2 page 57
Bertha R.?W.? Gartmann married April 18,1893 Vol.4 page 361

Carl A. Gartmann married Mrs. Wilhelmine Bast May 1,1870 Vol.2 Page 61
Caroline Gartmann married May 15,1897 Vol.5 page 234
Charles Gartmann married on June 26,1889 Vol.4 page 90
Emilie W. Gartmann married Erdman W. Wildgrube April 5,1879 Vol.2 page 404
Emma B or C. Gartmann married November 12,1904 Vol.6 page 201
Emma M. Gartmann married December 19,1896 Vol.5 page 199
F.A. Gartmann(male) married on November 30,1885 Vol.3,page 301
Franziscus Gartmann married April 2,1902 Vol.6 page 18
Fredrich Wilhelm Gartmann married November 23,1895 Vol.5 page 123
Friedrich Gartmann married Wilhelmine Gartman November 22,1877 Vol.2 page 334
Hein?(male) Gartman married June 13,1896 Vol.5 page 160
Heinrich C. Gartmann married November 26,1896 Vol.5 page 190
Henry Gartmann married November 18,1890 Vol.4 page 198
Herman F. Gartmann married September 26,1905 Vol.6 page 328
Hermann Gartmann married Wilhelmine C.? Wildgrube? October 21,1880 Vol.2 page 466
Ida Caroline F. Gartmann married April 16,1904 Vol.6 page 158
Ida L.E. Gartmann married January 9,1904 Vol.6 page 142
John Gartmann married October 14,1905 Vol.6 page 266
Livia? A. Gartman married November 24,1895 Vol.5 page 50
Louis Gartmann married on March 23,1889 Vol.4 page 168
Louise E. Gartmann married April 25,1891 Vol.4 page 220
Maria A. Gartmann married February 19,1897 Vol.5 page 274
M.O. Gartmann(male) married on October 11,1886 Vol.3 page 292
O.E. Gartmann(female) married on March 20,1885 Vol.3 page 94
Olga W. C.? Gartmann married December 12,1903 Vol.6 page 134
Ottilie Gartmann(female) married on November 24,1890 Vol.4 page 118
Otto Frederich Gartmann married May 2,1903 Vol.6 page 89
Valentine Gartmann? married October 19,1899 Vol.5 page 509
W.F. Gartman married Emilie Nickelsen September 24,1881 Vol.2 page 517
Wilhelm Gartmann married Wilhelmine Keysoch September 3,1870 Vol.2 page 74
Wilhelm C. Gartmann married Emilie W. Zimmerman May 20,1880 Vol.2 page 451
Wilhelm L. Gartmann married December 14,1898 Vol.5 page 319
Wilhelmine Gartmann married on July 8,1882 Vol.3 page 28
Wilhelmine F. Gartmann married November 10,1899 Vol.5 page 446

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