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Gartman Church Records
Church Records

South Carolina

The following information was abstracted from the S.C. Historical and Genealogical
 Magazine 1946 Volume 47 pages 195-200.The article was contributed by Paul
 Quattlebaum.The original document is located in the Office of the Historical Commission
 of South Carolina. 

 In 1788 many people from the 'Back Country' of South Carolina filed a petition asking the SC
 Government to allow their Churches to be Incorporated.They asked that the name of their
 various churches be known as The Ecclesiastical Union of the Several German Protestant
 Congregations Dispersed Abroad In the back parts of the State of South Carolina.
 One of the congregations was known as 'The German Lutheran Church of St. Peter on 18
 Mile Creek'.Among the signers of the petition for that Church on January 5,1788 were:
 George Gartman -listed as an elder
 Danl. Gartman and
 Philip Gartman
 Another Congregation was known as 'The German Lutheran Church of Bethel on High Hill
 Creek.The petition for this church was signed on January 4,1788.Among the signers were:
 Johan P. Gartman -(Tom Atkinson has raised the possibility that the P. was a misread X(mark)
                                and I tend to agree.)
 Bartholome X(his mark) Gartman

Frederick August Wallberg was the Minister of the Gospel for both of these churches.

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