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Girtman Cemetary Records
Cemetery Records

Hopewell Cemetery-St.Clair Co.
Susannah D. Pledger(1792-1860)

Nebo Cemetery- Alabama
James Chapel Gartman born March 21, 1856 Died October 1856
Submitted by  Joseph Kery

Fairview Cemetery - Near Cave City, Arkansas
Fairview Cemetary is 5 miles east of Cave City on Hwy. 230, left on Grange Rd. for a little over a mile. Some of the newer ones now are putting the children's names on the back of the stones.
Note: I have left off the Children's names in this lisiting. For more information about this branch of the Girtman Family contact Cathy Landers.

W.P.(William Pleasant)Girtman
His last words:"I'm Happy Now."
     next to
Amanda J. Girtman (wife of W.P.)

William Clinton Girtman (son of McKinley and Alma)
His Last Words:"I am well now."

McKinley Girtman (son of W.P. and Amanda,wife is Alma)

Edward Mack "Lightning" Girtman(son of McKinley and Alma, wife is Wanda)

Larry Mack Girtman (Mack and Wanda's son)

Randal Brent Asberry (son of Kayrene and Sam, McKinley's grandson)

William Orville Girtman (son of W.P. and Amanda)
Sarah Evelyn (Brewer)Girtman(wife of Orville)

(O.C.)Orville Coy Girtman (son of Orville and Evie)
Wife listed: Sibyl Leon (Gay)Girtman (2/25/1926-___)
married 7/21/1945

Eileen Girtman(1st wife and Daughter of Gaylon) Sherry Girtman
3/5/1953-6/28/1981                     1/16/1974-6/28/1981
(died in car wreck, buried together)

Charlie J. Simmons
9/6/1889-10/24/1978(on back, it says 1979)
Amanda Lizzie (Girtman) Simmons (daughter of W.P.)
(Children listed on stone: Olen, Clyde, Leon, Charles Jr., Nova, LouieMae,
Iona, Iola, NinaDell)

Leon Simmons (PFC 361 Inf.91 Div. WWII)

Iona Simmons

Clyde B. Simmons         (wife)   Bertha Fay Simmons
5/13/1918-_____                  2/5/1925-12/1/1992
(Married 6/9/1942)

Charles Simmons Jr.     (Wife:Imogene Watson  11/2/1929-___)
U.S. Army WWII

Joe F. Johnson     (and Wife) Zana Girtman Johnson (W.P.'s daughter)
12/24/1892-11/18/1973          12/5/1894-1/10/1979

Odessa Johnson (daughter of Joe and Zana)

Robert Sam Bacon  (husband of Audie, daughter of W.P.)

John William Lewis (buried between 1st and 2nd wives)
1st wife: Ann Mobley Lewis 2/28/1893-11/30/1919
2nd wife: Celia Francis Girtman Lewis (W.P.'s daughter)

George Dale Girtman ("Infant son of Elda and Pauline")

Clara Ethel Girtman  (Wife of Otto)

Glen D. Girtman (son of Otto)

There may have been others that we did not notice. There are many graves marked by rocks. The old one room church is used once yearly in Aug.

Submitted by  Cathy Landers

Stewart Cemetery-Okaloosa Co.-previously Walton Co.
Sarah Gertman born Aug.16,1814 Died Dec.20,1901.Wife of William Hart
Submitted by  Judi Hamm

 Attapulgus Presbyterian Cemetery
 This is a link to a cemetery file at the Decatur Co. Georiga USGENWEB site.
 C.L. Girtman b.1845 and her husband J.F. Cox b. 1846 are buried there.

 Burnham Cemetery-Macon Co.
This is a link to a cemetery file at the Macon Co.,Georgia USGENWEB site.
Elizabeth Girtman daughter of David and Mary Girtman and wife of William
Burnham is buried there.

 City Cemetery - Hazelhurst, Jeff Davis County

B. L. Girtman Born August 8, 1876 Died September 9, 1900
Henry C. Girtman Born July 28, 1845 Died August 18, 1916
Ivey Roy Girtman Born December 19, 1894 Died April 4, 1955
Ivey Roy Girtman Jr. Born September 1, 1919 Died December 13, 1920
Mary Elizabeth Girtman Born August 14, 1865 Died January 19, 1923
Mims Girtman Died 1963
Sallie A. Girtman (wife of Henry C. Girtman)
      Born July 18, 1848 Died April 19, 1917
Warren Girtman Born January 15, 1856 Died September 9, 1895

 Concord United Methodist Church Cemetery Putnam Co
This is a link to a cemetery file at the Putnam Co., Georgia USGENWEB site.
 Gabriel Harrison Clopton b. 1870 husband of Elizabeth Celine Girtman is
     buried there.
 Hattie Belle Clopton b.1860 wife of William Horner Girtman is buried there.

 Girtman Cemetery-Macon Co.
This is a link to a cemetery file at the Macon Co.,Georgia USGENWEB site.
David and Mary Girtman and possibly children are buried there.

Moseley Cemetery-Montgomery Co. -  Map
Pauline Girtman 1895-1943

 Chapman Cemetery-Goreville -  Map
Alfred Girtman born 1840 Died August 2,1886
Mary Ann Watkins Girtman born 1839 Died May 6,1914

Busby Cemetery-Goreville -  Map
John W. Girtman Born October 4,1867 Died February 8,1947
Emma Humphreys Girtman Born February 9,1873 Died April 2,1945
     (wife of John W.)
Herbert Girtman Born January 18,1893 Died July 21,1972
Daniel Girtman Born April 9,1869 Died May 16,1955
Malinda Thornton Girtman Born March 2,1873 Died January 26,1962
     (wife of Daniel)
Daniel Ward Girtman Born 1901 Died 1909 (son of Daniel and Malinda)
Roy J. Girtman Born August 4,1891 Died July 1972
Daisy Howard Girtman Born 1893 Died 1921 (wife of Roy J.)

  Red Hill Cemetery-Bell Co.Map
   This is a link to the Red Hill Cemetery file at the Bell Co. USGENWEB site.
Ada Girtman Born April 11,1871 Died December 16,1952
     Ada was the wife of William Girtman of Tennessee.

 Pineville Cemetery-Bell Co.
    This is a link to the Pineville Cemetery file at the Bell Co. USGENWEB site.
 Girtman cousins buried there are
 Gladys Girtman b. 1922
 Lillie Girtman b. 1901
 Bolton Girtman Born October 17,1897 Died September 10,1958
 Zinmon Girtman Born 1891 Died 1977

Hiram Stafford Cemetery-Corbin, Livingston Parish
Ellender Jane Gartman Stafford Born November 9,1846 Died October 9,1918
Hiram Feldon Stafford 10 BN 11 Reg. La. Inf. C.S.A.
1837 - 1900 .He was the husband of Ellender Jane.
.Submitted by  Suellen Stafford

 Glover Cemetery-Pine Grove, St. Helena Parish
 This is a link to the Glover Cemetery File at the St. Helena Parish USGENWEB site.
 Ada Girtman b. 1879
 Cordelia Daniels Gartman b. 1856
 Ernestine O. Gartman b. 1884
 Mary Gartman Miller b. 1875
   are buried there.
 The following Cemetery record was Submitted by  Bob Gartman
 who also informed me that other Gartman cousins were buried there.
David A. Gartman Born: 1851 Died: 1947

Salem Cemetery - Livingston Parish   MAP
Salem Cemetery - Section One
Northwest of Livingston, Livingston Parish, Louisiana

John B. Gartman  Juy 30, 1886 - Feb. 15, 1975
Eunice H. Gartman  June 12, 1887 - Apr. 24, 1969
Minnie Inez Gartman Dau of J.B. and E. Gartman  Apr. 1, 1915 - July 13, 1917
Submitted by  Ted Taylor

Steven Stafford Cemetery-Livingston Parish
Angeline Gartman Stafford Born February 11,1849 Died April 28,1890
Feldon W. Stafford is also buried at this cemetery.He was the husband of Angeline Gartman.
Submitted by Janet Gardner

China Grove Methodist Church Cemetery
    Walthall (Old Pike) County
        Organized 1836 Erected 1854 -  Map
         Located abt 8 mi NE of Tylertown,MS close to Magees creek.
         Oldest marker is 1849.
1  Daniel Albert Gartman    b: 9 Aug 1854 in Pike co MS
                                         d: 14 Jul 1931 in Walthall co ,MS
.. +Louisa V  Tory Jones    b: 19 Jul 1857 in Pike co ,MS
                                         d: 13 Jan 1941 in Walthall co  MS
..2  Nora Matilda Gartman  b: 29 Nov 1881 in Walthall co
                                         d: 8 Sep 1973 in Marion co ,MS
.....+Oliver John Ethridge   b: 2 Oct 1886 in Walthall co
                                         d: 28 Nov 1960 in Marion co  MS
... 3  O D Ethridge                b: 19 Feb 1910 in Marion  co  MS
                                         d: 23 Mar 1920 in Marion  co  MS
.2  Alta Jimie Gartman       b: 25 Feb 1890 in Walthall co
                                         d: 4 Jun 1991 in Marion co MS
........3   Golden Zine Deer b: 14 Oct 1914 in Walthal co  MS
                                         d: May 1995 in Marion co MS
................( G Z Deer is my mother. TTT)
.............4  Peggy Ann Deer  b: 1952
                                           d: 1952 d/o Odis Deer  grndau/o Alta Gartman
Geiorge H Gartman   10 May 1903 -- 1 Jan 1908
                 s/o  J W & L F   McAllister Gartman
                                granson/o John A Ellic Gartman  ______
                                ggranson /o George B Gartman
Donna Anna Gartman   9 Mar 1875 -- 1931
                 d/o John A Ellic & Nancy M Toney Gartman
                 grandau/o George B Gartman
* notes
Daniel Albert Gartman is s/o George B & Sarah Holmes Gartman
    Nora & Alta are dau s/o Dan A & LV Jones Gartman
Golden Z Deer is d/o James L & Alta Gartman Deer
Peggy Ann Deer is d/o Odis & Doris Holley Deer
        - Grandau/o James L & Alta Gartman Deer
Submitted by  Ted Taylor

Centerville Cemetery - Walthall Co. -  Map
  Near Lexie community in SW Walthall co,MS
  Located abt 5 mi SW of Tylertown,MS.

J D Deer    25 Dec 1851--23 Jan 1918
     s/o Joseph D & Cynthia Gartman Deer
 * Note
 I ? think Bart & Nellie OQuin Gartman lived in this general area ,
close to Bogue Chitta river.TTT
Submitted by  Ted Taylor

Mike Jones Cemetery
Submitted by  Ted Taylor

several unmarked graves in the Mike Jones Cemetery (Section 7, Township
3, Range 11. Directions shown are(From Tylertown,MS); Go North on
Highway 27 past Salem to a gravel road on left after passing paved road.
Turn up gravel road .3 mile to cemetery (information gathered by Ross
Capps III, Mrs. Irma C. Lampton and Kim Rushing on 6/14/1976)).
Buried there are;
J.R. Jones
Marion H. Jones
Mary Ann Jones - This is Mary Ann Gartman
Milton W. Jones
Robert Lee Jones
Roby Lee Jones
   and at least nine unmarked graves.
Good possibility Bennie Jones is burried here .TTT.

 Oak Lawn Cemetery-McHenry Mississippi
This is a link to a homepage that has this Cemetery listing.
 Bertha E. Gartman b. 1918
 Clarence E. Gartman Jr. b. 1924
 Claude E. Gartman b. 1918
 Cora Lee Gartman b. 1905

 Union Cemetery - Walthall Co. -  Map
Located abt 3mi. N of Tylertown,MS
Donice K Gartman    1939 -- 1939   ?d/o Josiah D & ?  Douglass Gartman
H T Grubbs 1 Oct 1847- 30 Mar 1923 s/o Benj. & Ellen L Nellie Gartman Grubbs
Benj. F Grubbs 1879-1963 s/o H T Grubbs
             grands/o  Benj. & Ellen L Nellie Gartman Grubbs
Submitted by  Ted Taylor

Girtman Family Cemetery-Ripley Co.

Girtman Family Cemetery
(Compiled in 1970 by Mrs. John Garrett, Rover Rt. 2, Box 87, West Plains,
MO  65775, descendant of Eri GIRTMAN.  The "Old GIRTMAN Place" on 142 W
Ponder Rd, about 1/2 mile off 21 South lies back in the woods on the right
side of the road and is hard to locate.  The land is privately owned and
permission is needed to enter.  The Family Cemetery was originally fenced
and remnants are obvious.  Only one marker is left standing.)
Girtman, Luther 4-6-1851 to 3-7-1883; son of Eri and Sarah GIRTMAN
Girtman, Eri  (unmarked per Mrs. Garrett)
Girtman, Nancy; died at age 13, daughter of Eri and Sarah GIRTMAN
     (unmarked per Mrs. Garrett)
Girtman, George; died at age 19, son of Eri and Sarah GIRTMAN
    (unmarked per Mrs. Garrett)
Girtman, Name Unknown (unmarked per Mrs. Garrett)
April Robbins found this cemetery record in a Compilation by Mrs.John Garrett ,a descendant of Eri Girtman.
submitted by  April Robbins

Oak Ridge Cemetery - Ripley Co. -  Map
Gartman Ada E. 1890-1891 Daughter of J. and E.F. Gartman
Gartman Emmanuel 1887-1927
Gartman John 1848-1899

Wilson Cemetery-Ripley Co. -  Map
Annette Jane "Nettie" Gartman Reddin  born 1877 died 1895/6
   daughter of Jasper and Mary J McManus Gartman
Mary Jane McManus Gartman born 1858 died 1888-wife of Jaspar Gartman
   Daughter of James Harmon and Elizabeth Minor McManus
These cemetery records were found by April Robbins in a book by Thelma McManus
 entitled Cemeteries of Ripley Co.,Part 1
submitted by  April Robbins

 Strong City Cemetery-Roger Mills Co.
This is a link to the Roger Mills Co. USGENWEB site.
 Hugh C. Girtman b. 1860 is buried there.

South Carolina

Red Bank Cemetery-Lexington Co.
Henrietta Mariah Gartman(May 1,1847-Aug.24,1913)

St. Johns Lutheran Church-Lake Murray
Elizabeth Gartman(abt Aug.1782-1837)

 Bright Star/McBride Cemetery-Van Zandt Co.
   This is a link to the Van Zandt Co. USGENWEB site.
      Gartmans buried at this cemetery are:
 Estelle b. 1920
 Frank Jr. b. 1917
 Nathan A. b. 1888
 Susie A. b. 1889

 Goldthwaite Memorial Cemetery - Mills Co.
G.W. Gartman   Sep. 11, 1860   Dec. 15, 1910
Susan Francis Gartman   May 10, 1866   July 12, 1954
     (This is George W. Gartman and his wife Susan.
     George was the son of Thomas B.and Cordelia Barnes/ett)
Eva Gartman    Mar. 30, 1882   Dec. 15, 1920
     (this is the daughter of  George and Susan)
Portice R. Gartman  son of Mr. and Mrs. Geo Gartman   1920-1921
     (this must be the son of George JR.)
Lewis J. Gartman    1884-1944  (son of George W. and Susan)
Infant son of G.W. Gartman  (no dates on the stone)
Submitted by Jill G. Lewis

 Pontotoc Cemetery-Mason Co.
John Millage Gartman Born September 6,1820 Died May 26,1887
Submitted by Janet Gardner

 Sharp Cemetery - Bell Co. Submitted by Jill G. Lewis
    Sharp Cemetery is off of State Hwy. 195 in Bell Co.  I don't know if
    there still is or not, but there used to be a cemetery cleanup/ reunion
    every May that a lot of Gartmans went to.

Emma M. Gartman  May 20, 1895   Feb. 21, 1978
James C. Gartman  Dec. 27, 1885   Mar. 31, 1952
      (these are husband and wife) (James C. was the son of
      Thos. B.and Mary Frances Sowell Gartman)

Mary F.Gartman  June 3, 1861   Nov. 27, 1941
Ben F. Sowel   Mar 17, 1848    Dec. 28, 1937
     This is one double headstone.  Mary F. was Thomas B.'s wife.  Ben F.
     Sowell was her brother.  He married Julia Cynthia Gartman and had
     several children before they divorced June 28, 1901 in Cherokee Co. TX.
     Ben was living with Charley Gartman when he died.

Willie Gartman   1903-1937   (son of John Wesley and Alcy Gartman)
Mother Gartman     1880-1926   (Alcy Very Rhodes Gartman)
Father Gartman      1881-1951   (John Wesley Gartman)

Tom Cosper    Oct. 8, 1869   Nov. 10, 1956
Ella Cosper     Sept. 15, 1883   May 6, 1965
     This is a double headstone. Ella was the daughter of Thomas B.
     and Mary Frances Sowell Gartman.

Shu S. Law   Feb. 17, 1906   Mar. 3, 1983
Alta C. Law   Nov. 24, 1911   Mar. 10, 1988
     This is a double headstone.
     Alta was the daughter of Ella Gartman and Tom Cosper.

 Taylor Family Cemetery - Nordheim, DeWitt Co.
 Gertman David Born 1795 Died 1868
     David's Tombstone says 'Our Father'.

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