Biography of David A. Gartman
David A. Gartman

Submitted by  Michael E. Shotwell

DAVID A. GARTMAN was born about 1812.  He is said to have been born in what
became old Pike (now Walthall) County before Mississippi became a state.
He was the son of Bartholemew & Elender "Nellie" (O'Quinn) Gartman,
formerly of North Carolina.  He was married to Elizabeth "Betsey" Holmes,
also of old Pike County, Mississippi and the daughter of Elisha Holmes, Jr.
& Mary (Roberts) Holmes.

Both David A. "Dave" Gartman and his wife Elizabeth "Betsey" were received
by letter into Magee's Creek Baptist Church (old Pike County, Miss.) in 1858.

Mississippi was invaded by Federal forces in the Spring of 1862.  Biloxi
was raided and ravished; Farragult came up the Mississippi River and
attacked Vicksburg and the Battle of Shiloh (Tenn.) opened up North
Mississippi to further Federal invasion.   Betsey (Holmes) Gartman's
cousin, William Holmes, was killed at Shiloh along with many others.  Little
recourse was left Southerners but to defend their state and homes from the
Federal invasion and onslaught which the United States Congress never
sanctioned or authorized.

David A. Gartman enlisted on April 26th, 1862 at Holmesville, Mississippi
(in old Pike County) for 3 years service under Lieut. Colonel Preston Brent
on the day the 38th Mississippi Regiment was organized.  David A. Gartman
served as a private in Company K in the 38th Regiment (Cavalry) of
Mississippi Volunteers.  He died in service to his country and state on or
about November 15th, 1862.

Submitted by M.E. Shotwell