Compiled by Maria (Ree) Pratt Hopper -

February 1999/Rev. July 2006

Note: This is a handout I use at talks given in New Jersey and New York and was intended for use by local researchers. Many of the sources mentioned are also available though the Family History Library of the Church of Latter Day Saints, or at major Genealogical Libraries.

The greatest repository of information on Bergen County families can be found at Bergen County Historical Society's Library Collection, currently at Felician College Library, 252 South Main St., Lodi, NJ. Check their website for hours when the library is open. Bergen County Historical Society -
















New Jersey Vital Records: New Jersey State Archives, State Library Building, 225 West State St., CN 307, Trenton NJ 08625.(Parking usually availabe in War Memorial Parking Lot, next to Capital Parking Garage)

Colonial Marriage Bonds 1711-1795 - bond affirming no "Impediment of Preconract, Affinity or Consangunity to hinder their being joined in the Holy Band of Matrimony." Only a minority of all marriages posted bonds. People who acquired these bonds were either getting remarried after the death of a prior spouse, or related like cousins, or had the same last name. These bonds were abstracted by Nelson*.
but the original bond, includes the signature of those posting the bond, usually the groom and another relative, and the marital state of the couple.

Births, Marriages and Deaths - from 1 May 1848 to 31 Apr 1878 NJA staff will check and send a copy for a small fee. (Also available on microfilm from Family History Library of the Latter Day Saints Church.) Not all marriages and deaths, and especially not all births were recorded.

Birth records from May 1, 1878 to 1923, and marriages and deaths records from May 1, 1878 to 1940 Also available at NJ Archives are microfilm copies of these records. "Although open to the public, these records cannot be searched by the staff in response to mail inquiries." If you make the trip toTrenton you may search them yourself, or you may hire a researcher to search them for you.
Records from May 1 1878 to the present, are also available from New Jersey State Registrar - Search Unit,CN360, Trenton, NJ 08625. Records may be obtained from them for a fee. (Copies will not contain cause of death.)

See - Guide to Family History Sources in the New Jersey Archives, (1990) compiled by Bette Marie Baker, Daniel P. Jones, and Karl H. Niederer

Local Vital Records:
Local municipalities may also have birth, marriage, and death certificates, most only for the twentieth century, though Washington Twp. has a copy of the 1848-1878 ledger. Check with local registrars. (Copies from local registrars will not contain cause of death.)

Published Records:
*New Jersey Marriages 1665-1800 compiled by William Nelson (Reprinted in 1967 by GPC) Originally published as New Jersey Archives, 1st series Vol. 22.

Bergen County New Jersey Marriage Records [ca. 1796-1878], compiled by Frances Westervelt in 1929
Index compiled in 1933 by Nicholas Blauvelt. Reprinted together in 1996 by Bergen Historic Books. Caution: Some libraries have the index shelved in a separate place from the Records.

"Vital Records of Township for Washington, Bergen Co., NJ 07675-3853" Births: 1851-1878; Marriages: 1848-1878; Deaths: 1850-1878; DAR Series 2 Volume 15, copied by Mrs. Basil Lo Presti, Polly Wyckoff Chapter, National Society Daughters American Revolution


IMPORTANT- Many Bergen County legal records were filed in Trenton - Not all Bergen County records were filed in Trenton, and not all Bergen County Records were filed in Bergen County. Check Both Sources!

Probate Records:

The New Jersey Archives maintains original copies of all NJ wills and inventories filed prior to 1952. Youmay send to the New Jersey State Archives for original copies of wills, inventoies and proofs, (prior to 1817 copies will be made from microfilm); the current fee is $5.00 up to 10 pages.)

Wills and Inventories from 1952 to the present wills are filed with the Clerk of the Superior Court, Hughes Justice complex, CN 971 Trenton, NJ 08625;

County Surrogates' Offices - Copies of all wills and inventories since 1804 have also been recorded in the county surrogates' offices. These are transcribed copies, not photocopies. However, all other probate papers (releases, bonds, applications etc.) are held by the surrogates.

Family History Library - the LDS has microfilm all wills up to 1817.

Two Published Indexes:
Index of Wills, Inventories etc ... Prior to 1901; 3 vols. published in 1912 by the NJ Secretary of State. reprinted as New Jersey Index of Wills. by Genealogical Publishing Co. (hereafter GPC) 1969 ; Arranged by County and and the alphabetically by testor. Bergen County is in Vol.1.

Index to New Jersey Wills 1689-1817, the Testors, by Lee Smeal and Ronald Vern Jackson Accelerated Indexing Systems 1979. Entire state - alphabetically by testor.

Published Abstracts:
"Calendar of New Jersey Wills" the New Jersey Archives, first series, vols. 23, 30, 32-42 [1664-1817], Trenton, NJ 1901-1949. Abstracts of all wills filed in NJ; indexed by names of testors, heirs, witnesses and administrators as well as a place names index.

Bergen Co. Surrogates Search Room (Second floor of Administration Building) Bergen County Administration Building, 10 Main St. (corner of Hudson and Main St.) next to the County Court House (domed building).

Index to Docket Book; -1783 to present -an index to all persons whose estate were probated whetheror not they left a will, and all persons for whom a guardian were appointed. The index is not strictly alphabetical and may also have separate family pages.
Docket Books:- On microfilm (#*!!+&*) locate the case number and the book and page number for various probate record books. All except Docket Index are on microfilm or fiche. Book record are copies not not originals. Case files may contain original records. Note: The microfilming of the Docket books was terrible: Many page numbers have been cut off - consult the clerk and ask to see the originals.
Wills: beginning in 1783 (Original Wills and those prior to 1804 filed at Trenton)-
Inventories - beginning in 1804 (Original Inventories and those prior to 1804 filed at Trenton)
Administration of Estates -
Application for Letters of Administration - Beginning in Oct 1886
Application for Probate of Wills - beginning in September 1878
Releases - beginning in 1814
Account of Executors - beginning in 1870
Other Books you might be referred to - Bonds, Decrees Barring Creditors,
Renunciation and Notification, and the Orphans Court Records

They may have other original probate records, such as original bonds, accountings, and releases found in the individual case files which can not be found in Trenton.

Orphans Court Records:

All guardianships of orphans, mentally handicapped, senile etc.were indexed under the person for whom a guardianship was being established in the Surrogate's Docket Index. (Some Guardianships prior to and/or after 1804 were filed or also filed at Trenton.) Very Important Sources - for final distribution and or division of real and personal estate of decedent, even if only one heir was a minor. Often called -The Book of Last Resort - if you can't find it - check the Orphans Court Records !

Land Records (County Clerk's Searching Vault - first floor One Bergen Plaza, Hackensack, NJ 07601 telephone @201-336- 7000

Deeds - 1714 to present; Each deed is indexed by grantor (seller) and grantee (buyer). In addition to regular land transaction their might be:
A quit claim record - from the widow, or other relatives releasing their right to the land to others
A series of $1.00 deeds in which heirs divided an estate.
A deed written many years before that was recorded later, when the land was sold by the family.
A deed for the sale of human property (slaves).
A deed for a family cemetery

Other Locations of Recorded and Unrecorded Deeds:
New Jersey State Library Bureau of Archives and History Trenton -
(All land records prior to 1800, and a few later ones as well.)
East Jersey Proprietors 1702-1776
Bergen County Office of Historic and Cultural Affairs - fourth floor of One Bergen
Plaza, Hackensack, NJ

Bergen County Historical Society's Manuscript and Miscellaneous Files.- Felician College Library - 262 South Main St., Lodi, NJ
Budke Collection - at NY Public Library, NYC; (microfilmed) especially good for Indian Deeds
Private Collections
Published Abstracts of Deeds
Bergen County, New Jersey, Deed Records, 1689-1801 abstracted by John David Davis; Heritage Books, Inc. 1995 - Abstracts of Deed books - by Pat Wardell, posted to the Bergen County Genealogy Mailing List.

Maps - County Clerks Searching Vault at One Bergen County . Maps are indexed.
Road Returns - Ask in Clerk's Office
Mortgages - located in same room with deeds
Indexed by mortgagor (borrower) from 1766 and
Indexed by mortgagee (lender).from 1937
Chattel mortgages - indexed from 1941 on in a separate index, but prior to that included in the mortgagor index

Other Records at One Bergen Plaza:

Naturalization Records -
County Clerk's Office - by mail request only
Divorce Records - County Clerk's Office - recent only

Office of Cultural and Historic Affairs - a large quantity of miscellaneous records is located on the fourth floor of One Bergen Plaza.



Major Collections for Bergen Co. Families located at:
Genealogical Society of New Jersey Bible Collection located at DAR Library in Washington DC and in the
Special Collections and Archives, Alexander Library, Rutgers University, New Brunswick, NJ
DAR New Jersey Bibles - located at DAR Library in Washington DC a copy of which is also at the
Alexander Library, Rutgers University.
Bergen County Historical Society's Collection - currently in storage, planning on relocating in 2000.
Genealogical Society of Bergen County Collection - currently located in the Ridgewood Public Library, 280 Godwin Ave., Ridgewood, NJ.
Paramus Historical and Preservation Society - located in School House Museum, next to the Old Paramus Church, off Route. 17 in Ridgewood, NJ.

Genealogical Magazine of New Jersey (1925-date) - has published many Bible records over the years. Many of which were republished in Genealogies of New Jersey Families Vol I., Vol II, (1996), from The Genealogical Magazine of New Jersey


Johnson Free Public Library: 274 Main St., Hackensack, on microfilm in Periodicals Room. (Librarian will look up an obit for $4.00 however you must have an exact date, and live out of the area.)

Bergen Co. Journal - 6 Mar 1858-28 Apr 1860
Bergen County Democrat - 27 Dec 1861 - 26 Dec 1919
NJ Citizen - 18 May 1871-12 May 1874
NJ Republican - 31 Apr 1873-2 Apr 1874
Bergen Index - 12 Nov 1878 to 30 Dec 1895
Hackensack Republican - 12 Sep 1873 - 29 Dec 1938
Bergen Evening Record (which became The Record) -1 Jan 1901 - date
Bergen News - 6 Feb 1912 - 31 Mar 1914
Ridgewood Library 125 N. Maple Ave.,Ridgewood, NJ - the Ridgewood Herald (now Ridgewood News)
- copies from 1901 (incomplete) and from 1911 complete;
Westwood Library, 49 Park Ave., Westwood, NJ The Westwood News from 1928-1972.
Paterson Public Library - has a collection of Paterson Papers which often have obituary and marriage
notices for Bergen Co. families
Check with Municipal Librarians or the State Library in Trenton for other newspapers.

Published Newspaper Abstracts
Bergen County, NJ Marriage Notices 1858-1892; alphabetical list of marriages from the Bergen Index
Bergen Co. Journal and New Jersey Citizen; alphabetized by bride and groom. Bergen Historic Books
(hereafter BHB) 1997

New Jersey Marriage Notices 1830-1871; abstracted by Ray c. Sawyer (1933); Notices from The
Christian Intelligencer (the official newspaper of the Reformed Dutch Church) 2 Vols. Indexed; reprinted
1998 BHB

See: Directory of New Jersey Newspapers 1765-1970 by William C, Wright and Paul A. Stellhorn (1977)
NJ Historical Commission


Ackerman Memorandum Containing a brief sketch of all Birth Marriages, Deaths Remarkable Events etc.(1836-
1841, also some entries for 1861 and 1866) by Charity Ackerman (Mrs. Henry Achenbach) published in typescript.
n.d. Serialized as "Charity Ackerman's Memorandum," in The Archivist, newsletter of the GSBC Nov 1994-Aug

Martha Ann Zabriskie's Memorandum Book (commonly called Martha Ann Zabriskie's Diary) (1829-1849) by
Martha Ann Zabriskie and Adaline Zabriskie, privately; reprinted. Reprinted in "The Archivist," newsletter of
GSBC begin May 1990 -Aug 1994 [Martha d. 19 Dec 1838 of consumption and the diary was continued by her
sister Adeline, who m. George Esler.]

Maria Ferdon Journals - owned by Bergen Co. Historical Society. some excerpts appeared in The Bergen Attic,
newsletter of the BCHS

Elizabeth (Lizzie) Ann Campbell's Diary 1865-1890 -abstracted by Alphra Hatch; See upcoming Archivist


*Many of the churches listed are not now, in Bergen County. Residents went to the nearest church often in what is now Passaic Co., NJ, or Rockland Co., NY, or even into NYC. In addition pastors often had more than one church and ceremonies performed in Bergen Co. sometimes were recorded in other churches.

*Acquackanonck. RDCh. Kelly, Arthur C.M. (1992), Vital Records of the Protestant Reformed Church of
Acquackanonck (Passaic, NJ), 1727-1816,
including some births 1692-1726; and Acquackanonck Reformed Church Graveyard. 1992 by Kinship (Previous published 1977 Holland Society); Published also as Old Acquackanonck Church Records as printed in "The Church Tablet" monthly newsletters of the Old First Church of Passaic, NJ (1895-1911) which
has records from baptisms (1727 to 1895), (including some births 1692-1726), and marriage(1725-1895) [Use for records after 1816.] Records of bap. mar. and deaths from 1895-1911 are reported in the newsletter but are not indexed. An index for Vol. 2-16 is at NYG & B Library 1908, 1922-1927).

*Airmont Lutheran Airmont Lutheran Church Records (Church succeeded the nearby Ramapo Luth. Ch., Mahwah) Records 1872-1938, including the informal record book of Rev. Ephraim DeYoe, 1856-1896; Indexed by Marie S. Koestler and proofread by Ethel Konight Kolenut (1995); privately printed.

*Bergen.RDCh. Bergen NJ Reformed Dutch Church 1666-1788, (reprinted 1976 from Holland Society Collection
(Jersey City) GPC. Printed originally in the Holland Society of New York Yearbooks 1913 (baptisms), 1914 (marriages), and 1915 (deaths and membership lists) as "Bergen Records: Records of the Reformed Protestant Dutch Church of Bergen in New Jersey, 1666 to 1788 " by Dingman Versteeg and Thomas E. Vermilye Jr. with contributions by Nicholas G. Vreeland, et. al.

Budke Cemetery Rec. Tombstone Inscriptions of Bergen Co. N.J. and Rockland Co., N. Y. by George H. Budke Vols. 1-4, 6-9

*Clarkstown.RDCh "Clarkstown RDCh. baptisms 1749-1794," printed in Appendix of History of Rockland County,
New York,
Rev. David Cole, 1884 (reprinted with index compiled by Historians Roundtable of Rockland Co. and published by The Historical Society of Rockland Co., New City NY in 1986
*Clarkstown.RDCh. II Blauvelt, Nicholas G., "Clarkstown NY Reformed Dutch Church Baptisms 1795-1921" typescript [1750-1900 copied by George H. Budke 1917 Rare Books Manuscripts, NY Public Library NYC.]
*Clarkstown.RDCh. "Betrothals and Marriages, Dutch Ref. Church, Tappan, Rockland Co., N.Y" 1699-1824 translated Marriages from the Dutch by Rev. David Cole published in The New York Genealogical and Biographical Record Vol. 84-86, 98 Also The Marriage Records of the Reformed Dutch Churches of Tappan and
Clarkstown NY 1694- 1831 (19
09)(Originally translated by Rev. David Cole) compiled and
arranged alphabetically by Walter Kenneth Griffin ed.

*Clarkstown.Tr.RCh. Burman, Joan M. com.(1981), Genealogical Information from the Lost Ledger of the True Dutch Reformed Church of Clarkstown;. Monroe NY Library Research Associates

English Neighborhood Reformed Church - Marriages 1809-1877 See Berge n County Marriages pp.13-25; Baptisms 1809-1888 in Bergen Co. Church Records Vol. I copied be Marion Lo Presti; Cem Records - Cemetery Budke Vol. I #7155-7561 (portion of cemetery records.)

*Fairfield RDCh "Gansegat (Fairfield) Reformed Dutch Church Baptisms" in The Genealogical Magazine of New
Jersey, Vol V
I, #1 Jul 1930 p.7; Marriages - Records of marriages and a few baptism 1822-1877 by Joseph Wilson. [He served at Fairfield RDCh., Essex Co. 1838-1844]; Manuscript Holland Society FHL film #1019522

*Greenwich.RDCh. Dutch Reformed Church, Greenwich Village, NYC, NY; Marriages 1808-1859; Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints computer printout (1977) Many Bergen county families found in these records.

Hackensack.RDCh. I or 1st Hackensack.Ref. Records of the Reformed Dutch Church of Hackensack and Schraalenburgh, New Jersey, Published as Vol I, Part I, of Collections of the Holland Society of New York (1891) [Records 1686- 1801] Hackensack RDCh. II First Hackensack Reformed Church 1801-1886. (1943) by Herbert Stewart Ackerman and Arthur J. Goff, (privately printed) Reprinted 1996 BHB

Hackensack True. "Hackensack True Reformed Church Baptisms" Zabriskie microfilm - FHL microfilms #1421,754-69; #1421,770-8 for Marriages see Bergen County Reformed Church Marriages pp.18-25

*Kakiat RDCh Records of the Reformed Dutch Church at Kakiat [1774-1864], by Rev. David D. Cole, (reprinted
Baltimore, Genealogical Pub. Co., 1978); a.k.a. Records of the Reformed Dutch Church of West New Hempstead, Rockland Co.NY Commonly called the Brick Church (Budke Collection BC-64] These records also contain the marriage records of Rev George Brinkerhoff (1793-1808) and Rev. James D. Demarest (1809-864) who married many couples in Bergen and Rockland Counties.

4 Methodist Ch. Records of Four Methodist Churches in Northern New Jersey [New Prospect Methodist
Episcopal Church of Waldwick (1797-1870), Cross St. Methodist Ch. of Paterson (1862-
1903),Prospect St. Methodist Episcopal Ch. Prospect St. Station, Paterson, NJ (1845-1901) and
Market Street Methodist Episcopal Church (1860 1877)
Ackerman and Arthur J Goff (1948)

New Prospect. New Prospect Methodist Episcopal Church, also known as Paramus Methodist Episcopal Church., Methodist Episcopal Church. of Franklin Twp., Bergen Co., and now known as the Waldwick United Methodist Church, 25 Franklin Turnpike, Waldwick,NJ. "Waldwick United Methodist Church Marriage sand Baptisms, 1797-1847" compiled by Kenn Stryker Rodda,in Genealogical Magazine of New Jersey Vol. 64
pp.51-58, 99-106 Vol. 65 pp.25-28 (1989-1990) See also - 4 Methodist Churches above

*New Hempstead Pres. Records of the New Hempstead Presbyterian Church 1754-1892. Known locally as the English
Church Rockland Co. NY., copied by George H. Budke 1919.

North Schraalenburgh North Schraalenburgh Reformed Dutch Church (North Church) Dumont, NJ 1802-1880 North
RDCh, Schraalenburgh Dutch Reformed Church at Dumont, NJ copied by Isaac N. Philhowert and Louis
L. Blauvelt and copied by Mrs. Howard B. Britt and Miss Elaine Britt Jan 1940 (copies at PCHS
and BCHS) also N. Schraalenburgh Reformed Dutch Church Second Book , Association of Blauvelt
Descendants Blauvelt, Louis L. Blauvelt, "Death Records of the North Schraalenburgh (Dumont)
Reformed Dutch Church" GMNJ Vol. 27: beginning p. 27; Zabriskie, George Olin "Annotations
for the North Schraalenburgh Church Death Records of 1783-1824" GMNJ Vol. 34: beginning
p. 19

NY Cem. NY Cemetery Records. [now Maple Grove Cemetery, 583 Hudson St. Hackensack, NJ] ; copied
and checked by Herbert S.,Ackerman, and Arthur J Goff, privately printed 1945

NY/NJ Cem. New York and New Jersey Cemeteries,. copied and checked by Herbert S.Ackerman, and
Arthur J. Goff, privately printed (1947) Twenty-one small cemeteries. Reprinted in 1996 BHB

NY Lutheran "Lutheran Church Records" found in Holland Society Yearbook 1903 [Early records of pastors
who visited Bergen and Rockland Counties to marry and baptize.]

*NY RDCh. I Baptism from 1639 to 1730 in the Reformed Dutch Church of N.Y [City]. (1901) Collection of the
N.Y. Genealogical and Biographical Society Vol. 2, (Baptisms Vol. I.)(Reprinted The Greg
Press, Upper Saddle River, NJ 1968)
*NY RDCh. II Baptism from 1731 to 1800 in the Reformed Dutch Church of N.Y. [City]. (1902) Collection of
the N.Y. Genealogical and Biographical Society Vol. 3, (Baptisms Vol. II.) (Reprinted as above.)
*NY RDCh. Bur. Burial Register of the Reformed Dutch Church in the City of New York ; New York Genealogical
and Biographical Society Manuscript Collection
*NY RDCh. Mar. Marriages from 1639 to 1801 in the Reformed Dutch Church, New York. Collection of
the N. Y. Genealogical and Biographical Society Vol. 1, 1890
*NY RDCh. Mar. II "Marriages of Reformed Dutch Church of New York City 1801-1866" The New York
Genealogical and Biographical Record
, beginning Vol. 70, p.35
*NY RDCh. Mem. "The Book of Members or Register of the Members here since the year 1694," originally published The New York Genealogical and Biographical Record Vol. 9 p. 38 et. seq.Also publish in The
New York Genealogical and Biographical Record 61 and 62

*NY True R.Ch. True Reformed Church of New York City 1823-1831, typed by J. D. Quackenbush Jr, in 1970
from photo copies made of the Church Records by Rutgers University #Ac 2447

Paramus Plains Cem. see Paramus True Reformed Church.

Paramus RDCh. Paramus Bergen County, New Jersey Reformed Dutch Church Baptisms 1740-1850, by Howard
S. F. Randolph and Russel Bruce Rankin (1935) Somerville, NJ.: Somerset Press, Reprinted 1992
Paramus RDCh. II Paramus Reformed Dutch Church Records Marriage 1799-1900, Baptisms 1851-1900; copied
and checked by Herbert S. Ackerman, and Arthur J. Goff, privately printed, (1944)

Paramus True RCh.
Records of True Reformed Church at Paramus, Members 1823-1899 Marriages 1856-1892;Bap. 1823-1897; Cemetery inscriptions, 1830-1938 copied and checked by Herbert S. Ackerman and
Arthur J. Goff, privately printed, (1945); Cemetery inscriptions, 1830-1938 also Budke Cem.
beginning #5737- which located cem. at corner of S.Pleasant and E. Ridgewood Ave. in
Ridgewood; Cem. also called Paramus Plains Cem. was destroyed in 1948 and most of graves
were move to George Washington Memorial Park. See "Burials in the Paramus Plains
Cemetery," published periodically in The Archivist beginning May 1992 Vol. XIX #2 p.6

*Passaic Co. Cem. I Passaic Co. Cemetery Book I - "Passaic First Reformed Church Cemetery Records (Original
Acquackanonck D/R/Church)
copied by Mattie M. Bowman about 1939 from the Records In the
Passaic County Clerk's Office Passaic Co. Court House, Paterson NJ" Property of Pas.Co.
Historical Society) [Note the dates on these records are not always accurate, but it does list
relationships not in the Ackerman Goff Cemetery Records]

*Preeakness.RDCh. Preakness and the Preakness Reformed Church, Passaic Co. N.J. A History 1695-1902, by
Wayne, Passaic Co. George Warne Labaw, (1902) Board of Publishers of the Reformed Church in America

Pascack.RDCh. Records of the Dutch Reformed Church of Pascack (Park Ridge), New Jersey, Vol. I and II,
Park Ridge, NJ
copied and compiled by Howard I. Durie, Woodcliff Lake, NJ 1943 Bap. 1814-1856; Book I was
also published in The American Genealogist beginning Vol.47 (1971) p.176 alsoPascack Reformed Church and Cemetery Records, Park Ridge, NJ. copied and checked by Herbert S. Ackerman and Arthur J. Goff, privately printed, 1946 Pascack Reformed Dutch Church Cemetery also partially copied by Budke#7562-7793 Park Ridge Cemetery (south of church) #7794-8066

Ramapo LCh. and Records of Ramapo Reformed Church at Mahwah, N. J. (includes gravestones) and Records of Ramapo RDCh Ramapo Lutheran Church at Mahwah, N. J. (includes gravestones) copied and checked by Herbert S. Ackerman and Arthur J. Goff privately printed 1944; Also "Ramapo Lutheran Church Records 1750-1817," published in Proceedings of the New Jersey Historical Society, Vol III, #2 (1913) p. 75 etc. Also as "Ramapo Evangelical Lutheran Baptismal Record 1750-1770," copied and presented by J. Hosey Osborn who has in his possession original register in Dutch 1750-1770 Copied 1917 by Budke (Budke #49) Note Ramapo Lutheran Church was succeeded by the Airmont Lutheran Church.

Ramapo TRDCh Records of the True Dutch Reformed Congregation of Ramapough, Bergen Co., NJ. 1824, later
First Presbyterian Church of Ramsey, 15 Shuart Lane, Ramsey, NJ typescript (copy at Passaic Co. Historical Society.)

*2nd RDCh.Pat. Second Reformed Church of Paterson The Pastor and the Church or Rev. John H. Duryea D.D.
and The Second Reformed Church at Paterson
, by Rev.Theo. W. Welles D.D.; NY Reformed
Church of America, 1896 Baptisms 1828-1882, Marriages 1828-1896

Schraalenburgh. RDCh. Records of the Reformed Dutch Church of Hackensack and Schraalenburgh, New Jersey; Published as Vol. I, Part II, of Collections of the Holland Society of New York, (1891).[Records

Schraaalenburgh RDCh. II Schraalenburgh RDCh. Records Baptisms 1800-1912; Marriages 1803-1910 copied by Louis Blauvelt.;Association of Blauvelt Descendants Records (n.d.)

Saddle River.Methodist Episcopal Church. 1855-65
(microfilm at New City Library, New City, NY)

Saddle River.RDCh. Records of Saddle River Reformed Dutch Church, Upper Saddle River, NJ 1812-1924 copied and checked by Herbert S. Ackerman and Arthur J. Goff, (privately printed, 1944)

Saddle River.LCh. Records of Zion Lutheran Churches at Saddle River and Ramapo, N. J. second ed. (1821-1907)
(includes gravestone inscriptions from church in Saddle River), copied and checked by Herbert Stewart Ackerman and Arthur J. Goff, (privately printed, 1943)

*Tappan RDCh "Baptisms at Tappan Including irregular congregation and baptisms at Clarkstown, New York,
1749 -1794"
printed in Appendix of History of Rockland County, New York, by Rev. David Cole,1884 (reprinted with index compiled by Historians Roundtable of Rockland Co. and published byThe Historical Society of Rockland Co., New City NY in 1986. "Betrothals and Marriages, Dutch Ref. Church, Tappan, Rockland Co., N.Y" 1699-1824 translated from the Dutch by Rev. David Cole published in The New York Genealogical and Biographical Record (The New YorkGenealogical and Biographical Society) Vol. 84-86, 98 Also The Marriage Records of theReformed Dutch Churches of Tappan and Clarkstown, NY 1694- 1831 (1909)(Originally translated by Rev. David Cole) compiled and arranged alphabetically by Walter Kenneth Griffin ed.)

Tappan RDCh.II Second Book of Records of Tappan Church, Marriages 1851-1905, Baptisms 1816-1932,
Nicholas G. Blauvelt (manuscript) 1937

Thirty -Seven Cemeteries in New Jersey. copied and checked by Herbert S. Ackerman and ArthurJ. Goff, privately printed, (1946) Reprinted in 1996 by BHB.

*Totowa RDCh. Totowa RDCh. Baptisms 1756-1808 printed in History of the Old Dutch Church at Totowa, by
William Nelson (1892) Reprinted 1996.

Valleau Cemetery Valleau Cemetery Records. Ridgewood, NJ copied and checked by Herbert Stewart Ackerman and
Arthur J. Goff, (privately printed, 1944) Reprinted 1998 BHB

Waldwick Meth. Ch. See New Prospect Methodist Episcopal Church.

*West Milford Pres. List of Members and Baptismal Records found in the Session Book of Minutes of the West
Milford Presbyterian Church (formerly called Long Pond and New Milford) 1819-1884,
by George P. Kent (1964)

Wyckoff RDCh. Records of Wyckoff Reformed Protestant Dutch Church.; Including Gravestone Inscriptions
from the Churchyard) (1864-1925) copied and checked by Herbert Stewart Ackerman and Arthur
J. Goff, (privately printed 1945)

Note: Many other church records, too numerous to mention, have been copied and are stored in the Bergen County Historical Society's collection, Many of them were copied for the DAR by Marion LoPresti. and are in Bergen County Church Records Vol. I and II, available were DAR books are deposited.

The Genealogical Magazine of New Jersey and the New York Genealogical and Biographical Record have also
published church and cemetery records.

Also Check Clayton's History of Bergen and Passaic Counties (1882) for history of churches under
township histories, which will indicate what year each local church was founded.


All Bergen county census records (federal and state) are on microfilm at the Johnson Library in Hackensack, they are also available trough the Family History Library, and federal censuses are at the local branch of the National Archives. The Morristown Libary has all state and federal census records for te entire state.

Federal Census Records: for New jersey are available for 1830, 1840, 1850, 1860, 1870, 1880, 1890 (destroyed by fire only special census of Civil War veterans and their widows is available, and parts of Jersey City, Hudson Co.) 1900, 1910, and 1920. From 1830-1860 have been indexed by Accelerated Indexing. 1880 was indexed by Soundex only for families who had a child under age 10. 1920 was indexed by Soundex for heads of households and all individuals within the household with different surnames.

State Census Records: 1855 (incomplete), 1865 (incomplete), 1885 (complete), 1895 (complete), 1905 (complete); 1915 (complete). At the present time none are indexed.


Many Genealogies have been published about Bergen County Families including the Ackerman, Alyea, Banta, Bertholf, Brinkerhoff, Christie, Cole, DeBaun, Doremus, Earle, Kip, Provost, Quackenbush, Rywerson, Smith (Smidt), Tice, Van Brunt, Van Buskirk, Van Deusen, Van Horn, (Van) Voorhees, Van Winkle, Vreeland, Westervelt, Wyckoff, and other families.
I would like to point out several - which can be most helpful to Bergen County researchers, because of their excellent research and or because they trace the female lines as well as the male lines.:

The Ackerson/Eckerson Family in America, First Six Generations by Ethel Konight Kolenut, the Association of Ackerson/Eckerson Descendants Inc.

The Blauvelt Genealogy.(1956) by Louis Blauvelt, Louis L. (1956), The Association of Blauvelt Descendants.
The Blauvelt Family Genealogy Revised Edition Vol. I.(1987) by Dorothy A. Moos, The Association of Blauvelt Descendants. (A separate typescript addenda should be consulted as the book has many typographical errors.) and The Blauvelt Family Genealogy Revised Edition Vol. II (1994), The Seventh Generation of the Descendants of Gerrit Hendricksen (Blauvelt) - 1620 Including a Supplement to the First Six Generations.

The Demarest Family 2 vols. (1964) plus supplement by Voorhis Demarest
The Demarest Family (1938) plus three supplements by Mary A. and William H. S. Demarest

The Durie Family: Jean Durier of the Huguenot Colony in Bergen County, New Jersey (1985) by Howard I. Durie

The Voorhees Family in America; The First Six Generations (2000) compiled and ed. by Florence Christoff and published by The
Van Voorhees Association

The Zabriskie Family by George Olin. Zabriskie(1963)

Caution: From 1946-1955 Herbert S. Ackerman compiled separate genealogies on the Ackerman, Bogert, Haring, Hopper, Romeyn, Tallman, Terhune and Van Houten families. These books should be used with extreme caution.,
as they contain many inaccuracies.


(Genealogies printed as part of magazines or journals and not as separate volumes.)

Genealogies of New Jersey Families; from the Genealogical Magazine of New Jersey. (1996) A compilation of genealogies and family records published in the magazine since 1925 -hereafter GNJF

DE CLARK - Zabriskie, George Olin, (1965-66), "Daniel De Clark (de 'Klerk) of Tappan and His Descendants"
The New York Genealogical and Biographical Record hereafter NYGB 96:194-217, 97:29-34

HOPPER - Zabriskie, George Olin. (1969-1971), "Geertje Hendricks Mother of the Hopper and Van Dien Families" GNJF,.pp. 264-346

VAN BLARCOM - Zabriskie, George Olin. (1968-1971), " The Van Blarcom Family of New Jersey" NYGB Vol. 99:141-150, 213-217; Vol. 100:39-46, 68-76, 147-152, 215-220; Vol 101:41-47, 74-82, 152-157, 219-227; Vol. 102:46-49, 106-110, 156-161, 206, 219.

VAN DIEN - See Hopper above.

VAN HORN -Zabriskie, George Olin (1967, 1968), "Christian Barentsen Van Horn and Some of His Earlier Descendants," The American Genealogist Vol.43:193-206; Vol.44:p.43-53; 92-103, 204-212.

WORTENDYKE - "The Wortendykes of Bergen County" (1972) by Louise (Howes) Burnett NYGB Vol. 103:203-216 Vol. 104:33-41, 82-94

The Kakiat Patent (1970) by Howard Durie contains genealogies on the following families: Peter Bogert, Fleirboom, Haring, Holdrum, Peter Mabie, Perry, Peterson and Van Horn.

Genealogical Notebook I, by George Budke (BC 60) contains genealogical information on the following families:
Haring, Van Houten, Van Doesburg, Vanderbilt
Genealogical Notebook II, by George Budke (BC 60) contains genealogical information on the following families:
Bell, Brouwer, Cooper, Corbett, Crum, De Clark, De Groot, De Hart, Depew, Flierboom, Harty, Hogencamp, Lent,Lockhart, Mannel, De Vries, Marshall, Jarvis, Merritt, Minnelay, Moll, Outwater, Perry, Pullen, Rycken, Springsteen, Stemmets, Storm, Stratmaker, Straut, Symes, Van Bommel, Van Ditmarsen, Van Texel (Tassel) and Veenvos.

New York Genealogical and Biographical Record:

KIP - Purple, Edwin R. "Contributions to the History of the Ancient Families of New York: Kip," part 1, NYGBR 8 (1877): 63-73.

MEYER - MYER - MYER - MEIR "Contributions to the History of the Ancient Families of New York:
> Meyer-Myer-Myers-Meir," NYGBR 9 (1878): 3-16.


History of Bergen and Passaic Counties, New Jersey. (1882), by W. Woodford Clayton assisted by William Nelson Reprinted and indexed in 1992 by BHB.[The earliest and best of the County Histories.]

History of Bergen County, New Jersey. (1900) by J. M. VanValen Reprinted and indexed in 1994 by BHB

History of Bergen County, New Jersey (2 vols. in 3 books) (1923) by Frances A. Westervelt Reprinted and indexed
in 1995 by BHB

Genealogical History of Hudson and Bergen Counties, New Jersey. (1900) by Cornelius Burham Harvey Reprinted and Indexed in 1992 by BHB.
Great caution should be used in using this book as it contains many errors in its genealogies.

Also helpful are the books by William Nelson on Paterson and Passaic Counties - History of the City of Paterson and the County of Passaic.(1901); Reprinted and indexed in 1994 by BHB
History of Paterson and Its Environs, 3 vols.(1920) including a section on "Pioneer Families." by Nelson and Charles A. Shriner.


Bergen County, A Bibliography of Historical Books, Pamphlets and Maps and certain other items pertaining thereto, by J. M. Ransom (1960) published by the Bergen Co. Historical Society. This book indicates where each source can be located.

Atlas of Bergen County (1876) by A. H. Walker (generally called Walker's Atlas). Reprinted and indexed 1992 byBHB.

The Kakiat Patent of Bergen County, (1970) by Howard Durie

Pre- Revolutionary Dutch Houses and families in Northern New Jersey and Southern New York, (1936) by Rosalie Fellows Bailey, (Reprinted by Dover Books 1968)

Genealogical and Memorial History of the State of New Jersey 4 vols. Francis Bazley Lee,, ed. (1910),

Scanell's New Jersey's First Citizens (1917) Mary Eleanor Watsonand Ella Maria Strobino, editors (1917-1927),
Vols. I-VI. [Vol. 3 is identical with Vol. 4 up to p. 326] (Vol 5 has many Bergen Co. Biographies.)

A New Jersey Bibliographical Index by Donald Sinclair. A single source, every-name index for 237 major works on NJ history, etc., listing where published biographies of 100,000 individuals can be found. 1993


See Bergen County, A Bibliography of Historical Books, Pamphlets and Maps ...... above. Most town histories have been collect and are located at the Bergen County Historical Society's Library Collection, currently at Felician College Library, 252 South Main St., Lodi, NJ. Also contact individual town libraries.


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