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Bushart Branches

The Descendants of Jacob Bushart, Sr. and Ann Fulenwider

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Genealogical data on the Bushart family, as well as other relatives of mine, can be found at my GENDEX site and my Family Tree Maker. The GENDEX site is not hyperlinked to this site, so you will have to use the "Back" button on your web browser to get back here. The first page you will encounter at GENDEX is an alphabetical list of surnames. Click on "Bushart," then on the individual whose data you want to see. The GENDEX site is linked together into family trees, and is a very interesting way of looking at the Bushart family data.

If you want, you can download my GEDCOM file. I zipped this file with WinZip, so you will need a program such as WinZip or PKUnZip to unzip this file if you choose to download it.

Two words of caution: even zipped, this file is 204 Kb. Also, this file contains a lot of "non-Bushart" research. You may want to edit out some parts you don't care about.


Virus scan everything you download from the internet. This file was clean when I uploaded it to RootsWeb, but I cannot guarantee that some virus has not infected it while on RootsWeb's server.

18 Sep 1999 - GEDCOM file temporarily down, I will get a new one up as soon as possible.

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