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Bushart Branches

The Descendants of Jacob Bushart, Sr. and Ann Fulenwider

Bushart Family

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Early Bushart Generations

John Bushart, the father of Jacob Bushart, Sr., was born about 1720, probably in Germany. (There is some possibilty that John was born in Pennsylvania of German parents.) The Bushart Generations are numbered starting with the first generation definitely born in America, the children of John Bushart. Thus Jacob Bushart, Sr. is part of the First Generation, his children are the Second Generation, and his grandchildren are the Third Generation.

The Bushart Branches are based upon the grandsons of Jacob Bushart, Sr. who had Bushart as their surname, in other words, the sons of Jacob Bushart Sr.'s sons. He had 24 grandsons named Bushart. When I first began this project, I needed a way to organize the information. I used the branches to help me do this. The Bushart grandsons of Jacob Bushart, Sr. are numbered below. Those who are not hyperlinked died without ever marrying or having children, so far as I know. The hyperlinked ones all married and had children.

Please note that families of Bushart females are listed under their fathers.

You may locate your particular branch by using the Bushart Family Index.

Note that Jacob Bushart, Jr. named two different sons James (James N., the N. probably for Newton, born about 1826, died between 1840-1850, and James Samuel, born in 1854).

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