Generation 2 - William

1- Edward REAVIS and Hannah [ALLEY] (1684-1730)

  2- William REAVIS
sp 1 - Jamry JORDAN [?] (1725-1885) Children:

  3- David
  3- Zachariah 
  3- Nathaniel
  3- James
  3- Edward
  3- John

sp 2 - Mary [?]

  3- Samuel
  3- Leah
  3- Isaac
  3- Betty
  3- William
  3- Frankey
  3- Mary Pritchard


Generation 2

William Reavis

illiam, the youngest son of Edward Reavis and Hannah Alley, was born about 1725 in Henrico Co, VA and died in Northampton Co NC ca 1785. About 1750-55 he first married Jamry Jordan (no documentation). Children not well documented.

  3- David (died in Revolutionary War. Continental Line NC).
  3- Zachariah,
(William's best friend and pastor of church was Zachariah Thompson) born ca 1757, served in American Revolution; died 1836; m1. Deborah ?, m2. Rebecca Holden
  3- Nathaniel (found in several records with Zachariah).

It is probable that William also had these sons:
  3- James ( possibly lived in Wake County).
  3- Edward
  3- John ( possibly lived in Wake County 1823 . . . m/ Deby Roycroft 1820).

After 1755 he second married Mary [ ?]. She may possibly be the daughter of Thomas Jordan, whose Will dated 1763 was filed in 1771; he named "Mary" as one of his daughters. It is also posible she was the daughter of John Pritchard, whose Will filed in 1777 also named a daughter Mary. Children:

  3- Samuel m. Nancy Goodwin
  3- Leah
b. 1763 m. L. Huskey
  3- Isaac
b. ca 1764; d. ca 1788; m. Hannah Wallace
  3- Betty
b. 1765; m. Avery Parham
   3- William b. ca 1766; d. ca 1824
  3- Frankey
b. 1768
  3- Mary Pritchard
b. ca 1777 (named in William's Will)

1747 Moved to Northampton Co NC.

1755 William witnessed a deed from James Reavis to Thomas Reavise of 160 acres.

1757 William witnessed a deed of Samuel Reavis from Sarah Reavis for 144 acres.

1759 He bought 225 acres from Samuel Reavis, who had acquired it from Jesse Gilliam.

1761 He witnessed a deed James Reavis sold 511 acres along the Roanoke River to Wm Rutledge.

1761 He witnessed a deed James Reavis bought from Wm Rutledge 100 acres along the Roanoke River.

1765 DB5-160 wit. Deed Samuel Reavis to Isham Reavis 385 acres joining county line, William Reavis, Gulley, Arthur Jordan.

1767 DB4-91 Sarah Reavis to William Reavis 144 acres on Lasley's Run.

1771 DB5-161 Samuel Reavis to Kendall 40 acres on Jamey's Run, adjoining William Reavis.

1773 DB5-377 William Reavis to Samuel Reavis 200 acres along the Roanoke River adjoining Little River, Wild Catt Br, Jamey's Run.

1784 Will Book 1 pg 339 October 30 Will of William Reaves:
     wife: Mary
     sons: William, Samuel, Isaac
     daughters: Franky Reaves, Mary Pritchard Reaves, Betty Parham
     executors: wife Mary, Benjamin Lashley, Avery Parham
     witnesses: Avery Parham, Isaac Reaves, John Parham, Edw. Wallace

*It is thought he was married twice, and had two families, with only the second family named in the Will, since others had probably already received their share and had moved on.

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