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Photo Albums
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I have a slew of photos that I have scanned into the computer and are presented on the pages indicated to the left.  The breakdown is to help me locate a particular picture by which album it is in.  They are presented as thumbnails and clicking on a picture will display the full size photo.  

The primary motive for posting these here is to hopefully get some more of them identified.  The large majority give no indication as to who the people are in the photos.  They do cover a span of twenty-thirty years, approximately 1870-1890?   I believe most of the people are from Jamaica, Queens, NY, with some from other parts of Queens, some from Brooklyn, and a few from other parts of the country.  I do know that some are from the following families:  Bergen, DeBevoise, Lott, Stockholm, Suydam, VanSinderen, Wyckoff.  Gee, maybe they should name some streets after these guys<g>.

As an aid to identifying these photos, the photographer's info (if any) appears beneath the proper photo.

please, Please, PLEASE.  If you can identify ANY of these people, let me know.   Of course I will post any info here for all the world to see.

Album A - I suspect was kept by Jane Ann (Stockholm) DeBevoise, mother of Elizabeth E.

Album B - was kept by Elouise (DeBevoise) (Brower) Robinson, sister of Elizabeth E.

Album C - belonged to Catalina Lott (VanSinderen) Wyckoff, mother-in-law of Elizabeth E.

Album D - kept by Elizabeth E. DeBevoise herself, I believe mostly before she married Abraham A. Wyckoff, probably a lot of friends and relatives mentioned in her diaries.

Album E - belonged to Anna Lott, who married John Lott Bergen.  Their son, John Lott Bergen married Caroline VanSinderen Wyckoff, daughter of Elizabeth E.
Confused yet? it gets better.  Elizabeth E.'s sister Elouise married Charles Brower, who's mother, Sarah, was Anna Lott's sister.  See why I get headaches? 

Misc. - This a bunch of loose unidentified photographs.

Album G - This is another photo album with absolutely no indication as to whom it belonged.  Most of the photos were taken in Brooklyn.


If you have related photos, I will consider posting them here also.  (I'm hedging here in case I get inundated)

So, take a look and see if anyone looks familiar.