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Old Papers
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Here you will find links to files of items related to my families spanning approximately 1700-1860.  Many are land deeds, wills, etc. 


"Letter re petition to governor of NY 3 Sept. 1692Leisler.jpg (1141681 bytes)
concerning release of prisoners (G. Beeckman
and A. Gouverneur) who supported Leisler.
(following pages missing)"
The above is a synopsis by Dr. Charles Gerhring
of this letter I have, written in Old Dutch.


convey1.jpg (547412 bytes)   convey2.jpg (579735 bytes)
Among the oldest of my oddities, these are both sides of the same piece of paper.
The first, in Dutch, is a fragment of a patent granted by Pieter Stuyvesant to
Gillis Jansen.  The second, in Dutch, is a conveyance, 1667,  by Gillis Jans to
Theunis Hillebrants, of the patent on the verso, in the village of Amesfort.
Same side, in English, 16 June 1694, a conveyance:
at the west side of Cornelis Jans at the
west side 12 7/10 rodd at the east side 11 4/5 rodd
at the north? side 16/7 4/5 rodd by Hendrick Wyckoff,
Marrike Wyckoff his wife, xxxxxxxxx
Unto Dirck Jans Amentman? as appeared by a bill
of sale last ???? the date as above ????

Presumably the same piece of property.
Obviously, I could use a little help with this.

Probasc1.jpg (1042321 bytes)
     This is a conveyance of a farm in Midwout from Stoffel Probasco
     to Bartel Claasz, dated 4 Feb 1680/1




And here is a conveyance of lot No. 5 of meadowlandProbasc2.jpg (451636 bytes)
along the Varsche (Fresh) Kill from Pieter Stryker to
Stoffel Probasko, Midwout, 30 Oct 1699
Witnesses: Jan Andriese, Denys Hegeman

April 29, 1756
List of persons committed to fencing in lots of meadowland between Fresh and Third Kill.
Names followed by measurements in rods, feet, and inches. (in Dutch)  

Fence1.jpg (918768 bytes)          Fence2.jpg (889527 bytes)

Fencing list  4/29/1756
Antye Verkerk		5.4.8
Isaac Snediker		7.15.3
Jan Lott		5.4.8
Rem Hegeman		13.3.5
Abraham Snidiker	7.0.9
Gerret Cosyn		7.16.3
Henry Snediger?		6.4.8
William Van Nuys	2.10.7
Gerret Van Duyn		2.10.7
Geertruy Hegeman	5.4.8
Derick Remsen		2.10.7
Joris Rapelje		7.0.9
Jan Van DerVeer		6.2.9
Johannes Ditmars	10.9.4
John Boerum		4.6.8
John Waldron		7.0.1
Johannes Cornell	3.8.8
Jacobus Lefferts	2.10.7
David Clarkson		2.10.7
Hendrick Suydam		14.6.0
Stephen Ryder		7.0.9
Isaac Remsen		2.10.7
Barent Andriese		2.10.7
John Couwenhoven	5.4.8
Abraham Cook		1.12.7
Barent Bloom		3.8.8
Peter Van Dervoort	2.10.7
Harck? Boerum		8.13.4
Johannes Van Sicklen	5.4.8
Peter Lefferts		10.9.4
Philip Nagel		5.4.8
Aris VanDerBilt		2.10.7
Mouwris Lott		9.11.4
Hendrick Suydam,Bedford 4.6.8
Lamberth Suydam		4.6.8
Folkert Rapalje		5.4.8
Peter Luyster		10.9.4
Abraham Bloom		6.2.8
Cornelius Van Derhoeve	2.10.7
Beletje Van Derveer	2.10.7
Andres Andrise		3.8.8
John Lane		3.8.8
Hendrick Lott		7.15.3
Johannes Lott		21.2.2
Rem Remsen		1.0.9
Cornelius Wyckoff	12.5.5
Philippus Nagel, Jun
Engelbert Lott
Johannes Lott, Jun
Johannes Ditmars

This is a broadside in Dutch from Leeuwarden, 9 Jan 1686
Broadside.jpg (1218604 bytes)    About a collection to support those persecuted for Reformed beliefs in France.     


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