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This is another of the venerable names of early Brooklyn starting with Pieter and his wife Gertrude.  I have many Lott connections, so I will just quickly trace down one of them:

Pieter Lott m. Gertrude (d. 1704)
    Engelbert Lott (d. 1730) m. Cornelia DeLaNoy
        Abraham Lott (1684-1754) m. Catherine Hegeman (1691-1741)
            Jacobus Lott (d. 1757) m. Teuntie DeHart (d. 1757)
                Simeon Lott (1741-1807) m. Annatie VanNuyse (1753-1832)
                    Jacobus Lott (1771-1831) m. Jane Titus (1785-1843)

Jacobus Lott and Jane Titus and had nine children.   Among these were Ann (1808-1894) b018.jpg (88777 bytes)   and Sarah (b. 1811)  b019.jpg (61306 bytes)  

Now this part gets confusing, but I think I have it straight.
   Ann Lott married Andrew Stockholm and had daughter Jane Ann Stockholm who married Charles J. DeBevoise and had daughter Elouise.
   Sarah Lott married Sylvester Brower and had a son Charles F. Brower who married Elouise DeBevoise, his first cousin once removed (one generation apart).

Here are a couple of shots of Anna Lott who married John Lott Bergen.
e003.jpg (7897 bytes)  e021.jpg (20217 bytes) 

Below is an engraving of the Lott landmark.  Not sure, but it might be the original house, part of which Hendrick I. Lott added to his, which is currently under restoration with archeological digs being conducted on the grounds.

Click on the picture for more info on Hendrick & family.
Mainly OLD wills and inventories.



Lott Links:  Ok, here are some interesting links relating to the Hendrick I. Lott house and related family.

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