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Ancestral Things
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Welcome all you fellow researchers, historians, and just plain curious.  Being descended from generations of pack-rats, I have loads of old land deeds, wills, receipts, diaries, personal letters, autograph albums, invitations, photos, etc., etc., etc.   These pretty much sporadically span from 1700 to the present day.  They essentially filtered down to my Great-Grandmother, Elizabeth Elmira (DeBevoise) Wyckoff, to my Grandmother, Caroline VanSinderen (Wyckoff) Bergen, to my Mother, Anna Lott (Bergen) Billard, to me, Robert Lott Billard.

Some of those names should look familiar to anyone knowledgeable about the history of Brooklyn and Queens, New York.  My ancestors include many of the early Dutch families of the area.

Every now and then I pull out a box or two of this stuff hoping to get it at least somewhat organized.  I usually just end up with a headache and shove it all back.   But I have been feeling a little guilty because I'm sure there is information here that is not available anywhere else.  Partly for that reason, I have been entering some of it on the computer.  It is by no means complete and is rather haphazard, but I am posting most of what I have on this site in hopes that other people might find it interesting and possibly useful.

There is also a batch of photographs that I am hoping someone will be able to identify for me.  This site will be constantly changing and improving, so thank you for stopping by and come back soon.

     Bob Billard

You can send me mail at [email protected] with any comments.