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Hans Hansen Bergen is the progenitor of this family.  He married Sarah Jorise Rapelje, said to be the first white child born of Christian parents in New Netherland.   Quickly descending this tree we have:

  Michael Hansen Bergen (1646-1732) m. Femmetje Theunise Denyse
      Hans Michaelse Bergen (1689-1731) m. Rachel Benson (1689-1752)
          Hans Bergen (1721-1786) m. Catryntie DeHart (1726-1795)
              Tunis J. Bergen (1759-1826) m. Ann Vanderveer
                  John Tunis Bergen (1786-1855) m. Margaret McCleod & Maria F. McCleod *
                      Tunis John Bergen (1810-1870) m. Katherine Lott (1814-1859) (2nd wife)
                          John Lott Bergen (1835-1880) m. Anna Lott (1841-1916)
                              John Lott Bergen (1877-1916) m. Caroline VanSinderen Wyckoff (1882-1964)
     Jlb1.jpg (48634 bytes)   Married 1910  Cvswb1.jpg (166987 bytes)                           

*  Story has it that Margaret & Maria were daughters of Donald McLeod & Ann Masterton.  Donald was a British officer garrisoned at the Masterton home during the Revolutionary War.   He and Ann fell in love, but her parents did not approve.  He resigned his commission from the army and they eloped to Nova Scotia.  On having a child, they returned and all was forgiven.  Now to maintain the drama, after Margaret McLeod died, John Tunis Bergen wanted to marry the sister, Maria.  Since this was frowned on by the family, THEY eloped till they had a child and returned.  
(Who needs soap operas, just do your genealogy.)

This is a link to scanned images of a small volume I have, titled 'The Bergen Family'.

I don't have many identified photos of the Bergens.<sigh>  But I do have a few of Anna Lott, 1841-1916.  She married John Lott Bergen, 1835-1880, who served in the Civil War.  I don't have all the details yet, but from what I gather, he served about a year, was home for a while, then went back.  He served as Adjutant to Gen. Philip S. Crooke, as I have his discharge papers with a personal note of thanks written by the General.  (See below) (I also have one of his pistols and canteen).  I have to find it again, but I read somewhere that he and the General were actually next door neighbors on Bergen Island and that a Bergen married a daughter of the General.

jlb_cvw.jpg (82184 bytes)     c&jlb.jpg (224446 bytes)  Here they are on their honeymoon in Florida in 1910.

    This is a list of wedding presents they received and who gave them.

John Lott Bergen & Caroline Wyckoff had two children:

          Anna Lott Bergen (1911-1990) (my Mother)Alb1.jpg (58234 bytes)
          John Lott Bergen (living)

   John Lott Bergen & Caroline VanSinderen Wyckoff family


Here is a photo of the Bergen Homestead on Bergen Island.
Jlbhome.jpg (100340 bytes)   Haven't located this on a modern day map yet.  I do know it is no longer an island due to land fill, somewhere along the shore of Jamaica Bay.

Wbergen.jpg (101879 bytes)


  This is one of the identified Bergen photos, but I haven't placed him in the family yet.



Civil War - U.S. Army discharge papers of John Lott Bergen, who married Anna Lott.

jlb_dis.jpg (944589 bytes)     jlb_dis1.jpg (317435 bytes)     jlb_dis2.jpg (208211 bytes)