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1/4/1866  Thurs.
   Aunt Jane Powels Party.  Went to Grandmothers Funeral.
1/7  Mon.
   Coldest day in 60 years - 15 deg. below zero.
1/12  Fri.
   Went to Wooden Wedding to Abe DeBeVoise.
1/14  Sun.
   Went to Church.  Abe Smith & I was proposed for Deaconship.
1/18  Thurs.
   Gave party at my house.  H. Lott, F. Lott, J. Lott, Am. D.B.V., Abrah.
   D.B.V., W. Way, Isc. Higby, Is. Amberman, Ab. Smith, Geo. Ely, Dr.
   Morrell, Eugene Ludlum, James Lott.
1/19  Fri.
   Went to Abe DeBeVoise to Wooden Wedding.
1/24  Wed.
   Went to Pop's to make up Grandmother's acct.  Staid all night.
1/25  Thurs.
   Finished Pop's account.  Went to Uncle Frank's to party.
1/26  Fri.
   Went to Peter Hulst's.
1/27  Sat.
   Went to Andrew DeBeVoise's.
1/28  Sun.
   Went to Church.  Name called off for Deaconship.
1/30  Tues.
   Went to Geo. Higby's to Sociable.
2/1  Thurs.
   Went to Uncle Jim Lott to Sociable.
2/2  Fri.
   Went to Pete's & the meadows.
2/3  Sat.
   Went to New York, brot home dog, Dandy.
2/4  Sun.
   Was put in as Deacon, also Abe Smith.  Charly Hendrickson after Church told
   me I looked well setting in the Deacons seat.
2/5  Mon.
   Went to mr. Ammerman's.
2/7  Wed.
   Went to mill at Flushing.
2/8  Thurs.
   Went to Andrew DeBeVoise to party.
2/9  Fri.
   Went to Mrs. Powels party.
2/13  Tues.
   Went to P. Hulst's to auction, acted as clerk.
2/22  Thurs.
   Went to James Lott's, Flushing to party, last one.
3/2  Fri.
   Peter P. VanCott death in the paper, aged 47 years, buried from Mr.
   Meeker's Church.
3/3  Sat.
   Ma came to take care of Lib.
3/5  Mon.
   James Lott, Frank Lott, Andrew & Abe D.B.V. came to see me with their 
3/15  Thurs.
   Started to go to Uncle John's, Ike's Liby being very sick, we did not go.
3/16  Fri.
   Liby died 2 o'clock P.M.  John Rapelyea came here.  Went to Jamaica with
   Abm. to the undertaker's & to buy a dress for Mary Liby.
3/17  Sat.
   Janey took my hat to Jamaica to get crape on it.
3/19  Mon.
   Went to Liby's funeral.
3/23  Fri.
   Went to the Bay to get the boat in the boat-house.
3/25  Sun.
   P. D. Hulst came for other, Sarah has got a boy and his name is Charley.
3/28  Wed.
   Went to the Bay with Ike, Ike shot 1 shelldrake.  Prayer meeting to my home 
   house in the evening.  Doctor came to see Jany.
4/4  Wed.
   Found E. Hendrickson's turkeys in the woods, me & him caught 1 & I shot one
4/9  Mon.
   Went to New York to see Howard & Morse & sold them the barn & stable for 
   $75.00 & 1 meat safe, they made a present to Jany.
4/12  Thurs.
   Went to Jamaica, took mother to Uncle Jim's.
4/22  Sun.
   Went to Church.  Went to Geo Hult's with Harmy & Hattie to see Sarah.
4/29  Sun.
   Went to Church & from there to Uncle John's.
   Geo. Hulst & wife brot Sarah and Baby here.  Went to Jamaica for Mother.
5/22  Tues.
   Pop & Ma came to spend the day with us.
5/24  Thurs.
   Uncle Chas. & Aunt Lany came here & took mother home with them.
5/30  Wed.
   Went to New Eutrich to Uncle Chas. & Aunty's, Johns & Barneys.
6/5  Tues.
   John Remsen buried.
7/17  Tues.
   Went up to Auburn by Central R. Road with P. Hulst.  Drawd $25.00 out of 
   Bank.  Hottest day in 35 years.
7/18  Wed.
   Arrived at Auburn 3 o'clock & 30 minutes.
7/19  Thurs.
   Went to see farm by Lake Oasca.
7/20  Fri.
   Took the 9:30 train for Albany, arrived at Albany about 4, we took tea at 
   Stanwix Hotel.
7/21  Sat.
   Came home at noon.
9/4  Wed.
   Went to Bay Ridge, family picnic.
9/20  Thurs.
   Went to Surogate's in Jamaica to prove Liby's will, as a witness.
9/27  Thurs.
   Jany & Mother went to fair with Uncle Frank.
9/28  Fri.
   Went to fair and bot 1 carriage for $315.00.  Cash on acc't $150.00.  Due 
9/24  Wed.
   Went to Bay with Ike & Elias, shot 1 goos 7 ducks, saw whale.
9/27  Sat.
   Commenced to dig cellar.
10/5  Mon.
   Carted stone.  Abraham D.B.V., John, Andrew, Abe, Ike, Uncle Frank, Uncle 
   Jim, Geo. Eli, Geo. Higby, Pop.
11/18  Sun.
   Abe Kolyer & wife & John Jackson & Harm came here.