The Ancestors of Mathilde Marie Elisabeth EGGERS
Wife of Franz Georg (Frank George) ZEBE

Compiled by Paul Zebe

Mathilde Marie Elisabeth EGGERS, my paternal grandmother, was born in 1886 in the city of Lübeck in Germany.  Her ancestors were from eastern and central Schleswig-Holstein and western and northern Mecklenburg.  All were born, lived, and died within about 75 miles (120km) of her birthplace.  Her ancestral families include the following:
Family Timeframe Primary Location(s) Family Timeframe Primary Location(s)
AREND 1600s Pogez, Mecklenburg LÜTKE 1600s Gross Rünz, Mecklenburg
EGGERS 1770s-1900s Nusse, Schleswig-Holstein>
MÖLLER 1600s Warnekow, Mecklenburg
FUNCK 1770s-1800s Duvensee, Schleswig-Holstein MUCHOW 1700s Rehna, Mecklenburg
GOSSELCK 1700s Hohen Viecheln, Mecklenburg OLLROGGE 1600s Schönberg, Mecklenburg
GÖSCHE 1700s Schlutup, Schleswig-Holstein OTTE 1600s-1700s Warnekow, Mecklenburg
HARFFTS 1700s Schlutup, Schleswig-Holstein>Rehna, Mecklenburg PÖHLS/PÖLITZ 1600-1800s Barkhorst, Schleswig-Holstein>
Schossin, Mecklenburg>
Gadebusch, Mecklenburg>
Schönberg, Mecklenburg>
Herrnburg, Mecklenburg
HEIDEBEY 1600s Gross Rünz, Mecklenburg PRÜSSE 1600s Lübeck> Rehna, Mecklenburg
HOLST 1600s Gross Rünz, Mecklenburg RIECKHOFF 1700s-1800s Gross Rünz, Mecklenburg
HÖPFNER 1700s Ziethen, Mecklenburg ROBRAHN 1600s-1700s Rehna, Mecklenburg>
Schönberg, Mecklenburg
JAHNCKE 1700s Northern Mecklenburg ROXIEN 1700s Hohen Viecheln, Mecklenburg
KABEL 1700s Northern Mecklenburg SCHILD(T) 1700s-1800s Hohen Viecheln, Mecklenburg>
Hoppenrade, Mecklenburg>
KAVEN 1600s (Line #1) Klein Rünz, Mecklenburg
(Line #2) Gross Rünz, Mecklenburg
(Line #3) Gadebusch, Mecklenburg
SCHMITT 1600s Fehmarn, Schleswig-Holstein>
Schossin, Mecklenburg
KÖHLER 1600s-1700s Holstein>
Woitendorf, Mecklenburg>
Warnekow, Mecklenburg
TRULSEN/TRUDEL 1700s-1800s Kastorf, Schleswig-Holstein
KOOPMANN/ KAUFMANN 1700s Amt Doberan, Mecklenburg (VON DER) WETTERING 1600s Gadebusch, Mecklenburg
KOTH 1700s Northern Mecklenburg WISSEMANN 1600s Schönberg, Mecklenburg
I would be happy to hear from anyone who is also researching any of Mathilde Marie Elisabeth's ancestral families.

Details on Mathilde Marie Elisabeth and her ancestors can be found here:  ANCESTORS

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