The Ancestors of Mathilde Marie Elisabeth EGGERS



               GGGG Grandparents

        83   Anne Sophia ("Anne Fieke") (maiden name unknown).  (Parents:  Unknown) Nothing much is known about Anne Fieke, except (1) she was the mother-in-law of Jochim SCHILDT of Hohen Viecheln, Mecklenburg, (2) she had been the wife of someone named Locksins (or more likely Roxiens), and (3) she was living in the household of her son-in-law and daughter in Hohen Viechlen in 1751 (or thereabouts).  She is known to have had the following children (there may have been others):

  1. Sophia ROXIEN [41]

        84   Johann GOSSELCK.  (Parents:  168--Hanß GOSSELCK + ?) Johann was born in about 1684. He died in 1766, probably in Hohen Viecheln, and was buried on 5 May of that year. He was a farmer in Hohen Viecheln, and was also a member of the local parish council [i.e., a Kirchenjurat]. He was married to An Lisch WIENHOLDT.   The couple had the following children (there may have been others):

  1. Matthies GOSSELCK [42]
  2. An Lisch GOSSELCK
  3. Kuhn August Friedrich GOSSELCK
  4. Christopher Daniel GOSSELCK
  5. Helmuht Jochim Jacob GOSSELCK

        85   An Lisch WIENHOLDT.  (Parents:  170--Jochim WIENHOLDT + 171--Dorthe TARNAU) An Lisch was born in about 1690, probably in Moltau, Mecklenburg.. 


     112   Christian PÖLITZ/PÖHLS.  (Parents:  224--Hans PÖHLS/PÖHLSEN + 225--Anna SCHMITT) Christian was born in about 1659 in Schossin, Mecklenburg.  He was baptized on 29 May 1659 in the Lutheran Church at Parum, Mecklenburg.  Christian died in 1701 in Gadebusch, Mecklenburg, and was buried on 16 May 1701.  He was a blacksmith [Grobschmidt] in Gadesbusch by trade. 


               It is presumed that Christian Pöhls of Gadebusch is a son of Hans Pöhls of Schossin, Mecklenburg.  This is not certain, however, since no concrete evidence is available.  It is known that Hans Pöhls of Schossin had a son named Christian.  Also, it appears that Christian Pöhls of Gadebusch was the right age to have been a son of Hans Pöhls of Schossin.  The two sons of Hans Pöhls about whom something is known of their adult lives, Heinrich and Frantz Carl, were both wheelwrights.  Christian Pöhls of Gadebusch was a blacksmith, a trade related to that of wheelwright.  This would appear to strengthen the possibility of kinship.  Also, the fact that Gadebusch is relatively close to Schossin would appear to further strengthen the possibility of kinship. 


               It is interesting to note that Eberhard Specht of Speyer, Germany, reports that Christian Pölitz/Pöhls of Gadebusch was born on 29 May 1659 in an unknown place.  Since this date is the same as reported in the Parum churchbooks for the baptism of Christian, son of Hans and Anna, and since Mr.  Specht does not appear to have obtained this date from the churchbooks at Parum (otherwise he would have known where Christian was born), this would appear to strengthen the argument that Christian of Gadebusch is indeed the son of Hans and Anna of Schossin. 

Christian first married ?. They had the following children:

  1. Christian PÖHLS

Christian second married Anna WARNCK on 10 February 1686 at the Lutheran Church at Gadebusch. She died in 1698, probably in Gadebusch, and was buried on 6 Feb. 1698. Christian and Anna had the following children:

  1. Catrina PÖHLS

Christian third married (Anna) Dorothea (VON DER) WETTERING on 7 October 1698 in the Lutheran Church at Gadebusch, Mecklenburg. They had the following children:

  1. Frantz Jochim PÖHLS [56]

     113   (Anna) Dorothea (VON DER) WETTERING.  (Parents:  226--Andreas (VON DER) WETTERING + 227--Ilsabe KAVEN) (Anna) Dorothea was born in about 1677, probably in Gadebusch, Mecklenburg.  She was baptized on 21 July 1677 at the Lutheran Church at Gadebusch.  After the death of Christian PÖHLS, Anna married Adolph DETERS, a smith in Gadebusch, on 28 Nov. 1701 at the Lutheran Church at Gadebusch. They had the following children:

  1. Magdalena Catharina DETERS
  2. Andreas Claus DETERS
  3. Johan Adolph DETERS
  4. Elsebe Dorothea DETERS
  5. Hans Hinrich DETERS
  6. Barbara Ertmuth DETERS

It is presumed that (Anna) Dorothea (VON DER) WETTERING is a child of Andreas (VON DER) WETTERING and his second wife, Ilsabe KAVEN.  The evidence concerning this relationship is circumstantial.  (Anna) Dorothea is identified as "Dorothea" in the record of her marriage to Christian PÖHLS and as "Anna Dorothia" in the record of her subsequent marriage to Adolph DETERS.  There is no baptism record in the Gadebusch churchbooks for an Anna Dorothea (VON DER) WETTERING.  There is, however, a baptism record for a Dorothea (VON DER) WETTERING, who would have been the correct age to have married for the first time in 1698 (which is when Dorothea and Christian PÖHLS married).  That Dorothea was the daughter of Andreas and Ilsabe. 


The baptismal sponsors of the children of (Anna) Dorothea include a number who are children or children-in-law of Andreas and Ilsabe (VON DER) WETTERING, including Hector Jacob MESTER, a son-in-law, Catharina VON DER WETTERING, a daughter-in-law, Andreas VON DER WETTERING, a son (or this may be old Andreas, himself), Anna DIECKMANN, a daughter, and Claus DIECKMANN, a son-in-law. 


It should be noted that there are other (VON DER) WETTERING who appear as sponsors of the children of (Anna) Dorothea.  There are, however, few of them, and their appearance as sponsors is infrequent.  They include Anna WETTERING, who may have been the wife of the late Adolph (VON DER) WETTERING, and Frau Barbara Elsabe RASSAU, the re-married widow of Johann (VON DER) WETTERING, the Gadebusch city magistrate [Stadtvogt]. 



     114   Matthias ROBRAHN.  (Parents:  228--Matthias ROBRAN + 229--Anna PRÜSS(E)) Matthias was born in about 1662 in Rehna, Mecklenburg.  He was baptized on 2 January 1662 in the Lutheran Church at Rehna.  Matthias was a baker in Schönberg, Mecklenburg, and reportedly a farmer there, as well.  He became a citizen of Schönberg on 20 July 1694.  For his citizenship, he paid 3 Marks, indicating that he was the owner of a "Great House" ['grot hus']. 


               In Schönberg, the fee schedule for citizenship after 1661 was 3 Marks (48 schillings) for the owner of a great (i.e., big) house, 1 Mark 8 schillings (24 schillings) for the owner of a small house, and 12 schillings for a person resident in an apartment or similar dwelling place.  Sons of citizens did not have to pay anything until 1735, when the city began charging them 3 schillings.  After 1795, an additional fee was levied to pay for the city fire engine. 


               The rights of a city citizen are said to have included "a) acquisition of real property, b) use of the 'Allmende,' the common lands, such as meadows and woodlands, c) the pursuit of a trade or enterprise, [and] d) access to candidacy for public municipal office unless such offices were the exclusive prerogative of the patrician families."


               Matthias appears to have become active in civic affairs in Schönberg around 1713.  His name appears in city records in 1713, 1715, and 1720, as one of the citizens who witnessed settlements of city accounts.  In 1724, he was listed among the eight witnesses to the selection of a new mayor for Schönberg.  These references may mean that he was a city alderman during this time. 


               He married Lucia BUSCH (nee OLLROGGE) on 28 June 1694 in the Lutheran Church at Schönberg.  They had the following children:

  1. Johan Gottfried ROBRAHN
  2. Christian Matthias ROBRAHN
  3. August Christopher ROBRAHN
  4. Anna Lucia ROBRAHN [57]

     115   Lucia OLLROGGE.  (Parents:  230--Herman OLLROGGE + 231--Veronica ("Froneke") WISSEMANN) Lucia was born in about 1664, probably in Schönberg, Mecklenburg, and was baptized on 2 May 1664 at the Lutheran Church there.  Matthias was her second husband. Her first husband was Claus BUSCH, whom she married on 23 October 1684 at the Lutheran Church in Schönberg. They had the following children:

  1. Alexander Daniel BUSCH


     118   Asmus HARFFTS.  (Parents:  Unknown) Asmus' birth date and place are unknown.   He died in 1727, probably in Schlutup (which is near Lübeck), and was buried there on 2 November 1727.   He was the innkeeper of the lowest rung inn [unterster Krüger] in Schlutup.   He was a Lutheran.   Asmus married Elsabe Maria ("Marie") GÖSCHE on 5 July 1705 at Domkirche Lübeck.   They had the following children:

  1. Harmen HARFTST
  2. Hermanna Catharina HARFFT
  3. Joachim Heinrich HARFFT
  4. Anna Magdalena HARFFTS [59]
  5. Adolf HARFFTS
  6. Johann Adolph HARFFTS

     119   Elsabe Maria ("Marie") GÖSCHE. (Parents:  Unknown) Marie's birth date and place are unknown.   She died in 1724, probably in Schlutup, and was buried there on 10 April 1724.   She was a Lutheran.  



     120   Gerek ("Gerd") RICKHOFF.  (Parents:  240--Hinrich RICKHOFF + 241--Catharina LÜTKE) Gerd was born in about 1661 in Groß Rünz, Mecklenburg.  He died on 5 February 1712 in Groß Rünz.  He was the proprietor of Farm I in Groß Rünz until the time of his death.  He was also the village headman [Schultze] there.  He was a Lutheran.  Gerd married Trin HOLST on 1 November 1687 in Lutheran Church, Demern, Mecklenburg.  They had the following children:

  1. Goßelck RICKHOFF
  2. Elsche RICKHOFF
  3. [female] RICKHOFF
  4. [female] RICKHOFF
  5. Dortie RICKHOFF
  6. Ann Marie RICKHOFF
  7. Hinrich RICKHOFF [60]
  8. Johann RICKHOFF
  9. Ann Gret RICKHOFF

     121   Trin HOLST. (Parents:  242--Hinrich HOLST + 243--Magreta ("Grete") AREND) Trin was born in about 1668 in Groß Rünz, Mecklenburg.  She died on 1 February 1748, probably in Groß Rünz.  She was buried on 16 February 1748.  She was a Lutheran. 



     122   Michel OTTE.  (Parents:  244--Adolph OTTO + 245--Catharina MÖLLER) Michel was born in about 1666, probably in Warnekow, Mecklenburg.  He was baptized on October 1666 in the Lutheran Church at Rehna, Mecklenburg.  He died in 1731 probably in Warnekow, Mecklenburg, and was buried on 22 June 1731.  He was the village head [Schultze] in Warnekow, Mecklenburg.  He was reportedly the interim proprietor [Jahrenwohner] of Farm No. I in Warnekow. That farm was originally the possession of his wife's first husband. By 1708, he was farming Hof 5 [Farm No. 5] in Warnekow. The housemark for the property was "MO" (for "Michel Otte"?).  (A housemark is similar to a brand.)  In 1731, probably after Michel's death, Hof 5 became the possession of Joachim Rieckhoff, his "son-in-law" (actually the 2nd husband of his daughter-in-law).  In 1900, it was in the possession of the Jacobs family. The succession the farm from Michel Otte was as follows: 


                              Michel Otte (1708)

               1731      Joachim Rieckhoff, Schwiegersohn (son-in-law of Michael Otte)

               1761      Peter Dietz, Interimswirt

               1786      Joh.  Heinrich Jacobs, Schwiegersohn (of Joachim Rieckhoff?)

               1810      Hans Heinrich Jacobs

               1844      Hans Heinrich Jacobs

               1854      Rieckhoff, Interimswirt

               1868      Heinrich Jacobs

                              Jacobs (1900) 


               Michel married Cillia KÖHLER sometime between 1686 (when her last child by her first husband was conceived) and 1690 (when her first child by Michel was born). They had the following children:

  1. Adolph OTTE
  2. Elsch Marie OTTE [61]

     123   Cillia KÖHLER.  (Parents:  246--Peter KÖHLER + 247--Anna (maiden name unknown)) Cillia was born in Woitendorf, Mecklenburg.  She died in Warnekow, Mecklenburg, sometime after 1700.  Cillia was significantly older than Michel OTTE, who was her second husband.  Her first known child was born in 1670, only four years after Michel's birth. Cillia's first husband was Michel MÖLLER, who was the proprietor of Farm No. I in Warnekow, as well as the village headman [Schultze] there. Cillia and her first husband had the following children:

  1. Trine Dorothe MÖLLER
  2. Anna MÖLLER
  3. Cathrina MÖLLER
  4. Michel MÖLLER
  5. Anna Dorothea MÖLLER
  6. Dorothea MÖLLER
  7. Peter MÖLLER
  8. Liesche Margareta MÖLLER





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