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I have a number of genealogy interests, including particular families, a couple regions (southeastern New York, northern New Jersey and Pennsylvania near Philadelphia), and technology. I also have an off-site collection of genealogy links that I have found useful.

Genealogy Reports

I'm interested in a number of families. Here are reports based on some of my data. I'm using TMG The Master Genealogist for Windows, by Wholly Genes Software. While I document everything, I do not post my sources online. Please contact me about sources, if interested. (I only respond to reasonable inquiries!)

Families & Lists

Interesting Individuals

A number of interesting "Romaine" individuals: Benjamin Romaine, Dr. Nicholas Romayne, Rev. Thomas Romeyn, Rev. Dirck Romeyn, Captain William H. Romaine (1833-1908 - someone unrelated who confused me), Lawrence B. Romaine (20th C bibliographer and curator, also unrelated), and Paul Romaine (20th C bookseller, also unrelated). 

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