Will of M. C. Pridgen

Mar 30, 1895

Last Will and Testament of M.C. PRIDGEN - 1895


Know all men by these presents that I M.C. Pridgen being of sound mind and memory but in view of the uncertainty of my earthly existence do make and declae this my last will and testament in the manner and form following to wit,

Item 1st It is my desire that my body be given a suitable burial in Cedar Grove Cemetery as may accord with the wishes of my brothers and sisters.

Item 2nd I desire that my executor pay such funeral expenses out of the first money that comes into his hands as a part of my estate and that he have plaaced at my grave a tombstone of Italian marble slab, proportionate in size and apppropriate in design and inscription as best conforms to my age and rank in life.

Item 3rd I desire the family place a tombstone at my Mother's grave and that my Executor pay from the funds of my estate my proportionate part of the cost of the same.

Item 4th I will and bequeath to my beloved sister Winifred Winstead the sum of fifty dollars in cash to be paid by my Executor.

Item 5th It is my desire that every just and lawful claim that I may be owing at my death be paid and after they have been settled and Items 2,3,4 as above written have been provided for, I will and bequeath to my beloved sister Laura Pridgen, the remainder of my estate and interest of every kind to her full possession and enjoyment.

Item 6th I hereby appoint my beloved brother and associate in business W. H. Pridgen as my Executor to carry out the specifications and purpose of this will.

Item 7th To my brothers and sister to whom I have not alluded I have nothing but tenderest love, but in the disposal of my effects I have only endeavored to place it where it is needed most.

In testimony whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal this the 30th day of Mar. 1895.

Elm City, NC
E.Y. Moore
Iredell Williams

M.C. Pridgen    seal

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