Leonidas H. Pridgen

Leonidas H. Pridgen
April 14, 1911

State of North Carolina
Duplin County.

DUPLIN CO, NC WILL - PRIDGEN, Leonidas H. -1911 Will was written in 1911 but Leonidas Harper Pridgen died April 7,1935

North Carolina
Duplin County

I, Leonidas H. Pridgen of the above state and county being of sound mind but considering the uncertainty of my earthly existence, do make and declare this my last will and testament viz.

1st. It is my will and desire that my executrix herein after named shall provide for my body a decent burial suitable to the wishes of my friends and relatives and pay all funeral expenses together with my just debts out of the first money that shall come into her hands belonging to my estate.

2nd. I give and bequeath to my beloved wife Nettie R. Pridgen all my personal property of what soever kind or wheresoever situated.

3rd. I give and devise to my beloved wife Nettie R. Pridgen for and during the term of her natural life or widowhood my home here on which I now reside in Duplin County, adjoining the land of John L. Grady, Fred Rich, J. L. Pridgen and others, and containing 98 acres more or less, being all that tract of land conveyed to me by J. R. Bell and Wife except the two tracts that I have sold out to J.R. Pridgen and Charlie Southerland.

4th. After the death of my said wife or upon her marrying again, I give and devise the said tract of land (mentioned in paragraph 3rd here of) my son John Pridgen to him his heirs and assigns in fee simpler.

5th. I hereby appoint my wife Nettie R. Pridgen Executrix of this my last will and testament.

The interbneation in paragraph 4 of the words "mentioned in paragraph 3rd hereof" between the words land and to made before the signing and sealing of the said will.

In witness whereof I the said Leonidas H. Pridgen do hereunto set my bond and seal this the 14th day of April, 1911.

Witnessess L.H. Pridgen
L.A. Beasley
Jas. Bowden

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