by Carol Pridgen Martoccia


 1674  Isle of Wight Co., Va Richard Priden transported by Major Nicholas Hill of I.of W., Va in 1674 (Cavaliers and Pioneers)
 1678  Isle of Wight Co., Va William Prigin transported by Mathew Strickland of I. Of W., Va in 1678 (Cavaliers and Pioneers)
 1702  Henrico Co, Va Pidgen Land - James Cocke, 570 acs. Henrico Co. in Verina Parish, N. side of James River beginning in the forke of White Oake SW, where the N. and S. brs. Meet, by the Pidgeon Land, &c., 28 Oct. 1702, p. 491 . Source "Early Families Along the James River" by Foley


Information taken from Corbitt's "Formation of NC Counties" By 1740 there were only a few counties in NC. They were: Currituck, Pasquotank, Perqumans, Chowan, Bertie, Tyrrell, Beaufort, Hyde, Craven, Carteret, Onslow, New Hanover, and Bladen. O f these Bertie, Craven, and Bladen stretched west as far as NC went. New Hanover included what was to become Duplin County also. The following counties that are of interest to Pridgens were formed in the following years:

 1614 Albemarle was formed and abolished in 1739
 1688 Chowan was formed out of Albemarle
 1696 Bath was formed and abolished in 1739
 1705 Hyde was formed out of Bath
 1722 Bertie was formed out of Chowan
 1729 New Hanover was formed out of Craven
 1734 Bladen was formed out of New Hanover
 1741 Edgecombe was formed out of Bertie
 1741 Northampton was formed out of Bertie
 1746 Granville was formed out of Edgecombe
 1746 Johnston was formed out of Craven
 1750 Duplin was formed out of New Hanover
 1753 Rowan was formed out of Anson
 1758 Dobbs was formed out of Johnston and was abolished in 1791
 1758 Halifax was formed out of Edgecombe
 1760 Pitt was formed out of Beaufort
 1764 Brunswick was formed out of New Hanover, Bladen
 1774 Martin was formed out of Halifax, Tyrrell
 1777 Nash was formed out of Edgecombe
 1779 Jones was formed out of Craven
 1779 Wayne was formed out of Dobbs
 1784 Sampson was formed out of Duplin
 1791 Lenoir was formed out of Dobbs
 1791 Glasgow was formed out of Dobbs and was abolished in 1799
 1799 Greene was formed out of Glasgow
 1808 Columbus was formed out of Brunswick, Bladen
 1855 Wilson was formed out of Edgecombe, Nash, Johnston, and Wayne

I think it is important when you see a deed to check to see when the county that deed was issued in came into existence. Also, when one of our relative's records show that he was born in one county but all his records are in another county, check to see if perhaps the county lines changed and your ancestor stayed put but the county name changed. This is true of William Pridgen d. 1762 and his land….The same land was once in Bertie, in Edgecombe, and now lies in Nash County.

 18 Oct 1689 Albemarle District, NC, First instance of a Pridgen in North Carolina was when Thomas Evans sued William Pridgen for Payment of 12S6d debt in 1689.
 1693 Matthew Pridgen born this year. He died 1 Mar 1798 at his plantation on the South River, NC at the age of 105. Source: "Hall's Wilmington Gazette" 29 Mar 1798
 1706 Matthew Pridgen born this year. He was the father of 14 children, seven of whom were Revolutionary war soldiers. He himself was a soldier at the Seige of Portobello (aka "The War of Jenkin's Ear) in 1739. He died 30 Oct 1809 on south River in Bladen County, North Carolina at the age of 103 years. He left behind a wife that was nearly 100 years old and in good health. Source: "Columbian Museum and Savannah Advertiser"
 1707 Chowan County , Deed Book W #1 p. 78 Oct 7, 1707 Adj. Owner George White of Chowan Prect. And Frances his wife to Edward Williams of Chowan 7 Oct. 1707 for a good and valuable consideration 438 acres on Chowan river in Rockahock Neck joining Thomas Gilbert, Francis Pridgin and the river all houses, fences, etc
 Chowan County, Deed Book F #1 Witness Francis Priggen witnessed a deed between Samuel Sizemore to John Dickinson on N. side of Indian Swamp
 1714 Chowan County, Deed Book B#1 Seller Francis Prygeon of NC and Mary his wife to Thomas Bray of NC 12 Jan. 1714 40 pounds good and lawful money of NC. 540 acres called Pridgeon Point on Chowan River at ye mouth of ye Indian Town Creek as by y Patent for ye same. Witness. John Smith, John Hale, Lawrence Mague, James Fleming…4 witnesses often indicate first generation North Carolinians from Va.
 1714 Chowan County Deed Book B #1 18 Jan. 1714 SELLER A conveyance of land from Francis Pridgeon to Mr. Thomas Bray is acknowledged 18 Jan. 1714.
 Jan 18, 1714Chowan County, NC (A conveyance is proved by the Oaths of Samuel Woodward and Francis Pridgeon.
 1714 Chowan County Deed Book B #1 Witness 22 Dec. 1714 Thomas Giles of ye Co. of Isle of Wight, Va, Gentleman..sold 2000 acres of land on Chowan River-witness FP his mark Francis Pridgen
 19 April 1715 Chowan County Deed Book #1 19 April 1715 Mary Pridgen --Dower rights James Fleming proves Mary Pridgion's sale of her right of Dower to land sold to Thomas Bray.
 1716 Chowan County, Francis Pridgen was a juror in 1716
 1717 Chowan County, Tax list, Francis Pridgeon (200 acres) is in the Tax list for Chowan county.
 1717 Chowan County, Deed Book B#1 15 April 1717, Witness Margaret Flemans to Robert Hicks 15 Apr. 1717 letter to acknowledge a parcel of land containing 200 acres sold by James Flemans, my husband, with my consent to James Bird…Witness: Walter Draughan, Francis Pridgeon FP (his mark) Reg. 20 April 1717
 26 January, 1720Chowan Precinct---Witness Samuel Sizemore of Chowan Precinct, planter, sells 300 acres to John Dickinson of Chowan Precinct, for 12 pounds sterling, said land called Village, surveyed by John Gray for the use of Samuel Sizemore, and being on the north side of the Indian Swamp, joining Richard Melton, ___?__meadow and the swamp. Wit: Moses Carter, Francis Priggen. Reg. Chowan Court April 1721. Test: Thomas Henman, Clerk
 1721 Old Albemarle County, NC, Chowan Precinct, 1721 Poll Tax Account of more land and Poll Tax received by Thomas Spires for the year 1721…found in Miscellaneous Records 1678-1737 by Weynette P. Haun Ffrancis Pridgeon …tythables 1 transcribed from Albemarle county Papers vols. 1-3 CR2.001-3 NC State Archives
 1721 Old Albemarle County Chowan Precinct..1721 Land and Poll Tax Pridgin, Fra.  200 acres  1 poll  Tax 1:__:__
 1721 Chowan County Deed Book C#1 May 1721 Witness John Dickinson of Chowan Precinct to Thomas Hart of Surry County Va this __May1721 20 lbs.. sterling 300 acres joining Richard Melton and called by the name of the Vilage as by Pattent dated 1 Mar 1711 and now in the occupation of the said Hart. Witness: Thomas Futrall, Francis Pridgeon FP. Acknowledged 17 July 1722 by John Cotton Esq., attorney for John Dickinson before C.Gale Ch justice.
 1723 Bertie County Deed Book A, p. 88 May 4, 1723 BUYER Edward Chitty of Isle of Wight, Va to Francis Pridgeon May 4, 1723 12 lbs for 90 acres Uriah Swamp. Wit. James Bryant. John Dickenson, John Sutton. May Court. 1733
 1723 Bertie County Deed Book A, p. 65 May 11, 1723 Witness Daniel O'Quin to Brian O'Quin and Patrick O'Quin. May 11, 1723 12 lbs for 200 A. granted to Daniel O'Quin by patent dated Oct. 10, 1722 on Catawhiskey Swamp. Frances Pridgon (Pridgson) Jacob (Horn) May 1723 John Sutton D.c/c (Note Horn and Pridgen)

1723 Colonial Records of NC
2nd Series, vol 5
Higher Court Minutes, March 1723
Parris vs. Pridgen

Thomas Parris by Thomas Henman his attorney comes to prosecute his suite against Francis Pridgen in custody of a plea of trespass on the cause foro that to wit that whereas the said defendant owes and stand justly indebted to him the said plaintiff the sum of 4 pounds and one peny. To wit the 6th of August 1721 at precinct of Chowan which the Defendant promised to pay to the plaintiff. The Defendant came NOT-the Marshall had not returned bond or security taken for defendant's appearance. Choice was given: either have an order against Marshall with stay of execution til next Court or an Attachment against the Defendan'ts estate. Plantiff chose Order against Marshall.

 July 1723 Francis Pridgeon did not come to court
 October 1723 Parry vs. Pridgeon ….Pridgeon didn't come to court. Plaintiffe begged for time til next court to produce proof of his debt.

March 1724….Colonial Records of NC
2nd Series , vol. 6
Parris v. Pridgeon

 March 1724 Now on the day came the aforesaid Thomas Parry in his own personn and prayed continuance of his said suite against the said Pridgeon wherefore it was considered by the Court here that the said Cause be putt in respite till the next Court in last Tues in July.
 July 1724 Parris v. Prigeon Pridgeon did not come to court

 1725 Bertie County Deed Book B, p. 83 Aug 14, 1725 Adj. Land John Dickinson and wife Rebecca to John Sutton.5 pounds for 100 A. Adj Francis Pridgen, Edward. Feb. Crt 1725 (Note Horn and Pridgen)
 1729 Bertie County,NC Registration of Marks (Brands) Include Francis and William Pridgen
 1731/32 Bertie County, Wills 22 Jan. 1731/2 Witness William Pridgen witnessed a will on 22 Jan. 1731/2 May Crt. 1732 of John Godly (Plantation on Looking Glass Swamp) along with John Edwards of Roneoke and his Godly's wife Katherine are executors and Ann Williams, Sanbel Henley and William Pridgen are witnesses.
 1732 Bertie County Birth 1732 From Pension Record Application William Pridgen b. 27 June 1732 in Bertie County…died on 7 June 1855 Bertie County Deed Book F, p. 30 October 24,1739 Adj. Land John Sutton to Andrew Irving 96 pounds for 100 Ac. On NS Cuttawitskey Meadow. At dividing line between John Dickason and Francis Pridgion. Adj. Hugh Morton. Wit. George Downing, John Speir, Mary Downing jurat. Feb Court 1739
 August 13, 1734 Francis Pridgon is ordered to be on a jury, Bertie County, NC
 June 7, 1739 Samuel Pridgen is granted 640 acres on a branch of Old Town Creek, New Hanover Co., NC Book 8, p.31. Shuck no. 508
 October 24, 1739 Adjacent Land John Sutton to andrew Irving 96 pounds for 100 Ac. On NS Cuttawitskey Meadown. At dividing line between Jon Dickason and Francis Pridgeon. Adj Hugh Morton. Wit. George Downing, John Speir, Mary Downing jurat. Feb. Court 1739
 1740 Bertie County Deed Book F, 243 August 24, 1740 SELLER Francis Pridgeon to Robert Lassiter. 15 cows, 1 horse, 1 mare, 1 rigg, 1 pair blanketts for 90 Acres on NS of Yaroarah Swamp (Uriah Swamp). Witness: James Lasiter, Jurat John Sutton, May court, 1741
 Feb 27, 1741 (See "Colonial Soldiers of the South, 1732-1774", by Murtice June Clark.) Mentions His Majesty's Ship "Princess Louisa" Muster Book-American Troop of Colonel Gooch's Regiment. Soldier #81, remarks: Matthew Pridgen, d. 27 Feb 1741. (Rebecca thinks we need to check on this …It is unclear if this is the death date of Matthew or just a mention of Matthew in the Regiment on this date!)
 1741 Northampton County, NC Deeds 21 Sept. 1741 Robert Lassiter of Northampton Co. to James Lassiter of Northampton Co. 21 Sept 1741, 30 pounds current money of Virginia 90 acres more or less, my plantation on west side of Urahah Swamp, joining Francis Pridgeon and the swamp, all houses, out houses, orchards, gardens, etc. witness John Sutton, John Cincil Reg. Northampton Co Feb. Ct. 1741. J. Edwards CC
 1743 Edgecombe County Grant 16 Mar 1743 Grantee William Pridgen was granted 150 ac. Of land in Edgecombe County
 1744 Edgecombe County Deed Book 5, page 340 Buyer 19 Feb. 1744 MICHELL DORMAN OF Edge Co to WILLIAM PREGIN of Edge. Co. 19 Feb 1744 17 pounds 10 shillings Va. curreny 108 acres on the south side of the Tarr River, joining STANEY (?) Wit: JOHN PORTER X his mark, RICHARD SESSUMS Reg. Edge Co., Feb. Ct.1744 R. Forester C. Ct."
 1744 Edgecombe County Deed Book 5, page 230 May 1744 Witness "ISAAC DICKINSON of Edge. Co. to WILLIAM DICKINSON of Edge. Co. 15 May1744 10 pounds current money of Va. 200 acres on the Nouth side of Tarr River, joing Falling Run, Horn, JAMES PITMAN and the river Wit: STEPHEN GANDY X his mark, WILLIAM PRIGEN X his mark, SAMUEL WILLIAMS Reg. Edge Co. MAy Ct 1744 ROBERT FORESTER C. Ct."
 1745 Edgecombe County Deed book 5, page 437 17 Feb 1745 Seller WILLIAM PRIDGEN of Edge Co. to JOHN STEVENS of Edge Co. 17 Feb 1745/6 5 pounds current money of Va. 150 acres of the south side of Tosneott swamp Wit: HARDY CANE, ROBERT WEST, Reg. Edgec Co. Feb Ct. 1745 R Forester C. Ct"
 1748 Edgecombe County Chain Carrier 9 March 1748 Hardy Cane and William Pridgin are the Chain Carriers for a survey of 290 acres in Edgecombe Co. on the south side of the Tar River, joining Nathaniel Sanders, William Pridgin, and the Courses of the said River. (This is info taken from the land plat of John Lemon.).
 2 Oct, 1750 New Hanover County, NC Petitioner Matthew Prigens petitioned for Warrants 300 acres, New Hanover Co. NC at a Council held at the Council Chamber in New Bern, NC 20 May 17?? Mathew Priggin warrant for 300 acres in Duplin County, NC. (This probably happened between 1750 (the year Duplin Co. was formed) and 1756 (the year "Matthew Pridgen, Jr…of Duplin County" buys land from Matthew Pridgen Sr. of Bladen County
 1751 Edgecombe County Deed Book 4, p. 260 Buyer September 21, 1751 JOHN LAWHON of Johnston Co., NC to WILLIAM PRIDGEON (co. not identified) 21 Sept 1751 5 pounds Va. currency 250 on the south side of Tar River, joining MICHAEL D......(?) and the river , a grant to JOHN LAWHON 20 Apr. 1745 Wit: DUNCAN LAMON, EDWRD FLOWERS, JR. E his mark Reg. Edge. Co. May Ct 1752 B. Wynns C. Ct."
December, 1752Edgecombe County Chain Carrier William Pridgen and William Joyner are Sworn Chain Carriers for a survey of 280 acres that was patented on 17 Feb 1760 by Arthur allen. Said land was in Edgecombe County in St. Mary Pairsh on the north side of Sappony Creek, joining Benjamin Flowers, the mouth of a Branch at Tarr River, Thomas Kearsey, John Baker, Wm.Eason, the sd. Creek, and Tarr river.
1753Sampson County Deeds Oct 31, 1753 Seller Peter Pridgen sold to Matthew Johnston of Duplin Co. 100 a. on Cram Creek, called Ganey's Branch, Oct 31, 1753, Book 6, p. 305
1756Sampson County Deeds 1756 Seller Samuel Sellars to Matthew Pridgen of Duplin County 100 a. on W side of Six Runs, Mar 13, 1756
1756Sampson County Deeds Mar 13, 1756 Seller and Buyer Matthew Pridgen Sr. of Bladen County sold to Matthew Pridgen, Jr. Oct Court of Duplin County on Clear Run, 160 Acres, It being patented to William Stewart on Mar. 13, 1756 by Gov. Dobbs Wit: Ezekiah Bell and Mark Pridgen
4 January, 1758Edgecombe County Chain Carrier William Predgen and Rubin Hay were the Sworn Chain Carriers for a survey of 274 acres in Edgecombe Co. joing Elias Foort, Baker's Branch, Tembty's line, and Brantly's line. (This was taken from the land plat of Thomas Good.)
1758Duplin Co Land Record Seller 11 April 1758 - Matthew Pridgen sells 100 acres to David Jones, for 20 lbs., said land on the west side of Six Runs between Robert Hayes and Clerk's plantation, Duplin Co., NC.
1760Edgecombe County deeds 11 Feb 1760 Buyer Benjamin Flowers planter of Edgecombe Co to David Prigen (Pridgeon) of same. 11 Feb 1760. 30L. Va. 150 acres which was part of a patent to sd Benjamin Flowers 20 Apr. 1745 on north side of Tar River above the mouth of Sappony Creek, joining William Eason. wit. Edward Moore, David Mann, Jacob Flowers, Sep Ct 1760, James Hall CC
1760Duplin County Witness 16 Aug 1760 - David Duncan sells 200 acres to Thomas Carroll, for 30 lbs., said land being in Duplin Co., on Crain Creek. Land was the lower end of a tract surveyed for John Smith in 1750 and made over by conveyance to David Duncan. Wit: Matthew Pridgen.
1760Sampson County Deed Nov. 13, 1760 Obadiah Lassiter of Duplin to Matthew Pridgen of Duplin Co. sold 160 a. on Clear Run, Nov. 13, 1760
1760Duplin County Birth Dec. 15, 1760 Pension Record Francis Pridgen born Dec. 15, 1760 in Duplin which later became Sampson. Died Aug 29/30 1840
12 February, 1761Edgecombe Chain Carrier Arthur Allen and Thomas Prigen are Sworn Chain Carriers for a survey of 629 acres that was patented on 23 July 1761 by Jacob flowers. Said land being in Edgecombe County on the north side of the great branch, joining Edward Moor and William Cane.
16 March, 1761Edgecombe Adjacent land ower Stephen Wells patents 145 acres in Edgecombe County in the Parish of St Mary, joining William Eason, Sapony Creek, Arthur Allin, and Daniel Pridgen.
2 January, 1762Dobbs county Warrant On behalf of William Pridgen, a warrant is issued to Charles Young to survey 700 acres in Dobbs Co. on the north side of Black Creek, joining Charles Young and the said Creek. Back of document reads, "Granted 1 April 1763"
1 May 1762Edgecombe County Adjacent land George Brown patents 630 acres in Edgecombe County joining Duncan Lamon, Crawley's line, and Pridgions line.
1762Edgecombe County Estates 1762 William Pridgen's will was probated on May 11, 1762 Thomas Horn was appt. Guardian to Selah (Sala) and Elizabeth Pridgeon..orphans of William Pridgeon, dec'd. Thomas Pridgen was appointed Guardian to David, Jesse, William and Drury…orphans of William. Mary was married to a Whibley (Whitley?) at time of father's death. The fact that there was a David Pridgen buying and selling land before 1762 proves that there were 2 David Pridgens in the area….David, the son of William (d. 1762) was a minor child in 1762 when his father died.
15 June, 1763Edgecombe County Marriage License Thomas Pridgen and Martha Ruffin Source: Marriages of Early Edgecombe County by Williams and Griffin
1765Duplin County Birth Bible Records 1765 Matthew M. Pridgen b. 15 Dec. 1765 Duplin. Married Hannah Anders…7th child of William Pridgen who was born in 1732
1766Duplin County Land Deed Sept 1766 Buyer Matthew Pridgen bought 200 acres in Duplin on East side of the Six Run and on Cuwhiffle Branch joining the mouth of Rooty Branch, the said Cuwhiffle and the Marsh at the mouth of a small branch. (William Pridgen__the Old Man___ was living on Cuwhiffle Creek, Duplin County when he joined the Rev. war. Also William named a son Matthew (b. 15 Dec. 1765) William stated in his Pension application that he had lived in Duplin, Brunswick, and Bladen County)
26 September 1766Duplin County Adjacent Land James Cook patents 300 acres in Duplin County on the west side of The Six runs on both sides of Craines Creek, joining a small branch below Matthew Pridgen.
1766Edgecombe County Deeds 13 Oct 1766 Seller Thos Pridgin and his wife Martha of Dobbs Co. to Saml Williams of Edgecombe Co. 13 Oct 1766.60 L. proclamation. 100 acres on the south side of Tar River joining Williams. Wit: Wm. Joyner, Dun Lamon apr. Ct 1767
1767Edgecombe County Court Records Guardianship January, 1767 Thomas Horn exhibited an account of his guardianship of Elizabeth Pridgen, orphan of William Pridgen,dec' 1762 January, 1767 Thomas Pridgen exhibited an account of his guardianship of Jesse Pridgen, orphan of William Pridgen, dec'd. At the same time David Pridgen exhibited his account of guardianship of William and Drewy Pridgen, orphans of William Pridgen dec'd 1762 October, 1767 Jesse Pridgeon, orphan of William Pridgeon, dec;d, chose Mathias Manning. Source is Edgecombe County, NC Abstracts of Court Minutes by Dorman
1767Dobbs County Land Grant Grantee 1767 Thomas Pridgen granted 300 acres in Dobbs County Grant no. 607, Book 23 , p. 70,No 844 Issued 27 April 1767, Entered 29 Jan. 1767 Thomas Pridgen 300 acres Dobbs. Joining Isam Lanes Line beginning at a hickory in Isam Lanes line being his own line. Mary Fennells corner tree and running with his own line S 70 W 184 poles to a black Jack his own corner in or near Simon Turners line there with it 100 poles to a pine in or near William Faircloths line the n S200 poles to a pine then E 186 poles to a stake in or near Robert Williams line thence to the beginning dated 27th April 1767. Wm. Tryon …Chain bearers….Aaron Felts and Jesse Pridgen.
(Note Robert Williams is one of my Ancestors. His daughter Sarah (Sally)m. Jesse Pridgen in 1799)
1767Edgecombe County Deeds 9 May 1767 Buyer Samuel Longbottom of Edgecombe co. to David Pridgeon of same. 9 May 1767. 31 L. Proclamation 200 acres on the south side of Tar River, joining Record. Wit. Jams Taylor, Joseph Harwood
1767Duplin County Adjacent land Owner James Cook sells 300 acres to Hamblin Hilburn, for 10 lbs., said land being in Duplin Co. on the west side of Six Runs and on both sides of Crane Creek adjoining Matthew Pridgen.
1769Edgecombe County Deeds 11 Mar 1769 Buyer Aaron Farguson of Edgcombe Co. to David Pridgen of same 11 Mar 1769. 20L proclamation. 350 acres which Aaron Farguson purchased from Moses Farguson 23 Jul 1761 on N. side of Tar River, joining Great Medo...Feb Ct. 1770
1769Edgecombe County Deeds August 1769 Seller David Pridgeon and his wife Mary of Edgcombe Co to Samuel Longbottom. 23 Aug 1769, 30 L. proclamation. 200 acres on South side of Tar River, joining Richard. Sd femme relinquished right of dower. Wit. Dun Lamon, Archibald Lamon.
1769 or 1770Edgecombe County Guardianship Mathias Manning exhibited an account of his guardianship of Jesse Pridgeon, orphan of William Pridgeon, dec'd 1762. From Edgecombe County Abstracts of Court Records by Dorman Aug Ct 1769. Jas Hall CC
December 5, 1770Mr. Pridgen, a merchant of London, trading to NC Source: Walter Clark's "Colonial Records of N.C " Vol. 8, p. 276
1770Edgecombe County Deeds 7 Nov. 1770 Buyer Joseph Harwood and his wife Sarah of Edgcombe Co to David Pridgeon of same. 7 Nov. 1770 . 40 L. proclamation 140 acres where sd. Joseph now lives, on Sappony Swamp. sd. femme relinquished right of dower. Wit. Dun Lamon, Archid Lamon. Nov. Ct 1770. Jas Hall CC
15 Jan 1771Duplin County Land deed Buyer Luke Prior of Duplin Co, NC, planter, to Matthew Pridgen of same, planter, for 70 pounds, land on the west side of South river near George Moore's tract of land in Bladen County. Wi: James Yarborough, John Pridgen, William Pridgen. Proved by William Pridgen, No. Court 1771.
May 24, 1773Duplin Land patent Adjacent landowner George Bell patents 640 acres in Duplin on the Six Runs between the head of Wm. Johnston;s mill branch and the head of Cuwhiffle on both sides of the main road, joining a branch of Cuwhiffle, Pridgen's Pocoson, and the fork of Johston's Mill branch.
1773Duplin County 14 Aug 1773 - Robert Wright sells 100 acres to Daniel Fowler, for 40 lbs., said land on the north east side of the Great Coheary taking in the plantation where John Pridgen formerly lived, Duplin Co., NC. Wit: Richard Tatom, John Pridgen.
1774Duplin County Buyer 22 April 1774 - Daniel Fowler sells 200 acres to John Pridgen, for 40 lbs., said land on both sides of Buck Horn which empties into the Six Runs, Duplin Co., NC. Land was granted to Andrew Neely by patent and conveyed by the said Andrew Neely by deed to the said Daniel Fowler, being the land and plantation the said John Pridgen now lives and cultivates.
1775Edgecombe County Deeds 18 Feb. 1775 Buyer William Lewis planter of Edgcombe Co to David Pridgeon of same 18 Feb 1775. 30 L. Va 150 acres on the south side of Sappony Swamp, joining Great Branch, Spring Bottom also part of a Granville Grant dated 25 Mar 1752 joining Spring branch, Lewis, Eason, Sappony Creek. Wit. Dun Lamon, Archd Lamon Apri Ct 1775. Edward Hall CC
March 2, 1775Duplin County land patent Adjacent land owner Thomas Rogers patents 300 acres in Duplin County on the east side of the Six Runs and on the south side of Cuwhiffle on the main road, joining George Bell, Matthew Pridgen, George Robinson, and Hairvill's line.
March 4, 1775Dobbs Land Adjacent land owner Abraham Sheppard, J. patents 500 acrs in Dobbs on Contentney Creek, joining Pridgen's line, Robert Reynolds, (a point) near Reave;s corner, and Thomas Lane (now Williams's corner)
1775Edgecombe County Deeds Oct 19, 1775 Seller William Pridgen of Dobbs County NC to Benjamin Smith of Edgecombe Co. Oct 19, 1775 for 174/13/4 Proc. Money a tract of 180 acres on the South banks of Tar River adjoining Gainey, ti being a tract of land granted to Michal Dorman by patent 1740 and by said Dorman conveyed to William Pridgeon decd. Unto the present william Pridgeon by his last will and testament …Witness: Jesse Pridgen and David Pridgen.
This is the son of William Pridgen (d. 1762)
1776Pridgen who fought in the Revolutionary War (Notes in brackets are Rebecca Appleberry's assumptions/guesses on who they are. Old Man William stated that he fought in the Revolutionary war with 4 of his sons, and that his son Thomas had died in the War. Mathew Pridgen, who died in 1809 at the age of 103 had 7 sons who fought in the War.) I am in agreement with Rebecca's assumptions.
 · David Pridgion of …ileford District, NC (son of William, d. 1762)
 · Drury Pridgion of Halifax District, NC (son of William, d. 1762)
 · Francis Pridgen, a Private, served in Continental Army. Enlisted 1781. (Son of Old Man William)
 · Jesse Pridgen of Halifax District, Nash County 23 Aug. 178_(Son of William,d. 1762)
 · John Pridgion District of Wilmington, NC, Oct . 1784 (Son of Old Man William)
 · Luke Pridgion State of NC 16 Ma. 1782 (Son of Mathew, d. 1809?)
 · Mark Pridgin 16 Mar 1782 (Son of Mathew, d. 1809?)
 · Marmaduke Pridgion, served in the Continental Line. Died in Service in the town of Wilmington in 1776. His Military Land Warrant (640 acres in 1797) was delivered to Col. D. Stewart. (Son of Mathew, d. 1809?)
 · Mathew Prigion, on Payroll (Son of Old Man William.)
 · Peter Pridgin, served as Private. His widow received his pension in 1815. (Son of Mathew, d. 1809?)
 · Ruffin Pridgen of Dobbs. County, NC Militia duty Aug. 1783 (Son of Thomas who was son of William d. 1762)
 · Thomas Pridgen, Captain, died in service, 1778, NC (Son of Old Man William)
 · Thomas Pridgen, served as Private, NC (son of William, d. 1762)
 · William Pridgen, served in the NC Militia for over 1 year. (Old Man William. Son of Mathew, d. 1809?)
 · William Pridgen, served 36 months in the continental Line. His Military Land warrant (274 acres in 1784) was delivered to James Williams. (Son of William, d. 1762?)
 · Zacheriah Pridegeon, Private, served on the Continental Line. His Military Land Warrant (640 acres in 1785) was delivered to Wm Faircloth. (Son of Mathew, d. 1809?)
1777Edgecombe County Petition Among the signers of a petition to divide Edgecombe County into 2 parts (i.e. Nash and Edgecombe) were David and Jesse Pridgen
1778Dobbs County Land Entries Jan 6, 1778 Buyer Thomas Pridgeon 200 acres Dobbs, joining his own lines, Thomas Edwards and Pool Halls lines, on the No Side of Marsh…now Greene County
1778Duplin County Land Entries Aug 20, 1778 Adj Owner James Cook enters 148 ac on waters of Crane Cr. Bordering Claudeus Cartright, Peter Pridgin
1778Dobbs County Land Entries September 11, 1778 Buyer Thomas Pridgeon 100 acres Dobbs, on Fort run. Joining David Wards lines or Thomas Edwards's line…..Greeene County now
1778Duplin County Land Entries Oct 19, 1778 Adj. Owner William Register enters 100 a. on S. side of Clear Run bordering Matthew Pridgin and William Johnston
1778Duplin County Land Entries Oct 19, 1778 Buyer William Prigin enters 200 ac.
1779List of Voters in Dobbs County. This list was extremely important because those voters would be marked as the rankest seditionist if the Revolutionary Cause failed. For these men of Dobbs are among those who closest held to heart the pledge of the Declaration of Independence...590 men cast their vote for the election of one Senator and two members of the House of Commons to represent Dobbs (Now Lenoir, Greene and Wayne)Thomas PRIDGEN was a voter. Source: Kinston Free Press, November 2, 1962..bicentennial reprint.
1779Duplin County Land Entries July 15, 1779 Adjacent land owner George Bell enters 200 ac. On S. side of Black River . William Pridgin's entry and Johnson
1779Dobbs County Land Grant 1779 Thomas Pridgen granted 200 acres in Dobbs County 1779 Grant no. 194 Entry # 66 Book #29 Issued 10 Nov. 1779 Entered 7 April 1778, p. 384 Location on the S. side of Fort Run, Dobbs County. Survey for Thomas Pridgen a plantation containing 200 acres Land in Dobbs County on the South Side Fort Run. Beginning at David Wards and Thomas Edwards corner a pine and run with Wards line north sixty -five degrees west 80 poles to a Bay bush in Fort Run Marsh, thence up the said Marsh South 30 degrees East eighty poles to a black Gum in the said Marsh thence South 80 East Fourteen poles to Benjamin Edwards corner then with Edwards line north 78 East 146 poles to a pine his other corner. Then with another of Edwards lines South 12 East 140 poles to a pine then East 54 poles to a stake said Pridgeons own corner, then with his own line North 17 East 176 poles to a pine, thence with Shadrack Stanleys line North 55West 139 poles to Sandy Stanleys and Thomas Edwards line thence with the said line to the beginning.
1779Duplin County Land Entries Oct 4, 1779 Adj. owner Randle Miller enters 100 acres of land between John Pridgin and Doud 1779 Duplin County, NC Oct 4 1779 Adjacent land owner Reuben green enters 200 acres between Van and Pridgin's line, Duplin Co., NC
23 Oct 1779Mathew Pridgen , Wm. (his X mark) Pridgin, and John(his X mark) Pridgin sign a petition to form a new County from New Hanover, Duplin, and Bladen Counties.
1779Duplin County Land Entries Oct 23, 1779 Buyer John Pridgin enters 150 ac. On E. side of Cuwhiffle Br and both sides of Marsh Br.
1780Dobbs County 1780 Provision Taxes Thomas Pridging , Assessor L9,590 96 Indian Corn A list of the inhabitants with the value of their estates lyable by law to taxation with taxes thereon in Captn. Henry Taylor's district for the year 1780
1780Dobbs County Land Entries March 10 1780 Buyer Thomas Pridgeon 100 acres Dobbs, on Fort Run joining his own lines…now Greene County
1781Bladen County Tax List 1781 Matthew Pridgen 316 (lister does not indicate what the number stands for). Among others known to have allied Pridgen ties are:
Joseph Andres, Stephen Andres, John Hilliard
John O'Quinne, Tarlom O'Quinne Sr. and Jr.
1782David Pridgeon and Jesse Pridgeon are on the Nash Co., NC Tax List.
1783Duplin County, NC NC Tax List William Pridgeon, Matthew Pridgeon, Luke Pridgeon, and John Pridgeon are on the Duplin Co, NC Tax list.
1783Dobbs County Land Grant 1783 Thomas Pridgen granted 200 acres in Dobbs County in 1783 Grant No 442, Entry no 66, Book no. 50, page 26, Issued 13 Oct 1783, Entered 7 April 1778 Location on the S. side of Great Contentnea Creek Know ye that we have granted unto Thomas Pridgeon 200 acres of Land in Dobbs County on the south side of great Contentnea Creek beginning at a pine standing in John Edwards given line and runs with his line South 47 West 16poles to a pine, begin corner then with Dav Wards line north 67 W 8 poles to a pine on Fort Run Marsh then with the Marsh South 12 East 18o poles to a pine in said line then E 42 poles to a stake his own corner, then with his own line N 23 E 310 poles to a stake, then to the Beginning to hold unto the said Thomas Pridgeon his heirs and assigns forever… Alex Martin
1784Sampson County Tax List John Pridgen Sr. (130) acres), John Pridgen Jr. (150 acres), and Matthew Pridgin (280 acres) are on the Sampson Co., NC Tax List
1783Bladen County Tax List Matthew Pridgeon and Peter Pridgeon are on the Bladen Co., NC tax List
1785Duplin County Land Entries Sept 20, 1785 Adj. owner Odom enters 100 ac. On drains of Buckhorn Swamp between John Pridgion and Nehemiah Scott
14 Dec 1787Captain Pridgen is a witness before the General assembly of NC in a case against John Bonds. He says he saw Bonds on his way from Halifax.
1788Duplin County Land Entries Jan 30 1788 Buyer Matthew Pridgin enters 100 a. on both sides of Clear Run …bordering his own line and Thos Coggan
1788Nash County It is certified that David Pridgen was duly elected as a member of the Convention of NC for Nash County
1790Census, Beaufort County, New Bern District, NC Head of House: William Priggin.
1790Census, Bladen Co., Wilmington District, NC - Head of House: John Prigion, Peter Prigion, and Matthew Prigion.
1790Census, Dobbs Co., Newbern District, NC - Head of House: Ruffin Pridgeon and Thomas Pridgeon.
1790Census, Nash Co., Halifax District, NC - Head of House: David Pridgen, Drury Pridgen, Eliz. Allen Pridgen, Hardy Pridgen, Jesse Pridgen, and M. Mannen Pridgen.
1790Census, New Hanover Co., Wilmington District, NC - Head of House: William Prigeon.
1790Census, Sampson Co., Fayette District, NC - Head of House: Jane Pridgen.

According to the Surname Index of the US Census for the UNITED STATES (Heritage Quest) there were Pridgens, Pridgeons,Pidgeon, Pidgin, Pigen, Pigeon, Pigon, Prigeon, Prigion in the following states. The number of Heads of Households by number were: Massachusetts (4), New York (1), Pennsylvania (3), and NC (14)

9 April 1790New Hanover Juror William Pridgen chosen as juror for June Court Term, New Hanover Co., NC.
9 July 1790New Hanover Juror William Pridgen appointed as juror for next Court Term, New Hanover Co., NC.
9 Oct 1790New Hanover Juror William Pridgen appointed as juror for next Court Term, New Hanover Co., NC.
1790Dobbs County Land Entries March 3rd 1790 Buyer Thomas Pridgeon 150 acres Dobbs County, on Tisons Marsh joining his own lines. Greene County now
1791Dobbs County Land Grant 1791 Thomas Pridgen granted acres in Dobbs County in 1791 Grant no. 884, Entry 1002, Book 77, p. 33 Issued 26 Dec. 1791 (?), Entered 11 June 1778. Location on the S. side of Contentnea. For Thomas Pridgeon a tract of land Containing 81 acres lying in our county of Dobbs on the South side of Contentnea on both sides of Fort Run beginning at a stake and small black Jack at the intersection of Pridgeons own line and Abraham Sheppards line and runs with Sheppard line riverside East 80 poles to a pine Robert Williams corner then with his line N 12 W 100 ploes to his other corner then N 78 East 67 poles to or near a white oak on corner then north 20 west 130 poles then South 65 West 9 poles to a hickory said Pridgeons own beginning tree of a 200 acres survey then with his own line to the beginning. Chain bearers: Augustine Wasdon and David Sailer. Surveyed 16 Nov. 1791 by Wm. Holliday Surv.
23 November, 1792New Hanover William Pridgen chosen to lay off roads in Lower Black River District, New Hanover County, NC
1793Duplin County Land Entries June 14, 1793 Adj. owner Needham Sikes enters 100 a. between Dodd and Pridgion and Mrs Frier
November 26, 1793New Hanover Deed of John Dowd to Francis Pridgen proved by John Pridgen, New Hanover Co., NC
1794Craven County 1794 Ruffin Pridgen is listed as a member of a jury in a 1794 Boundary dispute case
1794Sampson County Deeds Sept 22, 1794 Thomas Coggin (Sept 22, 1794) of Sampson Co. sold to Matthew Pridgen of Sampson Co 70 acres, it being a part of the Pridgen Survey or original survey of Land the said Pridgen now occupies; the second tract containing 100 acres; the 3rd tract 100 acres
Nov 1794New Hanover County Seller William Pridgen sells land in New Hanover Co., NC to John Bourdeaux. Proved by John G. Scull.
1795Sampson County Land Grant Aug 7, 1795 Granted by State of NC to Matthew Pridgen 100 acres on both sides of Clear run. Register August 7, 1795 Book A, p. 289
1795Brunswick County List of Jury 13 July 1795 and 12 Oct 1795 John Pridgen…fined for not attending.
1799Sampson County Secretary of State Military Papers #154 State of North Carolina To all to whom these present shall come. Know ye that I William Pridgen of the County of Sampson and state aforesaid have and do by these presents for myself my heirs or assigns do tell, convey and transfer unto Henry Cannon of the county and aforesaid his heirs , executors, and ..asighn all my Right Title and Claim to a Military Warrant which am entitled to as heir at law and representaion of Thomas Pridgen who was a soldier in the late War Between Great Britain and the United States of America and who died in actual service in said war and the Survey on of Military Land, am hereby enpowered and authorized to survey ..and to make ....of said land in the name of said Henry Canon or to any person to whom the said Henry Cannon may empower or direct . In Testimony whereof said William Pridgen has hereunto set hand and seal th first day of June 1799.
William (HIS MARK) Pridgen
William Roberson
This may identify that I, James Sikes, did see the above Thomas Pridgen enlist in the Contentel servis of the United Stas for three years and during the War with Grat Briten. And has reason to believe that he did dy en said service .Given under my hand this the 4 day of July 1799 James Sikes, Sargent

The envelope with this paper (No. 154) is labeled Military Papers and has the following names: Pridgen , Thomas; Pridgen, William; Devane, Thomas; Sikes, James; Cannon, Henry; Carithers, William

1800Census Record North Carolina Abstracted by Bentley
1800Bladen County: John Pridgen, Matthew Pridgen, Peter Pridgen
1800Brunswick County: John Pridgeon
1800Greene County: Edwin Pridgeon, Ruffian Pridgeon, Thomas Pridgeon, Sr.
1800Montgomery County: William Pridgen
1800Nash County: David Pridgeon, Drewry Pridgeon, Hardy Pridgeon, Jesse Pridgeon
1800New Hanover County: Francis Pridgeon
1800Sampson County: Frederick Pridgen, Mathew Pridgen, William Pridgen,
December 17, 1808New Hanover County Land grant Francis Pridgen is granted 100 acres on the west side of Black River, New Hanover Co., NC Book 123, p. 365 . Shuck no 2794
1809Newspaper article The Raleigh Register Thursday November 2, 1809 p. 3 "Another case exciting considerable interest was that of the State vs. Luke Pridgeon, for the murder of Walter Torrens. So slight was the evidence against him, that the jury, without leaving their box, at once acquitted him"
1809Sampson county Land Grant 1809 State of NC granted Matthew Pridgen 660 acres on both sides of Cohera Run, Dec 23, 1809, Registered Sept 8, 1814
1810Brunswick County May 21 1810 Buyer John Pridgen enters 50 acres in Brunswick County on S. Side of NW Cape Fear river and on Wilches Cr. Border
10 Dec 1812New Hanover County Land Grant Francis Pridgen is granted 100 acres beginning at John Pridgen's line, New Hanover Co., NC. Book 127, p.222. Shuck no. 2909.
10 Dec 1812New Hanover County Grant Francis Pridgen is granted 50 acres on the east side of Black River, New Hanover Co., NC. Book 127, p.222. Shuck no. 2908.
4 Dec 1813New Hanover County Grant Francis Pridgen is granted 200 acres on the east side of Black River, New Hanover Co., NC. Book 128, p.149. Shuck no. 2942.
23 Dec 1814New Hanover County Grant Francis Pridgen is granted 200 acres beginning at William Huffham's corner and runs to the edge of the Flat Bay, New Hanover Co., NC. Book 129, p.144. Shuck no. 2968.
1814Sampson County Land Grant 1814 State of NC granted Matthew Pridgen 660 acres on both sides of Cohera Run, Dec. 23, 1809 , Registered Sept 8, 1814
1828New Hanover Grant Peter Pridgen is granted 50 acres on the south side of Buckle Swamp, New Hanover Co., NC. Book 137, p.398. Shuck no. 3272. July 7, 1828
1832Columbus County Deposition The deposition of John Fowler in Wm PRIDGENS war file Columbus Co, NC court August 13, 1832 personally appeared in open court before the worshipful Moore Linnon, Absolom Powelland Elisha Sellars holding the Court of Pleas and Quarter sessions now sitting, John Fowler, a resident of said county aged eighty five years,who being first duly sworn according to law , deposeth and saith as following that the said William Pridgeon an applicant for a pension under the act of Congress of June 7, 1832 did serve a tour of six months duty in the militia during the Revolutionary War, etc, etc, This is OLD MAN WILLIAM PRIDGEN
1833Bladen County
Age 102
Source: "North Carolina Pension Roll (Copied from U.S.
War Department, Report on Pensions, 1835)"
1833New Hanover Grant John F. Pridgen is granted 125 acres on the the south side of Colly Creek, adj. the land of Mr. Watters, New Hanover Co., NC. Book 144, p.359. Shuck no. 3365. April 10, 1833

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