Mother of Confederate Soldier

"The Only Living Mother of a Confederate Soldier"
dated 1 Oct 1975

I came upon this very interesting newspaper article, and thought you all might enjoy reading it. It's about Julia Ann Bordeaux, wife of Alfred S. Pridgen, who was the son of Francis Pridgen, who was the son of Old Man William. At the age of 105, Black-Draught (which I am told is a laxative) used Julia Ann in their ad

In an article from the "Pender Chronicle", Burgaw, NC, dated 1 Oct 1975: "The Only Living Mother of a Confederate Soldier---A 'Chronicle' subscriber, W.T. Pridgen, of Stone Mt., GA, came across a copy of an ad published in a magazine by Thedrod's Black-Draught in 1925, featuring Mrs. Juliann Pridgen, 105 years of age, of Currie, NC, in Pender County. The attractive ad showed the halftone engraving, made from one of Mrs. Pridgen's most recent photographs in 1925, with the following wording printed just above this photo: 'Black-Draught was used by the Confederate Forces in Georgia...' Other copy on the ad read: 'Mrs. Juliann Pridgen, of Currie, NC is believed to be the only woman now living who was the mother of a Confederate soldier. This remarkable old lady recently celebrated her 105th birthday anniversary, and was remembered on the occasion by several prominent southern women's societies who sent her greetings. For several years, the Daughters of the Confederacy have been sending her flowers on November 3, when children and grandchildren gather at her home to wish her many happy returns of the day. She was Juliann Bordeaux before her marriage at about the age of 17 to Alfred Pridgen. Her husband worked in an arsenal at Wilmington, making cannon and cannonballs, during the War Between the States, and her oldest son was a soldier of the Confederacy. Of Mrs. Pridgen's twelve children, six are still living, and she has numerous grandchildren and great grandchildren in eastern North Carolina.' Mrs. Pridgen said: 'My health is very good, and I have not needed to take much medicine, but we have used Black-Draught in our family a good many year, and have always found it beneficial. As a mild purgative it is very satisfactory, and I can recommend it.' "
Wasn't that great? It had genealogical data and great health tips all in one. By the way, Julia Ann died 19 Oct 1928 and is buried in Flynn Graveyard, Pender Co., NC, next to her husband.

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