Pridgen Application

William Pridgen - Review of Witnesses
August 13, 1832

State of North Carolina,
County of Columbus,
Court of Pleas and Quarter Session
August Session 1832

On this the 13th day of August 1832 personally appeared in open Court, before the Worshipful Moore Lennon, Absolom Powell, and Elisha Sellars holding the Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions now sitting John Fowler, a resident of said County aged Eighty five years who being duly sworn according to law, deposeth as following:

That the said William Pridgeon, an applicant for a Pension under the act of Congress of June 7th 1832 did serve a term of six months duly in the Militia during the Revolutionary War. That he this Deponent and the said William Pridgeon shortly after the Commencement of hostilities, in this part of the County during the revolutionary war the year and month not recollected by the Deponent enlisted at the same time at a place called Matthea Old Field in Sampson County, North Carolina for a service of six months, in a company of Militia called Minute Men, of which Richard Clintion was Captain, Patrick Newail was Lieutenant and one Bowen as well as this Deponent recollects was sure that they marched to Wilmington North Carolina, where together with another Company of Minute Men under the command a Capt. James Teachy were commanded by Col. James Kenan. That while at Wilmington the Minute Men were employed in scouting parties watching the Tories and guarding the Town. That after remaining at that place for some time they were marched thence to meet a body of Tories that were said to be advancing with whom they had an engagement at Moore Creek Bridge on which the Tories were defeated then Colonel McLeod having been killed also a Captain Campbell called the Captain of the Broadwoods men. Before the engagement the Minute men untied with the main body of the Militia under the command of Genl. Caswell. That after returning home two or three times this Deponent and the said William Pridgeon, having been able to be called out at any moment continued to serve on various duties until expiration of their term of service.

Sworn to and subscribed August 13th 1832.

It also appears to our states faction that the said John Fowler a credible witness. In testimony whereof we have hereunto subscribed our names and directed the seal of the Court to be affixed and the Certificate to _?_ by the clerk.

Moore Limmon, Chairman
Absalom Powell
Elisha Tiller

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