Pridgen Application

William Pridgen - Application for Army Pension
June 27, 1832

From Army Pension Records
North Carolina Dept. of Archives and History
Raleigh, NC
Included in Misc. Records of Bladen County. Number 1694:

William Pridgen: "Today is June 27, 1832, and I, William Pridgen am 100 years old. I would like to apply for a Revolutionary War Pension, being entitled to said Pension. I spent over 1 year in the fight, along with 4 of my sons and several sons in law. I was born June 27, 1732, in Halifax. I have been residing in Bladen County for a number of years now. I married Sarah Elizabeth Taylor, December 24, 1748. She was the daughter of John and Sarah Melvin Taylor. The following children are the legal a lawful offspring of this union. My wife, Sarah has been dead since November 20, 1780. Mary, Sarah, Thomas (who died during the fight with the Tories), John, Francis, Hannah, Elizabeth, Mathew, and William. I have been making my home with my son William since I got up in age."

When asked where his Family Bible was to prove his children's ages, he replied:
"My daughter Elizabeth, along with her husband, Abram Sellars, my grandson Luke, the son of my son Matthew, and my grandson Mark, the son of my son John, and a bunch from around took it into their heads to go to Georgia and Alabama. Elizabeth took her mother's Bible with her".

William Pridgen was granted his pension.
William Pridgen died June 7, 1855.

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