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Zilla Ann Batchelor
Apr 16, 1810 - Jan 18, 1902

Zilla Ann Batchelor
The Yoakum Herald (1902)

Mrs. Zillia Ann Batchelor, the honorable and venerable subject of this sketch, had lived twenty-two years over the time of three score and ten allotted to man, having been born in Nash County, N.C. April 16, 1810. While she had never affiliated with any church, she was of the Baptist faith and was known and loved by all as a good charitable and noble woman. In 1825 she was married to Rueben Batchelor, of the same State and Birth. Sixteen children was the result of this union, six of whom survive her, to wit: Mrs. Julia Wilford of Carthage, Texas; Mrs. O'Bar of Gonzales, Texas;Mrs. C.S. Russett of Oklahoma; V.B. Batchelor of Fordtran, this County; F.M. Batchelor and Mrs. F.M. Rackley of Edgar, this County.

At her death there were forty-six grand children, seventy-two great grandchildren and ten great, great grandchildren living. With her husband she moved to Texas in 1853, and settled in Gonzales County, where, in the short space of about five weeks, the husband and four children were snatched, as it were, from a happy household, as was then in a new and untried country.

During the Fall of the same year she purchased land near which community she has since enjoyed the esteem and confidence of all who knew her, until Saturday evening at 4 P.M. January 18, when the great leveler of all mankind bade her heart be still, when her spirit went forth to receive the reward for a long and useful life.

During the late fifties and sixties, when the travelers' resting places were far between, it was ever known that the string to the latch at the Batchelor home hung on the outside. She was peacefully laid to rest in the Edgar Cemetery on Sunday evening. The Rev. McDonald, Sr. conducted the last religious rites.

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