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Henry A. Pridgen

1st Obituary
"Henry A. Pridgen died at his home in this city Saturday morning, January 9, at 5 o'clock, of appoplexy. His death was sudden and a shock to the community. He was feeding chickens and fell unconscious to the ground, and did not regain consciousness.

He was born in North Carolina, February 15, 1833, moved with his parents to Louisana, where he was principally raised.

{{{ of course we know this is incorrect. Not in the obit. - Louise Merritt}}}.

When the war came on he volunteered, enlishing in Company I, 12th Louisana regiment and served with it until the close of the war, when he returned and went to work to build up his desolate home. His wife and children; three boys and six girls, survive him. All the children being married except Miss Mae, the youngest, who is in school here. All the children were present when the end came except Rufus, who resides in Southern Texas.

He was a member of the Christian church--and a strong defender of that doctrine.

On March 16, 1863, while on a furlough from a wound, he was married to Miss Sallie L. Bland, but soon had to return to his command leaving his beautiful young bride. In 1866 they moved to Texas, stopping at Farmersville for two years, then selling out bought land about three miles south of Wylie, where he remained until about four years ago, they moved to Wylie where his family still reside."

2nd Obituary

"Mr. Henry Pridgen, a pioneer citizen of the Liberty community, was stricken with paralysis last Thursday from which he died Saturday morning at 6 oclock. He was 75 years old, and had resided in that community a number of years, being among the first settlers, but had been a citizen of Wylie for the past four years. Deceased was well known over this section, and had the reputation of being an honorable, upright Christian gentleman.

His funeral was conducted by the Christian minister at Wylie Sunday afternoon, and interment was in the Wylie cemetery."

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