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Mrs. Laura F. Sugg

The Standard Laconic - 10 June 1932

Mrs. Laura F. Sugg, relict of the late William Henry Sugg died at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Ralph T. Bynum, Monday morning at 11:00 o'clock. Mrs. Sugg was suffering from a complication of diseases from which she had been confined to her room for the past three months, the immediate cause of her death being heart failure. She was 74 years old February 27th last. Funeral services were conducted in the home beginning at 2:30 pm conducted by her pastor, Rev. R. F. Pittman of Ayden, she being a member of the Hull Road church at Arba. She was buried in the Everett Sugg burial ground in the community where she had spent all of her life, in the presence of a large crowd of friends and relatives, the florial tributes for this good woman being many and beautiful. She was a daughter of the late Henry Pridgen and a sister of the late Lon Pridgen.
Mrs. Sugg is survived by two sons, Messrs. Walter and Drew Sugg, and five daughters, Mesdames R. T. Bynum, R. C. Murphy, A. H. Joyner, and Dan Ormond and Miss Lizzie Sugg, all residents of this county, and a large number of grandchildren.

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