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Emily Pridgen Croom

The following obituary was probably from a Wilmington, NC newspaper. I have the clipping, but whoever cut it out didn't put the paper's name. She was the daughter of Isaiah Peter Pridgen, who was the son of Francis Pridgen, who was the son of Old Man William. - [Rebecca Appleberry}

This posted obit came from Wilmington, N.C. 's The Daily Journal, Monday, March 24, 1862. From the N.C. Room of the New Hanover Public Library in Marriage & Death Notices from Wilmington, N.C. Newspapers 1860-1865 by Helen Moore Sammons, 1987, p. 49, "#476 CROOM:

(Special Thanks to Carole Weiss for providing the missing information)

The Daily Journal
Wilmington, NC.
March 24, 1862:

also printed in:

The Wilmington Weekly Journal
Thur, March 27,1862

"Deaths-On Thursday, 6th instant, of typhoid fever, near Lillington, New Hanover county.

Mrs. Emily Croom, wife of Major Croom, aged 39 years. The deceased had been an exemplary member of the Baptist Church for many years. In every relation of life, piety and gentleness characterized her as wife, mother and friend. She was devoted, affectionate and kind. But, alas, death has taken the loved one, and left a void around the maternal hearth, and in the hearts of a devoted husband and many relatives and friends the world can never fill."

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