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Sister Holland Pridgen
Mar 21, 1809 - Unknown

Sister Pridgen was the daughter of Joshua Tucker and wife, Cathern, whose maiden name was Bruton. She was born in Lenoir County on Loosing Swamp, March 21st, 1809 where she lived until she was married. Then she lived with her husband in Greene County on Tyson's Marsh where they lived more than twenty years during which time she was received a member of the church at Mewborn's Meeting House while it was an arm or part of Bear Creek Church. She was received in June 1835 and baptised by Elder Mewborn on a good confession of faith. Her experience was bright and plain. On the 2nd of May, 1840, she with a number of others took letters from Bear Creek Church and on the 16th day of May 1840 was constituted in a church at Mewborn's Meeting House where she was a regular and prompt attendant until she with her husband and family moved to Lenoir County near where she was born and lived there until the time of her death which took place on the 12th of August 1855. Sister Pridgen in her manner was plain and decent, her conversation free and pleasant. She was a true believer in the Christian Graces and spoke often of the spiritual blessings of God which were manifested to her especially in the time of trouble. Such was her confidence in the church where she had her membership that she would not withdraw from it during her life to join with any other although she lived at a distance and with inconvenience for her to attend her meetings. She left a large family of children and servants and friends and relations to mourn her departure. She was aware of her departure for a number of months and often said that the time was drawing nigh. So it may be said a lover of the Lord Jesus is gone to her rest and Blessed are the dead that die in the Lord.

Copied from Mewborn Church Books, Book 1, pages 37 - 38

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