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James B. Pridgen
Nov 29, 1801 - May 3, 1840

In memory of Brother James B. Pridgen: Son of Thomas and Mary Pridgen was born in Greene County 29th of November, 1801 and was received a member of the Baptist Church of Jesus Christ at Bear Creek Meeting House, Lenoir County in the year 1835 and took a letter of dismission with other brethern and sisters and was constituted in a church at Mewborn's Meeting House, Greene County, Saturday before the third Lord's day in May 1840. When he was chosen clerk of said church, he continued to fill office until time of his death which took place the 1st day of Feb. 1850 in the 49th year of his age. He was a good husband, father and neighbor and attending to church.

Copied from Mewborn Church Books, Book 1, page 22

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