Documents of Military Service

Documents Pertaining to Military Service

State of North Carolina

I hereby certify that Marmaduke Pridgon a Private in the continental line of this state died in the Service in the Town of Wilmington in this state in the year 1776. Given under our hands. January 25, 1797

Joshua Hadley, Capt J. Bradley, Cpt. John Medearis, Capt.

State of North Carolina

To Thomas Pridgeon Squire Greeting. We, reposing especial Trust and Confidence in your Patriotism, Valour, Conduct, and Fidelity, do by these Presents constitute and appoint you to be Captain of a Company in the Dobbs Regiments of Militia in this State.

You are therefore carefully and diligently to discharge the Duty of Captain--by exercising and well disciplining the Officers and Soldiers under your Command, and by doing and performing all Manner of Things thereunto belonging. And we do strictly charge and require all Oficers and Soldiers under your Command to be obedient to your Orders as Captain And you---------such Orderions and Directions, from Time to Time, as you shall receive from your superior officers, according to the Rules and Directions of Military Discipline, and the Laws of this State.

Witness Richard Caswell, Esq;Governor, Captain-General, and Commander in Chief, in and over the said State, under his Hand and Seal at Arms, at Newbern, the 6th of May Anno Dom. 1777, and in the first Year of our Independence.

By His Excellenc Comd. Signed R Caswell J Glasgow, Sec.

This day June the first 1799 William Pridgen came before me and made oath that Thomas Pridgen was enlisted for during the war and that he died in the Service that he is lawful heir of said Thomas Pridgen that he has not transferred his title to any other person but said Henry Caron Sworn before me the date above mentioned
W. Roberson..............
William Pridgen (his mark)

I assign my wright an title of the within claim over to Wm. Carethers this 28th June 1799
Edward Dicksone
Henry Cannard

This may satisfy that Thomas Pridgen was enlisted under myself as Capt. of a Company of Volunteers, said Prigin Inlisted as a Continental soldier and died in the Service of the United States. Given under my hand July 2nd 1799

Thomas Divane, Capt.

No. 34 Thomas Pridgen 1000 acres in the name of the heirs of Thomas Pridgen

William Carethers

State of North Carolina
To all to whom then presents shall come . Know ye that I William Pridgen of the County of Sampson and state aforesaid have and do by the presents for myself and Heirs or asigns or ___convey and transfer to Henry Cannon to the County and aforesaid his Heirs Executors and asisn all my right title and claim to a Military Warrant which entitles to an Heir at law and representative of Thomas Pridgen who was a soldier in the late War Between Great Britain and the United States of America and who died in actual service in said war and the survey of Military Land are hereby empoweredAuthored to survey __out and make returns of said land in the name of said Henry Canon or to any person to whom the said Henry Cannon may empower or direct. In Testimony where of said William Pridgen has here unto set hand and seal the first day of Jun 1799

William Pridgen (his Mark)

This may testify that I, James Sikes did see the above Thomas Pridgen enlist in the Continental Service of the United States for three years and during the War with Grate Britten. And has reason to beleave that he Did dye in said service. Given under my hand this 1st day of July 1799 James Sikes, Sargent

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