OCTOBER 10, 1868 to MARCH 14, 1873

Oldest Marriage Bonds on Record in County
Complied by the Craighead-Dunlap Chapter
Wadesboro, NC; February 1937, Virginia Horne, Regent
LDS Family History Library, SLC, UT FILM #018125,
Pages 110-124


Oct. 10, 1868Thomas Streeter, s. of Henry Cole & Polly Brook and Sylvester Brem - parents unknown. Married Jan 1.

Oct. 20, 1868 H. M. Gulledge, s. of Thomas & Rachel Gulledge, and G. D. Cason, d. of Andrew & Harriet Cason. Married Jan 1.
Oct. 20, 1868John Tarlton, s. of Willis & Nancy Tarlton, and Sarah Marsh, d. of John T. & Caroline Marsh. Married Nov. 30.
Oct. 24, 1868Alex Livingstone, s. of Duncan & Martha Livingstone, and Mary Boggan, d. of John & -- Boggan. Married Nov. 18.
Oct. 21, 1868James Calvin Cox, s. of Calvin Cox, deceased & Mary C. Cox, and Julia A. Jarmen, d. of J. W & -- Jarmen. Md. Nov. 19.
Oct. 9, 1868Clement M. Curlee, s. of Griffin & Jane Curlee, and Ellen F. Duncan, d. of James & Elizabeth Duncan.
Nov. 4, 1868John A. Poplin, s. of Thomas J. & Judith W. Poplin, and Mary E. Moss, d. of Mary Moss, widow. Married Dec. 1.
Nov. 9, 1868John G. Keelyn, s. of B. D. & Elizabeth Keelyn, and Cornelia Smith, d. of John D. Smith, dec. and Camilla Smith. Married Nov. 12.
Nov. 19, 1868John R. Grady, s. of Robert & Lidie Grady, and Mary A. Redfearn, d. of Wilson & Zilpha Redfearn. Married Nov. 30.
Nov. 27, 1868Samuel H. McLendon, s. of John & Nancy McLendon, and Laura S. Allen, d. of Robert A. & Elizabeth A. Allen. Md. Nov. 30.
Nov. 30, 1868A. J. Stafford, s. of N. S. & Sarah L. Stafford, and Parthenia A. Beverly, d. of Nathan & Emeline Beverly. Md. Dec. 1.
Dec. 3, 1868James B. Tarlton, s. of Willis & Nancy Tarlton, and Rhoda Lowrie. Married Jan. 10.
Dec. 8, 1868John W. McGreagor, s. of Duncan & Esabelle McGregor, and Fannie M. Smith, d. of W. C. & Mary A. Smith. Married Jan. 1.
Dec. 19, 1868Lewellen Sinclair, s. of James & Ab Sinclair, and Mary Meadows, d. of William Rorie. Married Jan. 1.
Dec.21, 1868Thomas Tyson, s. of Lemuel & Lou Tyson, and Mahala Carpenter, d. of Lemuel & T. Carpenter. Married Jan. 1.
Dec. 22, 1868Elisha T. Redfearn, s. of James & Elizabeth Redfearn, and Thetus Teal, d. of William C. Teal. Married Jan 1.
Dec. 28, 1868W. A. Allen, s. of Wilson & Penelope Allen, and E. A. Little, d. of Thomas Little. Married Jan 1.
Dec. 29, 1868Benjamin Hudson, s. of Joshua & -- Hudson, and Laura Thompson, widow of --Thompson. Married Jan. 1.
Dec. 29, 1868James C. Webster, s. ---- & Susan Webster, and Mary V. Hildreth, d. of Polly Hildreth.
Oct. 8, 1868Edmund D. Privet, s. of John & Lydia Privet, and H. J. Jackson, d. of Gaston & Charlotte Jackson.
Oct. 19, 1868Sampson Caudle, s. of Absalom & Elizabeth Caudle, and Elizabeth Lilly, d. of Edmund & Elizabeth Lilly.
 James Phifer, s. of Thomas & Elizabeth Phifer, and Maniza Caudel, d. of Allen & Mary Caudel, were married Oct. 26, 1868.
Oct. 27, 1868John Dabbs, s. of Thomas & Jane Dabbs, and Ann Eldrige, widow of F. Elrige.
Jan. 1, 1869Thomas Beacham, s. of Hugh and Zilla Beacham, and Margaret Sykes, d. of DeBerry & Jane Sykes.
Jan. 4, 1869Lewis Griggs, s. of John & Susan Griggs, and Harriet Gulledge, d. of James & Martha Gulledge.
Jan. 5, 1869A. Tarlton, s. of John & Inda Tarlton, and Henrietta Tyson, d. of James & Camilla Tyson.
Jan. 8, 1869Wilson Bivens, s. of Ketter Bryan & Minder Bivens, and Eliza Chambers, d. of Obed Lowry & Wincy Chambers.
Jan. 11, 1869William Gulledge, s. of Thomas & Rachel Gulledge, and Helen McClendon, d. of Edmund & Sarah McClendon.
Jan. 13, 1869Julius M. Cox, s. of Benjamin & Fannie Cox, and Nancy Jane Ratliff, d. of the late John & Jane Ratliff.
Jan. 14, 1869George W. Nash, s. of Benj. Hutson & Nancy Nash, and Jane West, d. of Jacob West.
Jan. 22, 1869Julius Hilborn, s. of Hirch & Hanchen Hilborn, and Wilmer Myers, d. of Dr. Albert & Eliza Myers.
Jan. 24, 1869John Stricklin, s. of Nathaniel & Lydia Stricklin, and Sarah Snipes, d. of James & Effa Nanice.
Jan. 29, 1869John Treadaway and Phoebe Griggs.
Feb. 6, 1869James Crowder, s. of Richard & Elizabeth Crowder, and Mary E. Barrett, d. of Eli Barrett.
Feb. 8, 1869Pleasant Q. Brock, s. of Alsey & Lucy Brock of  Cheraw, SC, and Martha E. Horne, d. of Wm. E. & Sarah Horne.
Feb. 9, 1869Wm. T. Smith, s. of the late Rev. Alex B. & Mary Ann T. Smith, and Caroline N. Wall, d. of John & Eliza Wall.
Feb. 10, 1869Amons Thomas, s. of Benjamin & Belinda Thomas,and Sylvania Griffin, d. of Riley & Sophia Griffin.
Feb. 27, 1869William H. Dabbs, s. of David & Eliza Dabbs, and Susan E. Liles, d. of Eli & Mary Liles.
Feb. 27, 1869Elijah Ratliff, s. of William & Mary Jane Ratliff, and Julia Grady, d. of John & Frances Grady.
March 13, 1869William Braswell, s. of Calvin Braswell and Jane Carpenter, d. of Allen & Lou Carpenter.
March 16, 1869Roland R. Bennett, s. of Risden & Ann Bennett and Bette Knotts, d. of John Knotts.
March 16, 1869Benjamin Williams, s. of Benj. Williams, and Helen Henry, d. of Jesse & Jane Henry.
March 22, 1869William P. Beverly, s. of James & Susan Beverly and Nancy A. Teal, d. of Thomas & A. Teal.
March 22, 1869Lewis James Williams, s. of Nicholas L. & Mary Williams, and Sallie Aliff Smith, d. of William G. & Eliza Smith.
March 23, 1869William H. Caudel, s. of Alfred & Ann Caudel, and Eliza J. Bowers, d. of Wiley & Mary Bowers.
April 27, 1869William J. Harris, s. of Benj. & Rebecca Harris, and Martha J. Sellars, d. of John & Mary Sellars.
May 14, 1869E. A. Covington, s. of Elijah & Margaret Covington, and Hattie Edwards, d. of Jesse & Ann E. Edwards.
May 25, 1869Lot Sinclair, s. of Obediah & Martha Sinclair, and Rebecca Little, d. of Hosea & Rachel Little.
June 7, 1869William C. Webb, s. of Richnond & Mary Webb, and Caroline Yates, d. of James B. & Fannie Clark.
Aug. 11, 1869Josiah J. Ponds, s. of Thomas & Laura A. Ponds, and Ellen C. Ponds, d. of Benj. K. & Lucretia Ponds.
Aug. 16, 1869Pleasant Boggan, s. of John & Rosanna Boggan, and Matilda Wallace, d. of Isham & Morgan Wallace.
Sept. 4, 1869W. M. Porter, s. of Alex & Eliza Porter, and Phoebe Watkins, d. of William C. & Flora Watkins.
Sept. 9, 1869W. G. Jones, s. of S. W. & M. W. Jones, and A. M. Parker, d. of Nevil & Catarine Bennett.
Sept. 15, 1869William Hooks, s. of George & Elmira Hooks, and Louisa Porter, d. of William & Hamet Porter.
Sept. 16, 1869John C. Long, s. of John W. & Jane M. Long, and Nancy J. Winfree, d. of William W. Winfree.
Sept. 20, 1869John A. Polk, s. of Thomas J. & Talitha Polk and Bettie N. Lilly, d. of the late Edmund F. & Catherine Lilly.
Sept. 21, 1869Waight Lee, s. of William Lee, and Mary McLendon.
Oct. 9, 1869James Sinclair, s. of Lewellen Sinclair, and Mary Pinksen
Oct. 13, 1869William H. Bird, s. of William D. & Nancy Bird, and Roxy L. Livingstone, d. of Angus & Martha Livingstone.
Oct. 14, 1869John Burr, s. of Richard Burr, and Martha A. Gaddy, d. of the Late Holden Gaddy.
Oct. 19, 1869James H. Benton, s. of William Henry Benton, and Charlott Briley, d. of William K. & Susan Briley.
 George B. Briley, s. of William K. and Susan Briley, and Frances C. Winfree, d. of Gideon & Judith Winfree, were married Oct. 19, 1869.
Oct. 19, 1869Benj. Kelly and Judy Brooks.
Oct. 19, 1869J. T. Gaddy, s. of Jacob & Juda Gaddy and M. H. Tyson, d. of John & Mary Tyson.
 Samuel A. Clark, s. of William & Charlotte Clark, and Eliza J. Hinson, d. of Benj, & Lydia Hinson.
Oct. 30, 1869William A. Rore, s. of Beverly & Ann R. Rore, and Emma Barrett, d. of Thomas & Jane Barrett.
Oct. 13, 1869William A. Brook, s. of John & ?? Brook, and Nancy Ellen Knotts, d. of Benj. Knotts.
Oct. 18, 1869 Franklin P. Harris, s. of Benj. & Rebecca Harris, and Catherine F. Gale, d. of Thomas & Fannie Gale.
Oct. 19, 1869John A. Thomas, s. of A. & Sarah Thomas, and Elizabeth Curlee, d. of E. & Lucy Curlee.
Nov. 17, 1869Marshall L. Staton, s. of Uriah & Roxanne Staton, and Lucy Crump, d. of the late Frank Crump.
Nov. 15, 1869Benjamin Lanmpley s. of Jacob & Mary E. Dunn, and ???, d. of James Dunn.
Nov. 17, 1869M. B. Swann of Mecklenburg Co., NC, and Caroline Sanders, widow of Thomas Sanders.
Nov. 30, 1869D. K. Beacham, s. of Hugh & Zilla Beacham, and Tabitha Dean, d. of Reddick & Mary Dean.
Nov. 20, 1869William G. Rushing, s. of Green & Penelope Rushing, and Martha Lee, d. of William L. & Elizabeth Lee.
Nov. 23, 1869Hampton Davis, s. of William & Sarah Davis, and Elizabeth Porter, d. of Henry & Mary A. Porter.
Dec. 1, 1869William H. Knight, s. of Nathaniel & Mary J. Knight, and Mary J. Patrick, d. of William Patrick.
Dec. 4, 1869Timothy Leary, s. of Dennis & Henora Leary, and Sallie Newton, d. of David & Rosa Newton.
Dec. 11, 1869William D. Redfearn, s. of the late James & Elizabeth Redfearn, and Winney Watkins, d. of Dr. Christopher and Jane Watkins.
Dec. 11, 1869Walter Lockhart, s. of Mathias & Mariah Lockhart, and Atlanta Bennett, d. of Nevil J. & H. M. Bennett.
Dec. 13, 1869E. B. Thomas, s. of A. & Sarah Thomas, and Emeline Cumin, d. of William Cumin.
Dec. 11, 1869Lewis Ricketts, s. of Eli Ricketts, and Rosanna Trexler, d. of John Trexler.
Dec. 11, 1869Risden Bennett, and Mary Gulledge, widow, and d. of Wilson & T. Allen.
Dec. 1, 1869William A. Loylep, s. Elliott B. & Nancy E. Loylep of Georgia, and Hattie Jackson, d. of B. R. & Rachel Jackson.
Dec. 18, 1869Samuel Short, s. of Daniel & Nancy Short, and Sarah Gaddy, widow.
Nov. 27, 1869William Short, s. of William & Alcy Short, and Sallie Vaugh, d. of Evan & Suasan Vaugh.
Dec. 18, 1869Thomas D. Smith, s. of John D. & Camilla Smith, and Mary J. Gray, d. of Jeremiah & Martha Gray.
Dec. 18, 1869William A. Liles, s. of Jesse & Eleanor Liles, and Mary Jane Huntly, d. of William H. & Mary Huntly.
Dec. 20, 1869W. Gould, s. of the late Daniel & Frances Gould, and Sallie Tyson, d. of Lemuel & Lou Tyson.
Dec. 21, 1869William A. Smith, s. of William G. & Eliza Smith, and Mary J. Bennett, d. of L. D. & Jane Bennett.
Dec. 25, 1869Cyrus Knight, s. of Nathaniel & Mary J. Knight, and Callie Boylin, d. of John & Harriet J. Boylin.
Jan. 1, 1870James Treadaway, s. of William & Martha Treadaway, and Martha McCoy, widow.
Jan. 8, 1870Joseph Hailey, s. of the late Johnathan & Sophia Hailey, and Jane Elizabeth McLendon, d. of Everett & Mary McLendon.
Jan. 1, 1870R. L. Nance, s. of Wiatt Nance, and Sarah Whitley, d. of William & Mary Whitley.
Jan. 11, 1870W. M. Haney, s. of William & Sarah Haney, and Sarah E. Harrington, d. of Thomas & Louiza Harrington.
Jan. 25, 1870A. P. Sturdivant, s. of John & Sarah D. Sturdivant, and Sarah Bennett, d. of John & Martha Bennett.
Jan. 25, 1870William Kelly, s. of Nancy Kelly, and Ellen Shepard, d. of William & Nancy Shepard.
Jan. 28, 1870James Braswell, s. of John & Lucy Braswell, and Mary A. Williams, d. of Ervin & Zilphia Williams.
Jan. 21, 1870C. W. Beverly, s. of James & Susan Beverly, and Charlotte Carpenter, d. of Lemuel Carpenter.
 H. M. Parker, s. of Thomas & Liclay Parker, and Sophrona Allen, d. of Drury & Rowena Allen were married Jan. 31, 1870.
Feb. 2, 1870Thomas O. Bowders, and Lucy E. Threadgill, d. of James Threadgill.
Feb. 5, 1870Benjamin P. Liles, s. of Calvin & Delila Liles, and Sophrona Dabbs, d. of David & Eliza Dabbs.
Feb. 26, 1870J. C. Henry, s. of William & Rachel Henry, and Lottie E. Bruner, d. of Jacob & Susan Bruner.
Feb. 28, 1870Eli Ratliff, s. of Elijah & Nancy Ratliff, and Laura Atkinson, d. of Burrell & Sarah Atkinson.
March 2, 1870Thomas Chewning, s. of John & Susanna Chewning, and Martha Meacham, d. of John & Polly Meacham.
March 10, 1870James Fonderbert, and Frances Meacham, d. of Henry H. & Rebecca Meacham.
March 24, 1870James F. Morton, s. of E. C. Penelope Morton and Lottie Gray, d. of Ben & Ann Gray.
March 29, 1870William Patterson, s. of George & Elizabeth Patterson, and Martha Talton, d. of George & Mary Talton.
March 25, 1870Marshall Talton, s. of Thomas Talton, and Sarah J. Phillips, d. of Reuben & Hannah Phillips.
March 29, 1870David Hildreth, s. of David & Nancy Hildreth, and Fanny Watkins, d. of Josiah & Tabitha Tournage.
May 11, 1870Samuel Snow, and Rose A. Dutton, d. of D. D. & B. R. Dutton.
June 15, 1870Nelson Horne, s. of Elijah & Mary Horne, and Hamet Ratliff, d. of Stephen Hundly.
July 9, 1870Holl Diggs, s. of William Diggs & Martha Calut and Margaret Talbot, d. of Whit & Lucy Talbot.
Aug. 31, 1870Hiram T. Baucom, s. of Henry & Delany Baucom, and Laura Jane Tanner, d. of Robert H. & Thetis Tanner.
Sept. 6, 1870J. D. Hyatt, s. of David Hyatt, and Virginia W. Staten, d. of Uriah Staten.
Sept. 6, 1870Wm. A. Waddell, s. of John K. & Elizabeth Waddell, and Lucy Lee, d. of Wm. & Sophrona Lee.
Sept. 30, 1870Samuel Fort, s. of Elias & Mary Fort, and Jane Shepherd, d. of Wily & Mouna Shepherd.
Oct. 3, 1870D. L. Sayler and S. W. Pearl, d. of Jas. Pearl.
Oct. 8, 1870Sterline Meacham, s. of Wm. & Julia Meachum, and Susan Downer, d. of Calvin & Nancy Downer.
Oct. 25, 1870John Brynum, s. of John & M. Brynum, and Mary Allen, d. of Melena Allen.
Oct. 26, 1870Wm. L. Billingsly, s. of David R. & Alen Billingsly, and Eliza J. Bennett, d. of John L. & Martha Bennett.
Nov. 7, 1870John Tyson, s. of Wm. & Mary Tyson, and Anner W. Puett, d. of John W. & Mary E. Puett.
Nov. 12, 1870A. L. Jackson, s. of B. R. & R. Jackson, and Julia T. Cox, d. of J. J. & S. R. Cox.
Nov. 17, 1870J. Alfurd, s. of J. & Catherine Alfurd, and Anner Mills, d. of W. H. & Lydia Mills.
Nov. 19, 1870B. F. Threadgill, s. of C. & Lucy Threadgill, and Ellen Lee, d. of James & Charity Lee.
Nov. 26, 1870M. T. Russ and Mary Curren, d. of Clira Curren.
Nov. 26, 1870Thomas Reader, s. of Wm. Reader, and M. J. Meacham, d. of Wm. & Julia Meacham.
Nov. 28, 1870John Short, s. of Jesse & Becky Short, and Julia Streater, d. of Thos. & Mary Streater.
Nov. 28, 1870W. H. Gulledge, s. of Wm. H. & Lucy Gulledge, and Nancy Williams, d. of Wm. & Nancy Williams.
Nov. 28, 1870Washington Gady, s. of Hetan Gady & Nancy Swanne, and Ellen Griggs, d. of Clement & Mary Griggs.
Dec. 7, 1870T. H. Wamble, s. of G. W. & Mary Wamble, and Nancy Riclanie Rushing, d. of Jesse & Mary Rushing.
Dec. 8, 1870J. F. Hutchenson, s. of Mary Hutchensen and R. A. Treadaway, d. of D. & Eliza Treadaway.
Dec. 8, 1870John Bowers, s. of Wily & Mary Bowers, and E. Hornbach, d. of D. S. & L. Hornbach.
Dec. 15, 1870Thomas Ratliff, s. of E. & Nancy Ratliff, and Eliza A. Dabbs, d. of D. & Eliza Dabbs.
Dec. 15, 1870John J. Dunlap, s. of B. I. & E. Dunlap, and C. V. Little, d. of Geo. W. & S. B. Little.
Dec. 17, 1870James Adcock, s. of H. & S. Adcock, and C. N. Curtis, d. of E. & C. N. Curtis.
Dec. 19, 1870C. E. Tucker, s. of George & Lucy Tucker, and L. C. Porter, d. of Henry & Lucy Porter.
Dec. 21, 1870Miles W. Porter, s. of W. C. Porter, and Mary Phillips, d. of Becky Phillips.
Dec. 26, 1870W. L. Kendall, s. of Douglas Kendall, and Susan A. Brooks, d. of Ab Brooks.
Jan. 3, 1871Wm. Johnson, and L. S. Flowers, d. of Tho. Harvey & Caroline Flowers.
Jan. 7, 1871Jas. S. Threadgill, s. of Thos. C. & Lucy Threadgill, and T. S. Lee, d. of J. H. Lelile Sulevent (Sullivan).
Jan. 6, 1871John Meyers, s. of Shep & Clarisa Meyers, and Ellen Jarman, d. of Wm. & S. Jarman.
Jan. 7, 1871B. F. Lowe, s. of Nelson & Martha Lowe, and Martha Hooks, d. of John & Martha Hooks.
Jan. 9, 1871W. B. Streater, s. of Thomas & Mary streater, and Elizabeth Lamply, d. of Jacob & Elizabeth Lamply.
Jan. 10, 1871T. S. Crowson, s. of Thomas & E. J. Crowson, and N. R. Gulledge, d. of Thos. & Rachel Gulledge.
Jan. 18, 1871John C. Laton, s. of David & Tabitha Laton, and Jane Teal, d. of Thos. & Sarah Teal.
Jan. 18, 1871Eli Harrell, s. of Mills & Sarah Harrell, and Ellen Livingstone, d. of Duncan & Martha Livingstone.
Jan. 21, 1871W. J. Cox, s. of Jesse & Elizabeth Cox, and Martha H. Smith, d. of Samuel & Margaret Smith.
Feb. 1, 1871Wm. Kelly, s. of Wm. & Nancy Kelly, and Margaret Brooks, d. of John & M. A. Brooks.
Feb. 2, 1871George P. Horton, s. of A. B. & Ellen Horton, and M. C. Burns, d. of J. B. & Lydia Burns.
Feb. 11, 1871C. E. Braswell, s. of Bryant & K. Braswell, and Lydian Stubbs, d. of W. F. & Anner Stubbs.
Feb. 16, 1871W. W. Taylor, s. of Wm. & Sarah Taylor, and Sophronia Beacham.
Feb. 20, 1871P. Boggan, s. of John & Rosa Boggan, and N. S. Liles, d. of V. & Melvina Liles.
Feb. 21, 1871J. E. Howell, s. of Peter & E. Howell, and S. F. Andrews, d. of Seth & E. Andrews.
Feb. 22, 1871Rowland Teal, s. of Isham & Sarah Teal, and Josephine Knotts, d. of Wm. & R. Knotts.
March 1, 1871W. C. Tyce, s. of James & Nealy N. Tyce, and Julia Talton, d. of John & Julia Talton.
March 13, 1871H. P. Meggs, s. of John Meggs, and Elizabeth Williams, d. of John & Sarah Williams.
March 16, 1871J. A. Baily, s. of A. & Mary Baily, and Nancy J. McRae.
March 20, 1871Calvin Davis, s. of A. & Susan Davis, and Martha R. Phifer, d. of Jesse & A. Phifer.
Apr. 15, 1871J. H. Mask, s. of M. W. & Louiza Mask, and Tabitha Blackwell, d. of C. C. & Sarah Blackwell.
April 29, 1871James McQuage, s. of Wm. & Ann McQuage, and Ellen Gaddy, d. of Dorsy & Martha Gaddy.
May 15, 1871Wm. McMannus, s. of Sarah McManus and Penky Teal, d. of Benj. & Prushay Teal.
May 14, 1871Wm. McQuage, s. of Wm. & Ann McQuage, and Nancy Avet, d. of Robert & Betty Acock.
May 24, 1871G. W. Phifer, s. of Andrew & Frances Phifer, and Jane E. Holmes, d. of Wm. & Matilda Holmes.
June 9, 1871B. R. Liles, s. of Rufus & Polly Liles, and Sallie Cox, d. of W. J. Cox.
June 19, 1871J. F. Mullis, s. of Benj. & L. A. Mullis, and Margaret Caudle, d. of Richard & Katy Caudle.
June 22, 1871David Sego, s. of Jesse & Elizabeth Sego, and Jane Neal, d. of Moven & M. Neal.
June 24, 1871J. Hasty, s. of Peoples & Elizabeth Hasty, and M. J. Swanner, d. of Jas. M. & Martha Swanner.
July 8, 1871Robert A. Braswell, s. of Ervin & Elizabeth Braswell, and Hannah Cosby, d. of Wm. Cosby & Caroline Hill.
July 24, 1871Marcy Austin and Gillie T. Grady, d. of Henry Grady.
Aug. 28, 1871John Sasser, s. of Henry Sasser & Harriet Kelly, and Jane Bird, d. of Eveline Ballard.
Sept. 12, 1871Benj. F. Porter, s. of Alex & Eliza Porter, and Eliza Gaddy, d. of Jacob & Julia Gaddy.
Sept. 13, 1871Peoples Hasty, s. of Peoples & Nancy Hasty, and Caroline Swanner, d. of Madison Swanner.
Sept. 27, 1871Henry Chilsen, s. of A. & A. A. Chilsen, and M. O. Ingram, d. of Dixon & Martha Ingram.
Sept. 27, 1871Jarrett Jackson and Harriet Newberry.
Oct. 9, 1871A. T. Teal, s. of Nancy Teal, and M. Ann Gaddy, d. of Patrick Gaddy.
Oct. 14, 1871Wesly Gray, s. of James & Martha Gray, and Laura Sturdevent, d. of John Sturdevent.
Oct. 24, 1871Wm. Moore, s. of James & Lucy Moore, and Nancy May, d. of Peter & Elizabeth May.
Nov. 10, 1871T. J. Marsh, s. of James & Rosanna Marsh, and Caroline Caudle, d. of Jefferson & Aga Caudle.
Nov. 18, 1871John R. Allen, s. of Clem & Winny Allen, and Julia Martin, d. of Jas. & Ann Martin.
Nov. 24, 1871F. C. Allen, s. of Hampton & Mary Allen, and Dora Bennett, d. of L. B. & Mary Bennett.
Nov. 27, 1871Thomas Ivy, s. of John & Sarah Ivy, and Molly Gaddy, d. of Jacob & Juda Gaddy.
Nov. 30, 1871W. C. Gale, s. of Thomas S. & Frances Gale, and Collen Preslar, d. of Sarah Preslar.
Dec. 1, 1871B. F. Covington and V. C. Waddill.
Dec. 6, 1871Isaac Little, s. of Michael & Polly Little, and S. A. Rushing, d. of John Redfeern.
Dec. 13, 1871M. E. Blalock, s. of David & Mary Blalock, and Hettie Staton, d. of Uriah & Mary Staton.
Dec. 16, 1871S. Z. Holem and Lucy May, d. of Robert May.
Dec. 16, 1871Wm. Hochady, s. of Sarah Hochady, and Elizabeth Freeman, d. of Anthony & Polly Freeman.
Dec. 18, 1871W. C. Staten, s. of Uriah Staten and R. C. Huntly, d. of Henry Huntly.
Dec. 27, 1871John Groff, s. of John & Sarah Groff, and M. A. Birmingham, d. of C. & Mary Birmingham.
Jan. 1, 1872H. M. Baucom, s. of Henry & Laney Baucom, and Toby Biggers, d. of Elias & Lucy Biggers.
Jan. 5, 1872W. T. Baily, s. of T. B. & Mary H. Baily, and S. S. Lucas, d. of Wm. & Sarah Lucas.
Jan. 5, 1872T. A. Carpenter, s. of Wm. T. & Elizabeth Carpenter, and Betty Lee, d. of Shep Lee.
Jan. 19, 1872Jackson Carter and Elizabeth Hildreth, d. of Thos. & Mary Hildreth.
Jan. 23, 1872S. A. Redfern, s. of Wilson & Zilpha Redfern, and Elizabeth Bennett.
Feb. 5, 1872W. W. Bethea, s. of Elishu & Martha Ann Betheua, and S. E. Morrison, d. of J. E. & L. Morrison.
Feb. 22, 1872Alen Birmingham, s. of Clem & May Birmingham, and Mary E. Carey, d. of W. T. Hutchenson.
Feb. 24, 1872Angus Gilmore, s. of Samuel & Martha Gilmore, and Elizabeth Bep, d. of Jas. H. & Eliza Bep.
March 21, 1872George Coker, s. of Wm. & Nancy Ann Coker, and Adaline Mills, d. of George & Nancy Mills.
March 21, 1872George L. Smith, s. of George A. & H. L. Smith, and Sophrona Bird, d. of W. D. & Nancy Bird.
March 23, 1872Samuel Harrington, s. of Jas. & Jane Harrington, and Susan E. Martin, d. of Joseph & Emeline.
March 26, 1872Jacob C. Bordenhamer, s. of C. & Elizabeth Bordebhamer, and Elizabeth Henry, d. of Reuben Henry.
March 27, 1872Alex Oliver, s. of Richard & Sallie Oliver, and L. G. Henry, d. of Benj. & Harriet Henry.
Apr. 4, 1872Patrick Treadaway, s. of L. Treadaway, and Cornelia Moore, d. of Martha Coker.
Apr. 25, 1872Stephen Usery and Jane Hooks.
Apr. 30, 1872Wm. Curtis, s. of Elijah & Celey Curtis, and Fanny Wallace, d. of Jesse & Susan Wallace.
May 6, 1872George Whitley, s. of Benj. & Margaret Whitley, and Rosa Aldredge, d. of Gardner & Precilla Aldredge.
May 6, 1872J. M. Smith, s. of Samuel & Margaret Smith, and Agnes J. Diggs, d. of Henry D. & Frances Diggs.
May 12, 1872H. H. Meacham and Elizabeth Barkly, d. of Thos. & Mary Green.
May 22, 1872W. M. Porter, s. of Alex & Eliza Porter, and Martha Gaddy, d. of Jacob & Julia Gaddy.
May 30, 1872Nevil McLauren, s. of Daniel & Nancy McLauren, and Eliza J. Meacham, d. of Margaret Meacham.
June 10, 1872Stephen Dees, s. of Henry & Peggy Dees, and Elizabeth Gaddy, d. of Dersy Gaddy.
June 17, 1872James Roberts, s. of John & Susan Roberts, and Mary Cox, d. of Clemt. & Catherine Cox.
Aug. 15, 1872J. W. Hartsell of Gulledge township, age 22, s. of J. W. & Ellen Hartsell, both living and N. J. Thomas of White Store, age 19, d. of Wm. & Eliza Thomas, both living.
Sept. 30, 1872Jerdan J. Sanders of Lilesville, age 22, s. of Benj. & Jemima Sanders, both living and Julia H. Garris of Lilesville, age 20, d. of Benj. F. Garris, living.
Oct. 4, 1872Christopher Davis of Lanesboro, age 22, s. of Arthur & Susan Davis, both living and Malisa A. Carpenter of Lanesboro, age 25, d. of Thos. Carpenter, living.
1872P. C. Horn of Lanesboro, age 32, s. of Wm. & Martha Horn, living in North Carolina and Ellen Jackson of Lanesboro, age 16, d. of Alfred Jackson, living and Mary Jackson, dead.
1872John Keelyn of Ansonville, age 30, s. of B. D. (dead) & Elizabeth Keelyn, living, and Annie L. Smith of Ansonville, age 20, parents living.
1872John R. Elkins of Concord, age 24, parents supposed to be living, and Mattie F. Harris of Anson co., age 18, d. of Rowland & J. C. Harris, both dead.
Sept. 23, 1872Eli Lowery of White Store, age 21, s. of Wm. & Rody Lowery, both living, and Alice Redfearn, age 17, d. of Benj. & Margaret Redfearn, both living.
Nov. 12, 1872George W. Pope of Ansonville, age 22, s. of G. W. Pope, living, and Saren J. Porter of Ansonville, age 21, d. of George Porter.
Oct. 15, 1872Franklin Perchard of Union Co., NC, age 22, s. of Henry & Elizabeth Perchard of Union Co., NC, both dead, and Sophrona Biggers of Union Co. NC, age 21, d. of Elias & Lucy Biggers, both dead.
Nov. 19, 1872Henry Edwards, Burnsville, age 22, s. of Allen & Lousa Edwards, both living, and Sarah R. Lee of Burnsville, d. of Joel Curlee, dead, and Eliza Curlee, living.
Nov. 26, 1872Jas. T. Martin, of Ansonville, age 20, s. of James & Ann Martin, both living, and Alice Henly of Ansonville, age 17, d. of Thomas Henly, dead, and Sarah Henly, living.
Nov. 26, 1872Isaac Waddell of Lanesboro, age 21, s. of John King & Elizabeth Waddell, and Martha A. Martin of Ansonville, age 17, d. of James & Ann Martin.
Dec. 9, 1872James A. Porter of Ansonville, s. of George Porter, dead, and Caroline Porter, living, and Susan Porter, d. of Henry & Mary Porter, both living.
Dec. 12, 1872W. G. Huntly of Wadesboro, age 23, s. of W. H. Huntly, both living, and Fannie E. Liles of Wadesboro, age 17, d. of Jesse J. Liles, dead, and Ellen Liles, living.
Dec. 2, 1872James Haise of Ansonville, age 22, s. of John Haise, dead, and Betsy Haise, living, and -------, d. of Edmund Turner, dead, and Jane Turner, living.
Dec. 18, 1872Franklin Ratliff of Gulledge, age 19, s. of John P. & Susan Ratliff, dead, and S. H. Horn of Wadesboro, age 18, d. of Jas. Horn, living.
Dec. 18, 1872J. J. Meacham of Lilesville, age 20, s. of King Meacham, dead, and Sally Meacham, living, and Alice Livingstone of Lilesville, age 17, d. of John (dead) and Adaline Livingstone, living.
Dec. 21, 1872R. T. Bowman of Gulledge, age 24, s. of John & Hamar Bowman, and Harriet Ratliff of Gulledge, age 17, d. of John P. & Susan Ratliff.
Dec. 23, 1872Columbus McCoy of Morven, age 18, s. of Joseph McCoy, dead and Martha McCoy, living, and Malisa Dees of Morven, age 18, d. of Henry McCoy (Dees), dead, and Margaret McCoy (Dees), living.
Dec. 25, 1872Joseph Maurice of Anson Co., age 54, s. of Joseph & Mary Maurice, both living, and Louisa Sego, age 16, d. of James Sego, dead and Samala Sego, living.
Dec. 30, 1872J. R. Kelly of Lilesville, s. of Noah & Mary Jane Kelly, both living, and Louisa Reuter, d. of Geo. Spencer & Elizabeth Reuter, both living.
Nov. 20, 1872David Braswell, s. of John & Lucy Braswell, both living, and Martha Buant.
Dec. 24, 1872Jas. W. Kiker, Diamond Hill, age 20, s. of Elech Kiker, dead and Lucinda Kiker, living, and Rosa M. Haney of Diamond Hill, age 20, d. of Wm. Haney, living and Sarah Haney, dead.
Jan. 4, 1873Thomas Hinson of Morven, s. of Dixon & Mary Hinson and M. J. Sellers of Morven, d. of Phillip & Martha Sellers, both living.
1873Asbury Leard of Lanesboro, age 22, s. of W. J. & A. Leard, both living, and Martha Boyt of Lanesboro, age 19, d. of Stephen & Mary Boyt, both living.
1873Joseph A. Crump of Cedar Hill, Ansonville, age 21, s. of W. D. Crump, living and Clementine Crump, dead, and Joannna Tyson, age 18, d. of John & Mary Tyson.
Jan. 11, 1873Daniel McLauren of Lilesville, age 22, s. of Duncan & Christian McLauren, both dead, and Maisey Livingstone of Lilesville, age 22, d. of Duncan & Masey Livingstone, both dead.
Jan. 13, 1873J. C. Thomas, of White Store, age 23, s. of Wm. J. & Eliza Thomas, both living, and Ida E. Flake of White Store, age 18, d. of Francis & Mary Flake, both living.
Jan. 13, 1873John Deese of Morven, age 25, s. of John Pratt, dead, and Polly Deese, living and Harriet Sellers of Morven, age 17, d. of Phillip & Martha Sellers, both living.
Jan. 15, 1873George Pope of Ansonville, age 46, s. of Wm. Pope, dead and Martha pope, living and Parline West of Ansonville, age 36, d. of Jacob & Jane West, both dead.
Jan. 18, 1873Burwell Griggs of Anson Co., age 21, s. of Clem Griggs, living and Ann Griggs, dead, and Susan Adams, age 18, d. of Cameron (dead) & Jane Adams, living.
Jan. 18, 1873A. P. Freeman of Wadesboro, age 56, s. of W. P. & Amy Freeman, both dead and Eliza Love of Wadesboro, age 21, d. of Sandy & Margaret Love, both living.
Jan. 14, 1873John P. Mebane of Ansonville, age 22, s. of R. J. & S. A. Mebane, both living and Mary J. Roberts of Ansonville, age 21, d. of Maderson Roberts, dead and Sarah Roberts, living.
Jan. 22, 1873Benj. Lurry, Anson Co., age 20, s. of Calvin Lurry, living and Sarah Lurry, living, and Emeline Hildreth of Anson Co., age 24, d. of Robert & Frances Hildreth, both dead.
Jan. 23, 1873John Chewning, Gulledge, age 22, s. of James (living) & Betsy Chewning, dead, and Eliza Phillips of Gulledge, age 18, d. of James (living) & Polly Phillips, dead.
Feb. 6, 1873H. C. Turner, Stanley Co., NC, age 28, s. of James S. (living) & Sarah Turner, dead, and Rebecca Horn of Lilesville, age 21, d. of Joel E. Horne, dead and Eliza Horne, living.
Feb. 13, 1873B. A. Turner of Burnsville, age 20, s. of Wilson & Laura Turner, both living, and Martha J. High of Burnsville, age 19.
Feb. 17, 1873Jas. L. Edwards of Wadesboro, age 25, s. of Jesse & Ann Edwards, both living, and Ella J. Lindsy of Wadesboro, age 25, d. of S. C. Lindsey, both dead.
Feb. 19, 1873Jesse R. Usry of Lilesville, age 30, s. of David & Nancy Usry, living, and Eliza Boggan of Wadesboro, age 20, d. of John & Nancy Boggan, both living.
Feb. 26, 1873Benj. Laten of Wadesboro, age 22, s. of John, & Eliza Laton, both living, and Mary Brown of Wadesboro, age 21, d. of W. H. & Caroline Brown, both living.
March 14, 1873Joseph W. McMurrey of Charlotte,NC, age 34, and Julia A. Little of Anson co., age 24, d. of G. W. & Susan Little, both living.


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