Guardianship of Bathsheba/Polly Pridgen

NASH CO, NC GUARDIANSHIP-Bathsheba/Polly Pridgen - 1818

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NASH CO, NC GUARDIANSHIP-Bathsheba/Polly Pridgen - 1818

Document found in Archives under Nash County Estate Records

Know all Men by these Presents, that we Amos Joiner, John Wells(Wills?), and Abraham Evans are held and firmly bound unto Michael Collins, Drew Bynum, Alanson Powell

the Justice or Justices present in Court and granting this guardianship, the survivors or survivor of them, their executors or administrators, & in the just and full sum of two hundred dollars

for the true payment of which we bind ourselves, our heirs, executors and administrators, jointly, severally and firmly: sealed with our seal this eleventh day of May A.D. 1818

The Condition of the above obligation is this--that whereas the above bounded Amos Joiner is constituted and appointd guardian to Polly and Bathsheba Pridgen orphans of Peter Pridgen. Now if the said Amos Joiner shall faithfully execute his said gurardianship by securing and improving all the estate of the said minor orphan, that shall come into his possession, for the benefit of the said orphan until they shall arrive at lawful age, or be sooner thereunto required: andthen to render a plain and true account, on oath, of his said guardianship, before the Justices of our said Court; and to deliverr up, pay to, or possess the said minor of all such estate or estates, as he ought to be possessed of; or to such other persons as shall be lawfully empowered or authorised to receive the same, and the profits arising therefrom; then this obligation to be void , otherwise to remain in full force, power and virtue.

Signed, sealed and delivered in presence of:

Amos Joiner (SEAL)

John Wells (Seal)

Abraham Evans (Seal)

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