Estate Inventory of Cullin Pridgen

New Hanover Estate Record of Cullin Pridgen - 1864

In a folder in the New Hanover Estate Box was one of Cullen Pridgen dated 1864.

Stated that Glasgow Pridgen was Guardian in acct with minor heirs of Cullen Pridgen deceased Dec. 1863

There were slips of paper that were receipts that Glasgow has presented to the court to account for expenses of minor heirs of Cullen Pridgen.

1. Robert Pridgen

     For Dr. MR. Morrison for extracting tooth and payment in full for Glasgow Pridgen     100.00

2. Mr. Glasgow Pridgen, guardian of robert Pridgen to R H. Brown at the session of Whiteville Academy closed Jan 14, 1870

3. Heirs listed of Cullen Pridgen were
     Robert Pridgen
     Virginia Pridgen
     John Pridgen
     Catherine C. Pridgen

4. There were receipts for Virginia, John, and Robert for tuition at Whiteville Academy

Newspaper notice of sale of lot 5, Block 196 dated Mar. 13, 1871 in City of Wilmington between Mulberry and Chestnut Street.

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