Estate Inventory of John W. Pridgen

John W. Pridgen - 1871

Superior Court New Hanover County
William S. Pridgen administrator
du bonis non of John W. Pridgen deceased Plaintiff


Robert W., Charles I., Columbus V., Eveline
and Martha C. Pridgen, John West and wife
Mary E., Loveto Mathass and wife Annie J.
and William J. flinn and wife Zilpha .Defendant

To the Hon. the clerk of the Superior Court The petition of William s. Pridgen administrator de bonis non of John W. Pridgen respectfully whow that heretofore to wit on the 12th day of June 1871 a petition was filed in this court by John F. Pridgen late administrator of John W. Pridgen deceased against the heirs at law of the said John W. Pridgen to be allowed to sell the lands named in said petition which were of the estate of the said John W. Pridgen deceased for the purpose of making assets for the payment of the debts of the intestate that the said order was granted by the court and all the parties to wit the said heirs of John W. Pridgen were duly notified of the proceedings had in that case that since that time John f. Pridgen the administrator as aforesaid has been removed from his said office as administrator and your petitioner appointed administrator de bonis non to the estate of the said John w. Pridgen.

Your petitioner further shows that the debts due and owing by the intestate and the costs of administration remain unpaid and that there is no personal property or other assets other than the lands above referred in said petition.

To the end therefore that the lands may be sold to make assets by which your petitioner may be enabled to discharge the debts as far as may be, that his intestate owed at the time of his death. Your Petitioner prays that an order my be made empowering your Petitioner to sell the said lands according to the prayer of the said petition and that your Petitioner may be substituted as party plaintiff in the said petition for the better securing of the estate and the saving the costs and expenses of the filing and service of a new petition.

M. London, Atty for Petitioner

William S. Pridgen the petitioner above named maketh oath that the matters set forth in the foregoing petition as of his own knowledge are true and the matters set forth upon information and belief he believes to be true.

W.S. Pridgen

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