Estate Inventory of Peter Pridgen

Peter W. Pridgen dec'd 1815

Subject: Peter W. Pridgen - dec'd 1815

State of NC
Court of Pleas and quarter sessions
Nash Co.
Nov. Term, 1829.

On motion to court by Nathan Vick for adjustment of his right in Peter W. Pridgen's estate by marriage--it is ordered that Exum L.C.___, Sam'l WW Vick, Jethro Harrell and Wm. Harrell and Jolly Bunn be authorized to audit and settle _______Amos Joiner Guardian for Barsheba Pridgen the Petitioners Report to the Court

1830 Att. Benj. W. Blount


In accordance to an order to us directed we met at the house of Mrs. Unity Pridgen widow of Peter Pridgen dec. on the 7th day of Mar. 1815 and allotted to the widow and family for one year's support and no more as followith.

5 barrells corn
450 weight of Bacon and Bushels of wheat
6 pounds of shugar
1/2 pound of black pepper
50 lbs. seed cotton and all the soap on hand.
all the salt in house

Given unto our hand and seal this 7th March 1815

Willie Bunn
Duncon Lamon
Lewis Ablewis Lampkin
John Wills


These 2 documents were in the same folder--estate records --Nash Co. There was no will for Peter W. Pridgen.

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