Estate Inventory of Francis Pridgen

Estate Inventory of Francis Pridgen - 1841

Inventory of the goods and chattels belonging to the estate of Francis Pridgen
dec'd rendered to Court March Term 1841
Witness : Thomas Davis

A true just and perfect Inventory of all the goods and chattels of Francis Pridgen, Sen. dec'd which have come to our hands as adm's to the estate of sd. francis Pridgen, dec'd or into the hands of any person for us.

2 Lots old iron1 steel trap1 Rowing boat
2 churns1 do1 canoe
2 hoes, 1 spade1 do1 do
3 hoes1 chain1 jug
2 piggins3 jugs36 lb. lard 12 Bacon
1 set measure1 lead chain1 jar
1 linen wheel1 log chain1 stone jar
1 broad axe1 axe4 guns
1 do1 dojug and vinegar
2 hoes and 1 shovel2 frows&1 drawing knife1 spinning wheel
1 hoe, axe, and frow1 X cut sawjar and butter
Lot sundries1 iron wedge1 jar
3 hoes1 scraping iron jar and lard.
2 basketsl lot sundriestallow
1 hand saw1 box and contents6 hives of bees
1 square & hammerfiles5 lbs. pork
1 hatchet1 lot nails2 jugs
1 case bottles3 gimbletsHorse,saddle, bridle
1 coffee pot and jar1 sete planes1 grindstone
4 augers1 jar and honey2 pr. stilliards
1 barrel and contents1 dobart bands
1 lot leathercontents of chest1 bag wool
3 pair sheep sheers1 chest1 bucket
1 gum and contents1 pr. mill stones1 yarn wheel
1 lot sundries6 cows and calves1 plough and gear
2 linen wheels23 head dry cattle1 ox yoke
1 jointer36 head sheep1 lot old iron
1 X cut saw4 sows and pigs1 plough
18 3/4 lb. wool51 head dry hogs3 reap hooks
1 basketlot crockery5 head hogs
oakum and net1 shingle boat15 head hogs
1 flour barrelBll and flour2 sows
1 lot boards.
1 do.
68 bushels potatoes1360th blade fodder
8 shingles1 cart
6 head hogsLot shucks
stack fodder.
lot peas84 bush. corn
1 grind stone2 sides leather
1 lot pots1 pot
1 ovenLot sundries
11 chairs1 lamp
shovel and ?Bed of furniture
3 coverlids1 Bed and furniture
3 Booksyarn
3 belts82 lbs. cotten
2 Blls. pease3 Barrels
1 box Salt.

Negroes:243.45 in money.
Lewisone note on __Herring for $10.00 Sept 7th 1837
Mackone note on Elisha J. Anders $200.00 8th of May, 1837
Randallone note on John f. Pridgen 26-10 14th of March 1837
Hannahone note on __Corbett and Ab Corbett 4100.00 30th of March 1837
Maryone note on James P. Moore 600 18th of February 1837

with credits as follows
two hundren dollars 7th Mar. 1837
one hundrend and five dollars 12 Oct. 1837
Sixty two dollars 31st of Oct. 1839
one hundred and twenty five dollars January 31st 1840
One note against Thomas Motte for the sum of fifteen dollars

Isaiah Pridgen
John F. Pridgen

**do means ditto
**I have no idea what dry cattle or dry hogs mean and I was raised on a dairy and cattle farm. At first I thought dry was dairy cattle, but then I saw dry hog...never have heard of a dairy hog. any suggestions

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